Kerry's Record Collection from A to Z with Commentary - Part H

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Paul Haig - Big Blue World/Ghost Rider Single - Kind of generic New Order kind of stuff from the former leader of Josef K.

Paul Haig - Paul Haig EP - 1984 - I bought this because he used to be in Josef K, a wonderful obscure Scottish band, but I was disappointed when this turned out to be kind of generic synth pop.

Abdu El Hanid & Orchestra - Arabian Delight - I love hearing music from other parts of the world.  This is a record of traditional Arabic music and it is really pretty nice.

Half Japanese - Horrible EP- 1982 - Half Japanese can barely play their instruments, much less tune them.  However, that doesn't stop them from making really amazing songs.  Thing With a Hook is about the old urban legend of the man with a hook stalking Lover's Lane.

Half Japanese - Our Solar System - 1984 - The Hall of the Mountain King/Louie Louie medley has to be heard to be believed.

Lionel Hampton - Mostly Blues - Lionel on the vibes.  You always have to have Take the "A" Train on something.  Pretty decent.  I think one of those music clubs sent me this as a bonus thing.

George Frideric Hanel - Water Music - This is probably one of my favorite classical music things.

Happy Flowers - Making the Bunny Pay - 1987 - Another band that doesn't let musical ability get in the way of the music.  A really amazing collection of pre-pubescent primal scream songs.

Happy Hate Me Nots - You're An Angel / What Did They Say Single - 1985 - A new-wave pop band from Syndey. I like the b-side better, it starts slow, then builds until the end.

Happy World - Where Am I Going/Tax Money and Dreams/Cold River - Early 80s punk band from Denver. Pretty good set of songs. Cold River is really good. I think their drummer was like 12 years old or something too at the time.

The Hard-Ons - The Hard-Ons - 1987 - Kind of a generic sort of Ramones-punk band from Australia.

Emmylou Harris -Profile - Best of Emmylou Harris - 1978 - Lindsey's album.  All her big hits from the 70s.

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - 1970 - This is a triple box set (that I am missing one of the records, but what do you expect for free).  Got some pretty good stuff like My Sweet Lord.

Lou Harrison - Concerto For the Violin with Percussion Orchestra - 1978 - Richard Brown, cond.  (Written 1959).

Dale Hawkins - Susie-Q Single - This is the original version of the song the Creedence Clearwater Revival made famous.

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You - He is a wild man.  Insane  R&B from the 50s.  Screams through the Blues.

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Frenzy - Oh yeah, this is so cool.  Pretty much every song here is great and rocks.  Even the slow songs like I Love Paris.  I think Alligator Wine is my favorite.

Joseph Haydn - Symphony 100 in G Major "Military" / Symphony 95 in C Minor - 1950 - Vienna Symphony Orchestra - Hermann Scherchen -

Issac Hayes - Shaft Soundtrack - 1971 - A really cool soundtrack.  Besides the Theme from Shaft, you want to be there for Bumpy's Lament and Shaft's Cab Ride.

Head of David - LP - 1986 - Compilation of Dogbreath EP and Godbreath EP.  A mix of industrial and grunge metal.   Really pretty good stuff.  They made Suicide's Rocket USA even harsher.

Heart - Little Queen - 1977 - I got this for a dollar and I think it was worth it for Barracuda. Who cares about the rest of it.

Heartsfield - Heartsfield - 1973 - This is probably the worst album I own.  I got this as a joke birthday gift.  It is really bad 70s Southern country.  The picture on the back is really funny because it has the band and all their family.  Looks like a big old bunch of inbred first cousins.

Heaven 17 - The Luxury Gap - 1983 - I used to have this album years ago, but it disappered. I just found it again for a dollar so I snapped it up. It is ok new wave stuff. Maybe a little touch of New Romanticism thrown in there with the new wave.

Richard Hell + The Voidoids - Blank Generation - 1977 - Pretty cool stuff from the NY punk scene.

Helmet - Meantime - 1992 - This is a really great rock album.  Has an ex-New Christs guitar player.  In the Meantime and Unsung really rock.

The Hendersons - The Hendersons - 1986 - Five songs from a local Denver band.  It is kind of country folk stuff.  It is ok.

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Smash Hits - 1968 - All the essential stuff from Jimi.

Jimi Hendrix - Cool Jimi - This is my compilation of Hendrix.  Basically it is everything cool from his first couple of albums (Are You Experienced, Axis:Bold As Love, and Electric Ladyland) that isn't on Smash Hits.  Cool stuff like Castles Made of Sand, Third Stone From the Sun, etc.

Herman's Hermits - The Best of the Herman's Hermits - Really cheezy stuff from this 60s band.  Henry VIII and Mrs. Brown are totally cheezy. I heard someone describe them as someone holding their nose in the shower.  Seems to be accurate to me.

