Kerry's Record Collection from A to Z with Commentary - Part F

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Shelly Fabares - Johnny Angel / Johnny Loves Me Single - 1962 - Her big hit from Mary Stone from the Donna Reed Show.

Shelley Fabares - Shelley! - 1962 - I admit it.  I had a big obsession with Shelley Fabares.  I saw all the Donna Reed shows when they were re-run on Nick.  I kept hoping that they would show the Johnny Angel episode, but I had to settle for a clip of it on Bob Costas.  They did show the episode where she sang You'll Be a Big Star.  She is not a great singer, but what does that matter when Shelley is involved.

Shelley Fabares - The Things We Did Last Summer - 1962 - The follow up with a whole bunch of covers of other popular songs like Locomotion, and Palisades ParkJohnny Gets Angry is my favorite on the album.

Fabulous Poodles - Mirror Stars - 1978 - Besides their hit Mirror Star, there isn't much else to get excited about on this. For a dollar it is pretty good. Some of it reminds me a little of Roy Loney and the Flamin Groovies.

Fabulous Poodles - Think Pink - 1979 - Unfortunately, this is the album after the one with their hit Mirror Star, but I guess that is why I got it for a dollar. It is moderately entertaining new wave stuff, but I probably won't end up listening to it a lot.

Factrix/Cazazza - California Babylon - This one is a bit mysterious.  I think it is early 80s.  I believe that it is SF noise stuff in the vein of Flipper.  Pretty interesing.  Death By Hanging and Nancy's Little Gun (about Nancy Reagan's gun she used to keep by her bed in the White House.)

Marianne Faithfull - Strange Weather - 1987 - This is Lindsey's.  Mick Jagger's old girlfriend who put together a pretty interesting music career.

The Fall - Live at the Witch Trials - 1979 - The Fall are really cool.  Most of their songs are two chord jams with Mark E. Smith's stream of consciousness sort of talking/singing.

The Fall - Grotesque - 1980 - More spoken word (or maybe yelled through a megaphone) than musical.  Lots of really cool rants like Pay Your Rates, New Face in Hell and my favorite C'nc's Mithering.

The Fall - Early Years 77-79 - 1981 - A collection of early songs like Repetition and Bingo Masters Breakout.

The Fall -Slates EP - 1981 - Their production is getting better.  The songs are pretty decent too, like Leave the Capitol.

The Fall - Perverted by Language - 1983 - This is has awesome jams like Eat Y' Self Fitter, Smile and Tempo House.

The Fall - Perverted By Language - This is the soundtrack to the video release of this.  Most of the songs on the album have interesting videos to go along with them.

The Fall - The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall- 1984 - This is one of the best of their albums.  The basic sound has expanded a little.  The addition of Brix Smith has been a really good thing.  Lay of the Land and 2 by 4 are really great.

The Fall - Oh! Brother/God Box Single - 1984 - Two more pretty cool songs from them

The Fall - Hip Priest and Kamerads - 1985 - Stuff from 81 and 82.  I'm Into C.B. is pretty amusing.

The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace - 1985 - It is still basically two chords, but it is still great.  I really like Cruisers Creek and L.A.

The Fall - The Fall EP - 1986 - Five really cool songs like Couldn't Get Ahead and a cover of Gene Vincent's Rollin' Dany.

The Fall - Living Too Late/Hot Aftershave Bop/Living Too Late Single - 1986 - Some stuff off the upcoming Bend Sinister.

The Fall - Mr Pharmacist/Lucifer Over Lancashire/Autotech Pilot Single - 1986 - One of my favorite Fall songs plus a couple of other cool songs.

The Fall - Hey! Luciani/Entitled/Shoulder Pads #1B Single - 1986 - So much of Bend Sinister is on this and is great.

The Fall - Bend Sinister - 1986 - This is named after a Nabokov novel that I read just because I thought it had such a cool title.  (I didn't like it very much though.)  However, this album is great.  Great songs like Dktr. Faustus, Mr. Pharmacist, and Riddler!.

The Fall - Domesday Pay-off - 1987 - This is the American version of Bend Sisister with a different running order and a few added singles like Hey! Luciani and There's A Ghost In My House.  The more Fall the better.

The Fall - The Frenz Experiment - 1988 - This album doesn't live up to all the other ones.  The cover of the Kinks' Victoria is pretty nice, but the rest doesn't seem to have a much life as their previous work.

Fatboy Slim - Better Living Through Chemistry -

Fatboy Slim - You've Come A Long Way Baby - Who would have thought Norman Cook from the Housemartins would have sounded like this. From that, he has gone house, techno, etc. Both of these are excellent.

William Faulkner - Reading From His Works - I am not sure of the date on this.  He reads sections of As I Lay Dying, A Fable, and The Old Man.  It also has his Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech.

