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For some reason, I think I did a incorrect search and replace that ended deleting a whole bunch of m's from this page. I think I got them all corrected, but if you see one missing, let me know.

Madness - One Step Beyond - 1979 - Silly danceable ska fun.

Madness - Madness - 1983 -  A US release that packages together some English album sides and some other assorted songs.  Good fun.

Madonna - Ray Of Light - Wow, I don't usually like Madonna, but I have to admit, I like the new electronic sound. The title song is pretty cool

Magazine - About the Weather / In The Dark Single - 1981 - The band Howard Devoto formed after he quit the Buzzcocks (apparently he was tired of screaming to have his singing heard).

Maggie's Farm - Glory Road - 1992 - It was only a dollar.  Got it home and it looks like it is Christian rock.  I think I got ripped off.

Majestic Eagles - 1985 - This is a really crappy band I was in during college.  We totally sucked and I have the tape to prove it.

A Man and His Shovel - Songs About Stuff - 1987 - This is me and a 4 track recorder.  I am kind of proud of She's So Fab, a tribute to Shelley Fabares with a Sonic Youth tuned guitar.  Lots of R.E.M. like stuff.  Maybe I will sample some of this and put it on a web page some day.

Mannheim Steamroller - Fresh Aire - 1975 - Guaranteed to induce sleep or your money back.  Got this as a joke birthday present.  I just listened to this recently.  This is like the worst tv theme you have ever heard stretched over a whole album.  There is actually a song called Chocolate Fudge and I though Doonesbury was kidding when they joked about a song called Air Pudding.

Marcel Marceau - Speaks - Why do I have this?  Even I don't know why.  Yes, mimes are not supposed to speak, but he gives an interview here.  I guess if you are a big fan of French mime, this is a must have, but the rest of you can rest assured that probably only I have this.

Ann Margret - Let Me Entertain You - I really couldn't resist this one.  This one is so bad that it is, well, it is really bad.  Sure she looked great in Viva Las Vegas, but that didn't mean she could sing.  This one is guaranteed to clear out a party, or if they stay, you have a really sick bunch of friends.

The Mar-kets - Surfer's Stop / Start single - 1962 - This was their first hit (they were the same band who did the Batman thing below). Surf stuff.

The Markettes - The Markettes Interpret the Batman Show - 1966 - A whole album of Batman theme variations.  "This album comes with all the Ka-Pow that any Batdancer could ask for."  Robin the Boy Wonder and The Ridder are my favorite ones.

Bob Marley - 20 Greatest Hits - A bunch of his big hits like Lively Up Yourself.

Bob Marley and the Wailers - Rasta Revolution - 1974 - Real early Marley from the 60s.  Mr. Brown is so cool.

Bob Marley - Legend - The Best of Bob Marley and The Wailers - Really good best of album. Pretty much everything you would need from Bob Marley.

Steve Martin - Let's Get Small - 1977 - This is really dated with lots of drug humor.  Some of it is pretty decent though.

Steve Martin - A Wild and Crazy Guy - 1978 - Another comedy album from Steve Martin.  Most of this has aged fairly well.  Contains the big hit King Tut.

Steve Martin - Comedy is Not Pretty - 1979 - Fairly decent comedy album from Steve Martin.

Dave Matthews Band - Crash - Pretty pleasant but not overwhelming. I guess this kind of stuff used to be called power pop.

MC5 - Kick Out the Jams - 1969 - This is a pretty cool rock band from Detroit in the same vein as the Stooges, Ramblin' Rose, Motor City is Burning.  My favorite is Kick Out the Jams (with the added bonus of a really bad edit that replaced the original live opening of "Kick out the jams, motherfuckers" with "Kick out the jams, brothers and sisters.") Addicted to Noise Entry|Trouser Press Entry

Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction / Child of Our Times Single - 1965 - The totally overwrought nuclear war hit from the 60s.

Loreena McKennitt - Elemental - 1985 - These all are Lindsey's, but I like them too.  We have seen her a couple times live and she is usually pretty good.  Lots of pretty Celtic like music.