Herman's Hermits - Hold On Soundtrack - Wow, the Herman's Hermits starred in a movie.  More cheezy Herman's Hermits songs.  The thing that makes this all worthwhile is Shelley Fabares sings Make Me Happy on the album.

The Highway Men - The Highway Men EP - Don't really remember what this one was like, I think it was jangly, but I will have to update this later.

Hindu Love Gods - Gonna Have a Good Time Tonight / Narrator Single - 1984 - A R.E.M. side project featuring everybody but Michael Stipe and with Warren Zevon. This is pleasant enough with a Easybeats cover and an early R.E.M. song.

Hindu Love Gods - Hindu Love Gods - 1990 - This was recorded in 1987. Same group as above. This one isn't all that special. Kind of like an ok bar band with some interesting covers like Junko Partner and Rasberry Beret.

Earl Hines - Earl Hines Plays Duke Ellington - Good jazz piano playing some cool Duke Ellington songs like Don't Get Around Much Anymore.

Robyn Hitchcock - Black Snake Diamond Role - 1981 - This is my favorite of his albums.  It has Brenda's Iron Sledge and Do Policemen Sing?.

Robyn Hitchcock - Happy The Golden Prince Flexi Single - A funny little coming of age tale given away with the magazine Bucketfull of Brains #8.

Robyn Hitchcock - Groovy Decoy - 1986 - Just found this on a trip to L.A. Haven't had a chance to listen to it a lot yet.It is a good set of quirky songs, but nothing has thrown itself at me yet.

Robyn Hitchcock - Flesh No. 1 / Deck of Cards Flexi Single - 1987 - Pretty nice couple of songs that came with Bucketfull of Blood #17. One is from the Soft Boys and one is Robyn with Peter Buck.

Robyn Hitchcock - Surgery flexi single - Song that came with the magazine The Bob #30.

Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians - Fegmania - 1985 - Lots of really great clever songs here.  He is at the top of his form here on My Wife and My Dead Wife, Egyptian Cream, and The Man With the Lightbulb Head.

Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians - Gotta Let This Hen Out! - 1986 - A great live album with all his best songs like Heaven, Brenda's Iron Sledge and Kingdom of Love.

Robyn Hitchcock - Invisible Hitchcock - 1986 - This is a compilation of out takes and extra material from 81-86.  The quality is very good.  It mostly acoustic, quiet, low-keyed stuff.  Nice stuff like Give Me a Spanner Ralph, Grooving on an Inner Plane, and Point it at Gran.

Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians - Element of Light - 1986 - A little more subdued album from him.  The songs are a little more conventional.

The Hitmen - Gonna Be Late flexi single - Not sure who this is. There are two Hitmen, one from Australia and one from London that grew out of Radio Birdman. I'll have to research more. This came with the magazine From The Vault #2. I think it is the Australian one.

Hole - Pretty On the Inside - 1991 - Whatever you might think of Courtney Love as a person, she makes albums that really rock.  Stuff here like Teenage Whore and Mrs. Jones are up there with the best hardcore.  And on top of it all, a Bauhaus kind of sound sneaks in the whole mix.

Hole - Seattle 1993 - A pretty good quality live concert.  Mostly stuff from the first album.  Looks like she got to record Where Did You Sleep Last Night a little before Kurt did.  Guess it wasn't a terribly happy marriage. The track listing on the cd is totally wrong.

Hole - Live Through This - 1994 - She totally delivers on this one.  What here is there not to like.  Violet, Rock Star, Miss World and Doll Parts are all really great.

Hole - Celebrity Skin - 1998 - Strangely enough, this is one of the few groups that both Lindsey and I like.  Lindsey likes this one better and I like Live Through It better, but both are really great.  Glad to see that this album is doing really well.

Billie Holiday - The First Verve Sessions - Pretty nice collection of Billie from 1952-54.

Billie Holiday - Love Songs - Bunch of her classic love songs like All Of Me.

Billie Holiday - The Billie Holiday Songbook - Another good collection of Billie Holiday.

The Hollies - Bus Stop / Look Through Any Window Single - Two of their hits from 65 and 66. I really love Bus Stop for some reason.

Buddy Holly - 23 All Time Greatest Hits - All his big hits, from Peggy Sue, and Rave On, to Peggy Sue Got Married.  This one was pressed in Holland, so I imagine that I got it for very little money.

Home And Garden - History and Geography - 1984 - Not a terribly memorable album of lots of synth experimental stuff.

The Hoodoo Gurus - Stoneage Romeos - 1983 - Pretty cool album of pop and garage punk from Australia. They took their name from the Groovy Guru who tried to kill Maxwell Smart in the echo chamber (thus the song In the Echo Chamber).  I Want You Back is the best song here.