Fear - The Record - 1982 - This is a really good album from the LA punk scene.  Fear seemed more musically accomplished than most of their peers.  The songs generally rock and are pretty funny.  Their audience baiting (in the Decline of Western Civilization film) is legendary.

Fear - More Beer - 1985 - A pretty poor follow-up to their debut.  The playing is quite good, but generally seems pretty self-indulgent and the songs are not as good.

The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms - 1980 - My album of this is on white vinyl.  This band is pretty hard to describe.  The songs are almost hypnotic in the textures they create with their guitar interplay over the album.  A quiet sort of album.  Really great.

The Feelies - The Good Earth - 1986 - Not a band of overwhelm you with their output, their next album moves a little more into folk.  The effect is still quite nice.

The Feelies - No One Knows EP - 1986 - Some songs from The Good Earth and some pretty cool covers of the Beatles' She Said, She Said and Neil Young's Sedan Delivery.

The Feelies - Only Life - 1988 - Pretty good, but not as engrossing as the previous albums.

The Feelies - Dancing Barefoot flexi single - Really nice cover of the Patti Smith song.

Fetchin Bones - Cabin Flounder - 1985 - A big mix of country, blues, folk, etc. which turns out to be pretty decent.  Of course, I got this because of the R.E.M. connection (they said they liked them and Don Dixon produced this.)

Fire Engines - Aufgeladen Und Bereit Fur Action Und Spass - 1981 - A pretty cool Scottish band that play really noisy pop kind of songs.

fIREHOSE - Ragin' Full-On - 1986 - After the death of D. Boon, Mike Watt and George Hurley went on to form this new band.  A few songs live up to the legacy of The Minutemen, but all in all, I really miss The Minutemen.  Brave Captain and Chemical Wire are pretty great.

fIREHOSE - if'n - 1987 - The follow up is even more disappointing.  The songs are less compelling.  Still not bad.

The Firesign Theater - Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him - 1968 - Firesign Theater make the most intricate comedy albums I have ever heard.  It is kind of like radio theater, but way more involved.  This one has Returning for Regrooving (if the groovy people were in charge and there was a campaign to regroove the normal people), Waiting for The Electrican (kind of an on the run journey through Turkey - "May I see your passport please") and a sarcastic conquest of the Old West.

The Firesign Theater - Don't Crush the Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers- 1970 - An even better album.  Built around the theme of a 'High School Madness' film.

Fishbone - Fishbone EP- 1985 - An amazing combination of punk, ska, and rock.  All six songs are totally hyperactive and really great.

Ella Fitzgerald - The Rogers and Hart Song Book - 1956 - Double album with a whole lot of classic stuff like Bewitched, The Lady is a Tramp, and My Funny Valentine.

Ella Fitzgerald - The Cole Porter Song Book - More classic stuff.  This time she takes on all those great old songs from Cole Porter like I Love Paris, All Of You, Too Darn Hot, etc.

The Five Americans - I See The Light / The Outcast Single - 1967(?) - Texas rock group with one of their hits. Lots of '96 Tears' like cheesy organ.

The Fixx - Reach The Beach - 1983 - More albums from the 80s collection.  You probably remember One Thing Leads to Another from the 80s.

The Flaming Lips - Out For a Walk/My Own Planet Single - 1985 - I believe these are from the original release from them.  Two cool songs from them.

The Flaming Lips - (Lovely Sort of Death) - 1985 - Psychedelic stuff.  I like the heavily flanged My Own Planet.

The Flaming Lips - Hear It Is - 1986 - Pretty good acid psychedelic stuff.  Quite and acoustic and loud and distorted at the same time.  Jesus Shooting Heroin is my favorite from the album.

Flamin' Groovies - Flamingo - 1970 - Pretty groovy band from 60s and 70s.

Flamin' Groovies - Teenage Head - 1971 - A little louder and more rocking than the previous one.

Flamin' Groovies - Flamin' Groovies Now - 1979 - Interesting bit of retro rock.

Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac - 1975 - This is the first one with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham and their first really big hit. The big songs from here would be Landslide and Rhiannon.

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - 1977 - I think this one is my sister's album. Didn't this album pretty much own the late 70s?  I remember somebody brought this on a bus trip my school took to Arches National Monument and Lake Powell.  I must have heard this dozens of times on that bus alone.  I do really like The Chain.  Memo to PBS, please stop playing that Fleetwood Mac special every night during pledge drives.

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk - 1979 - Probably also my sister's.  I do really dig the title song and the marching band thing.

Fleshtones - Roman Gods - 1981 - The Fleshtones seem to be trying hard to be the ultimate 60s party band.  The album is pretty fun, but nothing that will change your life.

The Flies - All Hung Up / How Come? Some songs from the upcoming album. (Clint Conley, from Mission of Burma, plays sitar on one of these songs and produced this.) This was on Conflict Records, which also put out a pretty cool Boston music magazine in the 80s.

