Kerry's Record Collection from A to Z with Commentary - Part J

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Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun/If You Go Away Single - 1974 - Probably the greatest representation of the dead teen song.  Classic cheese.  "Good-bye Michelle, It's hard to die, when all the clouds are in the sky."

Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him?/(Do the) Instant Mash Single - 1979 - His big early hit.

Joe Jackson - I'm The Man The 7-Inch Album - 1979 - Kind of cool, but hard to listen to.  His second album split up in to five singles and put in a box.  Some good songs- I'm the Man, On Your Radio and It's Different For Girls.

The Jam - In The City - 1977 - The Jam started as the Who smashing guitars part of English punk.  This album rocks all the way through.  Much like My Generation.

The Jam - This Is the Modern World - 1977 - The material isn't quite as good as the first one, but a few songs are pretty great.

The Jam - All Mod Cons - 1978 - This is a good one.  Really great songs like Down in the Tubestation At Midnight and English Rose.

The Jam - The Bitterest Pill/Fever Single - 1982 - The Jam in a quiet moment.  Nice song.  A interesting cover of the classic Fever on the b-side.

The Jam - Town Called Malice/Precious 12" Single - 1982 - The sound has changed a lot but it is still good.  Town Called Malice is a Motownish pretty cool song and Precious gets pretty funky.

The Jam - The Gift - 1982 - Lots of new directions here but it doesn't all gel somehow.  Some great stuff like Town Called Malice and Precious.

The Jam - Snap! - 1983 - The best of album, and it is good.  Picks the best songs from a really great band.  You can't go wrong here.

The Jam - Dig the New Breed - 1982 - A live album with a really good selection of songs and really good performances.

Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song / Standing In the Shower...Thinking Single - 1989 - Pretty cool song by them. I always think of this song when I hear Pepper by the Butthole Surfers.

Jason and the Scorchers - Last Time Around 12" Single - 1985 - Pretty decent song from this country-punk band.

The Jazz Butcher - Sex and Travel - 1985 - A pretty good album with styles all over the place, funk to punk to country.

Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love/She Has Funny Cars Single - 1967 - The classic Jefferson Airplane song.

Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy - 1985 - They have one of the coolest sounds of all time.  They layer distorted feedback guitar over the pretty side of the Velvet Underground (like If She Ever Comes).  The effect is really incredible.

Jesus and Mary Chain - April Skies EP - 1987 - This features two really demented covers of The Beach Boys (Kill Surf City) and Bo Diddley (Who Do You Love).

Jesus and Mary Chain - Stoned and Dethroned - 1994 - The noise is prety much gone at this point. It is fairly pleasant. The duet with Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval Sometimes Always is really nice.

Jet Black Berries - Sundown on Venus - 1984 - A new wave cow punk band.  It is ok, but not real great.

Jet Black Berries - Desperate Fires - 1986 - This is a little better, but still nothing to write home about.

Jet Bronx & The Forbidden - Ain't Doin' Nothin'/I Can't Stand It Single - 1977 - A pretty generic punky song.  Good thing there wasn't a run on apostrophes for the title.  Apparently, I was among the first 15,000 purchasers (or the person who sold it to the used record store where I got this) because I got the "terrific red vinyl" instead of the "crummy black vinyl".

Jethro Tull - Aqualung - 1971 - I got this for a dollar. I guess I am pretty happy with that. The title track is pretty cool. The band that made a rock instrument out of the flute. You gotta love that.

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - I Love Rock 'n' Roll - 1981 - Yeah, I bought this one in Junior High.  It is still pretty rocking.

JFA - Blatant Localism - 1981 - Their first release.  Pretty decent skate punk.

JFA - Valley of the Yakes - 1984 - A little more surf like on this one.  Some covers of Walk Don't Run and other surf/punk things.  There is a clever cover of Pipetruck, which is a combination of Dead Kennedy's Police Truck and the surf song Pipeline.

JFA - Mad Garden EP - 1984 - Speed punk for skateboard punks.  It is ok and also has a pretty cool fast punk version of the Charlie Brown Theme Song.

J Geils Band - Freeze-Frame - 1981 - "Angel is a centerfold". The rest of the stuff on here is pretty fun and pretty decent.

J Geils Band -Showtime - 1982 - They were pretty fun in the 80s.  Live album of lots of their hits.

Elton John - Here and There - 1976 - I had this a a kid for some reason, maybe a present.  Couple of live sides with some of the big hits.

Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings - The birth of the blues.  There are a bunch of versions of the same few songs, but it is all worth it.  It is really cool to hear the original versions of songs that have been covered by everybody in the world.  Especially interesting for me is Preaching Blues, later done by the Gun Club.  Two disks.

Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat? / Once Upon A Time Single - 1965 - Totally cool song from him.

Tom Jones - Live In Las Vegas - 1969 - Man this dude rocks.  You can almost hear the hotel keys hitting the stage.  It's Not Unusual is worth the price of admission alone.

Tom Jones - Darlin' - 1981 - Tom has on a jungle outfit on and is lounging on a couch with a my dick could hurt you look on the cover.  I Don't Want To Know You That Well is a hilarious (probably unintentional) tour spiel one night stand anthem.

Scott Joplin - Max Morath Plays the Best of Scott Joplin and Other Rag Classics - 1972 - This is a double album with all the great ragtime classics from Scott Joplin.  You have heard The Entertainer (from the movie, The Sting).  There are lots of other great ones like that.