The Hoodoo Gurus - Mars Needs Guitars - 1985 - The songs are a little poppier here but not quite as good.  Some nice stuff like Bittersweet, Poison Pen and Like Wow-Wipeout.

Hoodoo Gurus - Singles - Not sure when these are from but they are pretty cool.  They include Leilani, Leilani II, Be My Guru, Who Do You Love, Bring The Hoodoo Down, and Turkey Dinner.

Hoodoo Gurus - Blow Your Cool - 1987 - Kind of disappointing.  Seems pretty conventional for them.  What's My Scene and Good Times are alright, but I am not going to listen to this as much as the first one.

Kenyon Hopkins - Sound Tour: France - Impressions in Sound of an American on Tour - Another sound travel album.  The whole thing is like a really bad French movie soundtrack.  Everything from Casino and Theatre (Can Can) to Cafe Terrasse and Voyage a Bicyclette.

Hot Chocolates - Sourvenirs of Hot Chocolates - Sorry, my jazz knowledge is pretty lacking.  I believe this is the band Louis Armstrong was in in 1929.

The Housemartins - The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death - 1987 - They have made better albums.  This one was released right as they broke up and it shows.  Norman Cook went on to be Fat Boy Slim.

House of Freaks - Tantilla - 1989 -

House of Freaks - All My Friends - 1989 - I got these because I confused it with House Of Pain. I was pretty disappointed. Jazzy folk kind of stuff. I wasn't real excited. Oh, well, they were only 50 cents each.

Ted Hughes - The Poetry and Voice of Ted Hughes - 1957 - The poet reads four of his poems, Fox, The Jaguar, Wind and Six Young Men.

The Human League - Dare - 1981 - Includes the big songs Don't You Want Me and Seconds.  The rest of the songs here are pretty good too.

Human Suffrage - Oh, my god, this is the most hilarious thing.  I think this is two eps.  I'm not exactly sure when, but probably mid 80s and I think they were from Cleveland or somewhere like that.  This hardcore band is so generic and cliched.  I always laugh all the way though this one.  "God damm, this town sucks."

Hüsker Dü - Land Speed Record - 1981 - Damnit, slow down a little.  The songs here are so fast, you can't even figure them out.  When they slow it down on Data Control, the result is really good. They also cover Gilligan's Island on here, but it is so fast, you can't really even tell.

Hüsker Dü - Every Thing Falls Apart - 1982 - It slows down a little here and it gets much better.  The cover of Sunshine Superman is pretty cool.

Hüsker Dü - Metal Circus EP - 1983 - Now they are really starting to rock.  Diane and It's Not Funny Anymore are pretty amazing.

Hüsker Dü - Eight Miles High Single - 1984 - They tear apart the Byrd's song here.  The b-side has a live version of my favorite song off Zen Arcade, Machocism World, a song that is incredibly loud and harsh but pretty at the same time.

Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade - 1984 - It doesn't get any better than this.  This is one of those watershed albums that made 1984 an incredible year in music.  I am too young to have any memories of the 60s, but I imagine that 1984 was what 1967 was to a lot of people in the 60s.  R.E.M, The Minutemen, Husker Du, and The Replacements all reached the pinnacle of their careers and released really great albums.  Even the filler material on this double album is really awesome.

Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising - 1985 - How do you follow something like Zen Arcade.  This does a pretty damn good job.  Another really great album from them.  They were really the kings of the underground at this point.

Hüsker Dü - Make No Sense At All/Love Is All Around(Mary's Theme) Single - 1985 - Really cool version of the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme.

Hüsker Dü - Live at the Blue Note 3/6/85 - This is a live recording of a show I saw in Boulder from them.  It is a great show with the two sets they did.  It even has their otherwise unreleased but legendary Drug Party.

Hüsker Dü - Flip Your Wig - 1985 - How do they put out this many great albums in such little time.  This album is nothing to be ashamed of.

Hüsker Dü - All Work and No Play/Helter Skelter(Live)/Don't Want to Know If you Are Lonely Single - 1986 - Two pretty cool songs and they finally committed their version of Helter Skelter (a long time live favorite) to vinyl.

Hüsker Dü - Candy Apple Grey - 1986 - They got snapped up by a major label at this point.  The songs are still quite good, but not as intense as previous albums.

Hüsker Dü - Sorry Somehow/All This I've Done For You/Flexible Flyer/Celebrated Summer Double Single - 1986 - Two of the best songs from Candy Apple Grey and two live songs from Flip Your Wig.

Hüsker Dü - Warehouse: Songs and Stories - 1987 - Their last album before the breakup.  A double album that is still pretty good.

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