Loreena McKennitt - To Drive The Cold Winter Away - 1987 - This has a winter theme and some Christmasy like songs. Interesting.

Loreena McKennitt - Parallel Dreams - 1989

Loreena McKennitt - The Visit - 1991 - This one I really like.  I think that Tango To Evora is the one I liked a lot.  Pretty good version of Greensleeves (originally written by Henry VIII, by the way) too.

Loreena McKennitt - A Winter Garden - This is her Christmas album.  Pretty nice versions of some Christmas carols.

Loreena McKennitt - The Book Of Secrets - This album seems a little disappointing.  The hit she finally got with this one is pretty good, but the rest of this is a little boring.  (We also have a bunch of her other albums, but they are in a box of cassettes somewhere that we haven't seen for years.  I will add the when I find that box.)

Bob ≈ Doug McKenzie - Great White North - 1981 - Comedy album from SCTV people.  I'm sure you still hear their 12 Days of Christmas every year.  Big hit with Take Off.

Malcolm McLaren - Madam Butterfly Single - 1984 - Yes, the former manager of the Sex Pistols did a version of the opera. It is actually pretty good.

Sarah McLauglan - Surfacing - Pleasant mellow music. I probably won't listen to it a whole lot though.

The Meatmen - We're the Meatmen...And You Suck! - 1983 - Willing to offend anybody who will listen.  Pretty juvenile stuff.  Some of this is funny, but a little tiresome after a while.

The Meatmen - War of the Superbikes - 1985 - The new improved Meatmen with members of Minor Threat backing up.  Still offensive and juvenile, but funny in spots and some of it rocks pretty well. Trouser Press Entry

The Meat Puppets - In A Car Ep - 1981 - Their debut.  This is pretty wild stuff.

The Meat Puppets - The Meat Puppets - 1982 - Way thrashing country punk.  Some of this gets hard to listen to, but their cover of Tumblin' Tumbleweeds and Walking Boss (also a cover, I believe) stand out.

The Meat Puppets - II - 1983 - They saved it all for this one. Way cool stuff.  Nirvana did covers of Lost and Plateau on MTV.  I'm saving it all for my favorite song - New Gods. Awesome album.

The Meat Puppets - Up on the  Sun - 1985 - It would be pretty hard to follow II, but this is still pretty good.  Lots of good stuff like Swiming Ground, Away and Bucket Head.  They take their country punk pretty far here.  Lots of whistling songs too.

The Meat Puppets - Out My Way EP - 1986 - This one is pretty decent and pretty energetic.  They do a pretty cool version of Good Golly Miss Molly.

The Meat Puppets - Live - This is something that I taped at the radio station.  I am not sure what is on it or when I was recorded.

The Meat Puppets - Mirage - 1987 - They are getting close to being the Dead of punk.  There is not a lot I love here.

Mekons - Last Dance /Country - I think this is a single.  Update later.

John Cougar Mellencap - Small Town 12" Single - 1985 - Alright, another free one.  This is a pretty decent song with an acoustic version on the back.

The Members - Uprhythm, Downbeat - 1982 - Kind of cheery reggae new wave.  Mildly entertaining.  Working Girl and cover of The Model standout. Working Girl is the tender love song about "she don't look like much" but she brings some money so he can lie around all day.

The Mebranes - The Gift of Life - 1985 - Goofy jazzy noisy punk.

The Membranes - Songs of Love and Fury - 1986 - They have turned down the volume a little here and are using more acoustic guitar and violin.  Really good stuff like Kennedy '63 and The Day My Universe Changed.  Pretty cool.

Men At Work - Business As Usual - 1982 - They came from the Land Down Under and they wanted us to eat Vegemite sandwiches. All their big hits here, Who Can It Be Now?, Down Under, Be Good Johnny, etc. Quite good for a dollar.

Men Without Hats - Rhythm of Youth - 1983 - I was so excited when I found this in a thrift store.  Now I can do the Safety Dance whenever I want.  Not a lot else on this though.

