So, you're looking for lyrics.  Sorry, I don't have single solitary one on my site.  I just have links to other places.  Usually, I would say that is the place to look, but they have been offline for a while.  Hopefully they will be back soon.

In the meantime, I have always said that you can find anything on the net, you just have to know where to look.  Try a net search.
Altavista has always worked really well for me.  Try going to:
and use a search like:
+"artist name" +lyrics +"song name"
so if you were looking for Sonic Youth's Teenage Riot, you would
do something like:
+"sonic youth" +lyrics +"teenage riot"
or just click this link
and that should come up with lots of links.

Ok, late addition a year and half later from when I originally wrote this page. I don't like altavista that much anymore. My search engine heart belongs to google now. So the search will be a little different. You don't need the plusses on that one.

The search is now:
"sonic youth" lyrics "teenage riot"
or just click this link

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Last Updated December 28, 2000