The Flies - Get Wise - 1984 - Pretty nice little Boston band.  Kind of conventional rock that reminds me a little of the Rolling Stones of Satanic Majesty stage.

Flipper - Love Canal / Ha Ha Ha Single - 1980 - I believe this was the first release from them. Cool noise stuff. I think I like Ha Ha Ha better than the a-side.

Flipper - Sex Bomb / Brainwash Single - Their masterpiece. "She's a sex bomb, my baby, yeah." The b-side is a short song that is played over and over until the end of the side where it hits a locked groove.

Flipper - Generic Flipper - 1982 - Pretty much the ultimate noise album of all time. There is so much great stuff on here like Sex Bomb, Nothing, Living for the Depression.

Flipper - Gone Fishin' - 1984 - They got a little more ambitious here and added keyboards, horns and other stuff.  The sound is kind of neat, but the songs aren't as good.  Talk's Cheap and Sacrifice stand out here.

A Flock of Seagulls - A Flock of Seagulls - 1982 - I was pretty excited when I found this in a thrift store recently for a few dollars.  Kind of the ultimate 80s new wave hair band.  However, there is not much on this album besides I Ran that is all that exciting.

The Fluid - Glue / Roadmouth - 1990 - The Fluid are kind of legendary in Denver. They have been around for years and years in other groups. They finally got a minor label deal (Sub Pop). They have a big Stooges obsession, which is a good thing. Most of this is pretty cool.

John Fogerty - Van Kant Danz 12" Single - 1985 - Got this one free.  This thing totally sucks.  What's up with all the new wave noise stuff in this.  Change is nice, but let's be reasonable.  Some people just can't change.  Not everybody can wear spandex.

Foo Fighters - The Colour And The Shape - 1997 - I don't like this as much as the first album, but it is still pretty good. My Hero, Monkey Wrench, and Walking After You are pretty cool.

Foreigner - 4 - 1981 - Another of my meager selection of 80s metal and hard rock.  I do like to annoy people by singing Jukebox Hero to them.

Foreigner - Urgent / Girl On The Moon Single - 1981 - Their big hit from the 80s. Don't really know why I have this because I have never really liked them all that much.

Lukas Foss - Time Cycle - 1960 - The Improvisational Chamber Ensemble - Both of these are interesting experimental classical music.
Lukas Foss - Baroque Variations - 1968 -

45 Grave - Sleep In Safety - 1983 - This kind of reminds me of the EC horror comics of the 50s.  The songs can be pretty good.  Slice of Life is really good.

Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive! - 1975 - The album that made him millions.  All his big hits here.

Peter Frampton - I'm In You - 1977 - I just found these Frampton albums in the last year in thrift stores.  I never really got in to Frampton the first time around.  Listening to them now, I still don't.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the Pleasure Dome - 1984 - Alright, I admit it, I own this album.  The production on these albums is really amazing, kind of like  the Pink Floyd of new wave.  Sure they are totally plastic, but Relax and Two Tribes are pretty decent songs.  A double album is probably one album too much, though.

Frantix - My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic / Car / You're Ill / My Dad's Dead Single - 1983 - This is a legendary (at least in Denver) punk band. This is way loud and pretty cool.

Freddie & the Dreamers - Do the Freddie - 1965 - Incredibly silly group from the 60s that make The Herman's Hermits look serious.  The thing that I like about this album is that it has instructions and drawings on the back which show you how to do some dance steps, including, of course, the Freddie.  Basically, you sway back and forth while you swing your arms around.  Also covered is the limey bop and happy feet.  Study carefully, there will be a quiz on this at the end.

Freestylers - We Rock Hard - This is a really cool electronic album. Lots of cool stuff to like on this one.

Frida - I Know There's Something Going On Single - 1982 - Yeah, I know she was from ABBA, yeah I know Phil Collins was involved with this, but I really like this.

Frida - I Know There's Something Going On - 1982 - The whole album, that's a different story. I just found this for a dollar. Besides the title song, this is pretty boring.

Robert Frost - Recitial - 1976 - Not sure when this was recorded.  The poet reads many of his poems.

The Fun Boy Three - The Fun Boy Three - 1982 - Terry Hall and others from the Specials team up with Bananarama and make a pretty cool album.  Not really ska and not really rock.  (Terry Hall later co-wrote Our Lips are Sealed with the Go-Gos.)

The Fun Boy Three - The Telephone Always Rings / The Alibi Single - 1982 - The songs are pretty good, but this is mainly cool because it is a picture disk.

Fuzztones - Lysergic Emanations - 1984 - Pretty wild stuff in the tradition of the best 60s garage punk.  Pretty cool stuff.  (They later did an album with Screamin' Jay Hawkins, which only makes my opinion of them higher.)

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