Metallica - ...And Justice For All - 1988 - I kind of measure Metallica's career by 'is it before or after James Hetfield started going "Houwaah" at the end of every line?' This is kind of right in the beginning of that stage. I never thought I would like Metallica, but I am kind of digging this one.

Metal Urbain - Hysterie Connective (Mix 2) / Atlantis Single - See below for my praise of this obscure band.

Metal Urbain - L' Age d'or - This is like one of the coolest albums I own (and it is a double album, too).  French punk with the cheeziest sounding drum machine you have ever heard.  Try and sit still as they are ripping through Hysterie Connective screaming in French with their drum machine chugging along (it sounds like Dr.Rhythm, a really cheezy drum machine I had once).  They were even doing covers of Anarchy in the UK right after it came out.  I think a lot of this is from 77-78.

George Michael - Careless Whisper / Careless Whisper (Instruental) - 1984 - I think someone gave me this as a joke. It seemed like for a while there were a whole lot of b-sides that were instrumentals, which were actually just the same song with the vocal tracks turned way down.

Bette Midler - Experience the Divine Bette Midler Greatest Hits - 1993 - Lindsey's.  A best of from Bette Midler.

Midnight Oil - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - 1983 - This is one of the best live bands I ever saw.  They see to be kind of the equivalent of the Clash in Australia where they are very popular.  This album really rocks.  Cool mix of acoustic and rock guitar and the drummer sounds like he is putting holes in his set all through this.

Midnight Oil - Red Sails in the Sunrise - 1985 - They have seemed to gone a little too far with their sound and this is a little diluted.  Much of this is still pretty good though.

Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust - 1987 - A little better.  Beds are Burning was a bit of hit.

Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mining - 1990 - A bit of a decline again.  The title track is pretty good though, along with Forgotten Years and King of the Mountain.

Mike + The Mechanics - Silent Running 12" Single - 1985 - Thank god I got this free.  This is pretty lousy.
Glenn Miller - Plays Selections from the Glenn Miller Story - Lots of great stuff from the 40s big band leader.

Glenn Miller - Pure Gold - 1975 - More great songs from Glenn Miller.

Roger Miller - King of The Road / Atta Boy Girl Single - 1965 - The cool hit from him. "I ain't got no cigarettes."

The Mindbenders - A Groovy Kind of Love / Love is Good Single - 1966 - Wayne Fontana and his cheesy hit from the 60s.

Mindless Self Indulgence - Sampler from Tight - 1999 - Two songs of their cd that came free with a magazine. That is a good thing because I don't think I like it very much. Kind of like Rammstein metal (who it says they are touring with), but it is really silly too.

Ministry - Twelve Inch Singles - 1987 - This is a few singles from 1981-84 when they were still a dance band (and was singing with a cheezy English accent.) Everyday is Halloween is pretty good (but nothing like Ministry would turn into in the future.)

Ministry - Psalm 69 - 1992 - This totally rocks.  And one song has Gibby from the Butthole Surfers (when I first heard Jesus Built My Hotrod, I thought it was the Butthole Surfers), what more could you want. (I also use a little clip of it as my 'you have mail sound' so I get to hear it 20-30 times a day, and I never get tired of it, like I have with some other sounds). And N.W.O. is great.

Minor Threat - Out of Step - 1983 - Fast, loud, well played hardcore.  Classic stuff.

Minor Threat - Salad Days / Stumped / Good Guys Single - 1983 - Their final single and it is really great. They also rip though the Standells' classic on the b-side.

Minor Threat - Minor Threat - 1984 - Compiles their first two 7" singles.  All classic hardcore.

Minus Bill - Love...Not Alive - 1986 - Some people I went to college with.  Loud, dirgy, distorted synth and guitar and drum machine stuff.  They went on to the Warlock Pinchers and Foreskin 500.  Some favorites here are Field, Fade Away and Spinoza.  I remember the line "When they pulled her from the water, she was white, not like ivory, but like vomit."

Minus Bill - Kingdom Come - Way better production on this one.  Songs are better too.  It rocks pretty hard.  Lots of weird chord progressions.

