Kerry's Record Collection from A to Z with Commentary - Part X

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X - At Home With You - 1981 - This X is from Australia, not the L.A band below.  They play fairly conventional punk sounding stuff.  It is a pretty good album.

X - Los Angeles - 1980 - This is their first really great album.  Combine the punk/rockabily guitar of Billy Zoom and the really interesting vocal harmonies of John Doe and Exene Cervenka on a bunch of classic tunes like Johny Hit and Run Pauline, Los Angeles, and The Unheard Music.

X - Wild Gift - 1981 - I think that songs are actually better on this one and they rock almost as hard as their debut.  Great songs like We're Desperate, White Girl and The Once Over Twice.

X - More Fun In the New World - 1983 - This is pretty good, not as strong as the others though.  They did a pretty decent cover of BreathlessI Must Not Think Bad Thoughts and The New World are pretty cool.

X - Unclogged - 1995 - Pretty cool 'unplugged' show with their greatest hits. Really nice.

Xmal Deutschland - Fetisch - 1983 - More of that 4AD sound.  Pretty decent album of gothic stuff with a lots of bass.  Oriental is my favorite one here.

Xmal Deutchland - Sequenz EP - Three more heavy atmospheric gothic songs.  Pretty good.

XTC - Drums and Wires - 1979 - This is one of their first albums. I just found this for a dollar. I like Life Begins At the Hop. Nothing else was real big for them on this. It is their quirky pop stage.

XTC - Black Sea - 1980 - This is a really good new wave band.  Their songs are fairly conventional for new wave, kind of Beatlesque, but they are really excellent.  This has some of their best songs, Generals and Majors, Respectable Street and Towers of London.  It also has a track, Travels in Nihilon, that is unlike anything else on the album, tribal kind of drumming, loud guitar, kind of droning which is really great and finishes the album on a great note.

XTC - English Settlement - 1982 - A double album, it is a little over the top, but has some pretty good stuff, like Ball and Chain and Senses Working Overtime.  Perhaps two albums is a bit much.

XTC - Waxworks/Beeswax - 1982 - A really great collection of their singles from the first five years of the band.  It goes from their hyperactive stuff in 1977 to the heavily Beatles influenced stuff from English Settlement.  The Beeswax record in the collection is a collection of b-sides.  Some of the songs aren't great, but it is mostly interesting.

XTC - Oranges & Lemons - 1989 - This is a pretty good album from them.  The big song from this is the Mayor of Simpleton.

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