Josef K - It's Kinda Funny/Final Request Single - 1980 - My favorite song from their album in a different version.

Josef K - The Only Fun in Town - 1981 - I really love this album.  You are surrounded by the wall of jangly sound.  Kind of murky and gloomy.

Josef K - Pictures/Chance Meeting Single - 1981 - Pretty good couple of songs.

Josef K - Sorry For Laughing - This is a pretty cool cassette with their unreleased first album and their John Peel sessions.  A bunch of versions of their really cool jangly wall of sound songs.

Josef K - Young and Stupid - 1987 - A post-mortem release.  Not as stylistically linked as on their one album, but lots of really great songs.

James Joyce - Finnegan's Wake - 1959 - Excerpts of the novel read by Siobhan McKenna.

James Joyce - Readings - Some readings of Ulysses and Finnegan's Wake read by the author.  Other short pieces read by Cyric Cusack.

Joy Division - You're No Good For Me Single - 1977 - Major screaming and poor playing going on here.  I am guessing this is one of the first things they ever recorded.  Doesn't even sound like they can play well enough to sound like the Buzzcocks yet.  Still, as a Joy Division fanatic, I had to hear it.

Joy Division - The Ideal Beginning EP - 1977 - I won't pretend that I wasn't totally obsessed with Joy Division.  I think owning almost the complete discography of released and unreleased stuff speaks for itself.  I think I am only missing one or two songs.  For example, this one should also include Inside the Line but doesn't.  Anyway, every band has it humble beginnings and this is theirs.  Apparently, they had only played their instruments for a few months at this point.  Kind of like a really crude Buzzcocks.

Joy Division - Ideal For Living EP - 1978 - The playing has improved a little here.  Failures really rocks.  Leaders of Men later showed up in a later version.

Joy Division - Box File - A three album affair.  The first disk is the unreleased Warsaw album.  Many of these songs will show up later.  This one is really cool because it is like the Buzzcocks doing Joy Division covers.  The second disk is a live performance from 1980 (the Lycenum on Feb 29. 1980).  The third disk is 1/2 live performance (Ajanta April 19, 1980) and 1/2 Peel sessions and songs from the Factory Sampler.  The live stuff isn't all that great.

Joy Division - Enigma - 1979 - Contains the two John Peel sessions from 1979.

Joy Division - John Peel Sessions - 1979 - Another version of the Peel sessions.  Cool versions of great songs.

Joy Division - Earcom 2 Contradiction - 1979 - Two songs.  Not their best (Autosuggestion and From Safety To Where) that were out takes from Unknown Pleasures.  They seem pretty fragmentary and a little unfinished.

Joy Division - Demos - This is a bunch of demos that later ended up on Still and other places.

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures - 1979 - This is probably my favorite album of all time.  It really started the whole gothic thing.  I can't do it justice, you just have to hear it.

Joy Division - Transmission/Novelty 12" Single - 1979 - This is probably my least favorite of their big songs, but it is still pretty good.

Joy Division - Atmosphere - I think this is a radio session.  Some cool versions of their songs, with probably the harshest coolest version of Atrocity Exhibition.

Joy Division - Here Are the Young Men - This is the soundtrack to a live performance video of theirs.  The sound isn't all that great.

Joy Division - Amsterdam - Probably the best live album I have heard from them.  Really good set and good sound.  Some early versions of songs off Closer.

Joy Division - Pop Legends in Concert - 1980 - A very good live performance from Holland in 1980.

Joy Division - Komakino/Incubation Flexi Single - 1980 - Couple of out takes from the upcoming album.

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart/These Days Single - 1980 - The single that almost broke them but Ian Curtis had killed himself before its release.  The song is really good.

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart 12" Single - 1980 - Same as above.

Joy Division - Closer - 1980 - Another classic album from them.  They have moved more into the synthesizer sound.

Joy Division - She's Lost Control/Atmosphere 12" Single - A remix of the song from Unknown Pleasures and the first legitimate re-release of the b-side to the incredibly rare Dead Souls single.

Joy Division - Still - 1981 - Double album.  One album is a live performance which is not very good.  The other album collects various rare songs like the Factory Sampler cuts (Digital and Glass), different versions of early songs like Ice Age and They Walked In Line. The main service this album fulfilled was to finally release their finest song, Dead Souls (better known as the song covered by Nine Inch Nails on the Crow soundtrack.  If you haven't heard the original, you owe it to yourself to find this.), originally released on an incredibly limited edition single (about 1000 were pressed.).

Joy Division - Substance - 1988 - A best of album with mainly rarities.  It is interesting to me because the versions of lots of their early songs I have on bootlegs have horrible sound.  Here they are clean versions.  Nothing here I don't have somewhere else, but the sound makes it worthwhile. TP

The June Brides - No Place Called Home EP - 1985 - Enjoyable jangly English pop.

The June Brides - There Are Eight Million Stories ... - 1985 - Here you get a whole album. Pretty good

Bill Justis - TV Theme songs from... - Not sure where to put this one.  This is cheezy covers of tv themes produced by Bill Justis especially for Cozy Records, who ever they are.  You have Mission Impossible, I Spy, Hawaii Five O and Mannix.

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