Minutemen - What Makes a Man Start Fires - 1982 - The Minuteen strip songs to the bare minimum.  No chorus, no verse, just the song.  Punk with jazz, blues and funk thrown in.  18 songs on this one.  Cool stuff.

Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime - 1983 - Another seminal album of American punk.  45 awesome songs on this double album.

Minutemen - My First Bells 1980-1983 - 1985 - Compiles 62 songs, their first two albums, and early EPs.  Pretty much everything they released during that time.  It is all good stuff.

Minuteen - The Politics of Time - 1984 - Complies miscellaneous tracks that didn't make it onto other records.  Most of this is pretty good and all of it is interesting.

Minutemen - Project Mersh EP - 1985 - Slang for sell out.  On this, they tried to write more conventional songs.  The result is not as good as the others.

Minutemen - Tour Spiel EP - 1985 - Three live covers.  Green River rocks as hard as CCR always should have, but never could.  Cool version of Lost (Meat Puppets way before Nirvana got to the) and an even shorter (less than 30 seconds) and more rocking version of Ain't Talking About Love (yes, Van Halen) than on Double Nickels. "I ain't got no time to mess around, fuck no."

Minutemen - 3 Way Tie (for Last) -  1985 - This had some pretty good songs like Courage and some killer covers like Lost (Meat Puppets), Ack Ack Ack (The Urinals), The Red and the Black (Blue Oyster Cult - this one was always cool live) and Have You Ever Seen the Rain (CCR).

Minutemen - Radio tape - 90 minutes recorded off the radio when KTCL played a tribute to D. Boon after his death.  Tons of great songs.

Minutemen - Ballot Result - 1987 - After D. Boon was killed in a car accident, instead of using the ballot results fans sent in that was to serve as the play list for their next live album, they instead had to comb the archives and put it together that way.  The sound quality is all over the place, but the perforances are always good and the songs are always great.

Misfits - Die, Die My Darling/We Bite/Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight? 12" Single - 1982 - Three great songs from the Misfits.  Gothic hardcore. (Metallica got a hold of this one later on.)

Misfits - Legacy of Brutality- 1985 - A collection of some alternative versions of songs.  It is all pretty great.  Contains Angelfuck and She.

Misfits - Collection - It is really nice to have a whole bunch of their best songs all on a cd. 20 great songs.

Missing Persons - The Best of Missing Persons - 1987 - The best of this new wave band.  You know, you have heard Words and Destination UnknownMental Hopscotch is a really rocking song.

Mission of Burma - Signals, Calls, and Marches EP - 1981 - Debut from the legendary Boston band.  Contains the awesome song That's When I Reach For My Revolver.

Mission of Burma - VS.- 1982 - Even louder than their first one.  Has the great song Learn How.  This pretty much does it for the records they released while they were together.

Joni Mitchell - Hits - Lindsey's.  Don't know much about it.

Modern English - After The Snow - 1982 - Has their big hit I Melt With You.  Yeah, I saw Valley Girl in junior high and it changed my life for about a week.  The rest of this album is pretty good.  It was originally released on 4AD and that means something to me.

Modern English - Pillow Lips - 1990 - Here they remake I Melt With You and the result is much inferior to the original. The rest of this is kind of like really boring Simple Minds' rejects. Not very good overall.

The Monkees - The Monkees - 1966 - I really like the Monkees.  This is their debut.  The songs are pretty strong here.  Contains Last Train To Clarkesville. Lyrics

The Monkees - More of the Monkees - 1967 - Sure they were meant as a Beatles clone and the songs that are Davy Jones centerpieces can be a bit over the top, but they are Marcia Brady's favorite.  You got Steppin' Stone and I' a Believer.

The Monkees - Porpoise Song/As We Go Along Single - 1968 - Really great songs from their tripped out movie, Head.

The Monkees - Head - 1969 - This is the one that makes the Monkees for me.  They made a totally insane movie.  And there are a couple of really great songs here: Porpoise Song, Circle Sky, and Can You Dig It.  And you have Terry Garr's film debut. "Suck it before the venom reaches my heart."

The Monkees - Greatest Hits - All of their classic songs.  This even had their big comeback Shades of Gray, which didn't really get them very far.  What could the Monkees be with out Michael Nesmith.

Monks of the Benedictine Abbey, w/ the Boy's Choir from L'Alumnar - Gregorian Chants - 1973 - From when Gregorian Chants weren't hip.

Carlos Montoya - Adventures in Flaenco! - A really nice album from the legendary guitar player of some flamenco songs.

Carlos Montoya - Recital - Another nice album from the classical/flamenco guitar legend.

The Moody Blues - Question of Balance - 1970 - This tape has been in the family for decades.  Most of this is really overblown and pretenscious.  Question is a pretty decent song, though.

Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill - 1995 - I'm kind of torn on this one. She goes from being really annoying to actually having some things I like. I guess that even though it was way overplayed, I like You You Oughta Know. Flea and Dave Navarro play on this too, which only helps.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Sings Stars & Stripes Forever - 1973 - Another joke birthday present, and I swear Hamp, I will listen to it real soon. (Alright, I finally listened to it.  It is like a John Phillips Sousa type album, but with a choir singing the songs.  Really grating after a few minutes.)

Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Soundtrack - 1967 - The classic soundtrack from the spaghetti western.  Besides the main title, there is a lot of other good stuff on here. Great atmospheric stuff.

The Mortal Micronotz - Smash! - 1983 - Lawrence Kansas finest.  Pretty cool punk stuff.

The Mortal Micronotz - The Beast That Devoured Itself -  1985 - Another pretty good album of punk.

The Motels - All Four One - 1982 - I got this a few weeks ago for 50 cents and I a pretty happy with myself.  Only the Lonely was a big hit from the 80s.  There is a lot of other pretty good stuff here besides that.  Good new wave stuff and some torchsongs like stuff.  Did you know if you take the L out of lover it's over?

Bob Mould - Workbook - 1980 - After the breakup of H&uul;sker Dü, Bob Mould went on to solo work.  This is a pretty good album that is mostly acoustic.

Moving Targets - Burning in Water - 1986 - A band not unlike Husker Du and Squirrel Bait.  Pretty loud and fast.  Nothing groundbreaking though.

Alison Moyet - Raindancing - 1987 - This is Lindsey's, I don't think I have even heard it.  It is the former singer from Yaz.

Wolfgang Aedeus Mozart - Concertante Symphony in E flat Major / Duo in B flat Major No 2 - The Warsaw Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra - Karol Teutsch - 1977

Mozart - Symphonies No 40 ≈ 41 - Von Karajan - These are two of my favorite symphonies by Mozart.

Mozart - Requiem - This is really cool to listen to in the dark.  It will scare you.

Mozart - The Magic of Mozart - Excerpts from everywhere, symphonies, operas, short pieces.

Mudhoney - Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Stew EP - 1993 - I got this in a cutout bin, so I guess I'm not too disappointed. This isn't the noisy, fuzzed out band they used to be. They went for a backwoods sound on this one.

Modest Mussorgsky/Maurice Ravel - Pictures at an Exhibition - Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra - 1982 - Also the theme song for the English show The New Statesman.

My Bloody Valentine - B-Sides - Lots of rare b-sides.

My Bloody Valentine - Pre Creation Rarities - Lots of rare stuff from the first couple of years of the band (up to 1988).

My Bloody Valentine - Creation Era Rarities - Lots of rare stuff from the middle and end of their career.

My Bloody Valentine - Ecstasy and Wine - 1989 - Another compilation of lots of stuff from early to middle career.

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless - 1991 - The first time I heard the song Soon off this one on the radio, I thought it was a new Sonic Youth song.  It was discordant and loud, but then it was kind of atmospheric.  The rest of the album is pretty great too.

Gary Myrick and the Figures - Gary Myrick and the Figures - 1980 - This one is so skinny tie.  The songs are ok.

Gary Myrick and the Figures - Language EP - 1983 - More in the same vein.  Message to You was a small hit.

Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares - Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares 3 - This is a women's choir from Bulgaria.  Pretty wild vocal stuff.

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