Kerry's Record Collection from A to Z with Commentary - Part W

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Richard Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries - Wagner's Greatest Hits - Philadelphia Orchestra - Eugene Ormandy - Some selections from his operas, including the totally over the top Ride of the Valkyries.

Richard Wagner - Der Ring des Niebelungen - A couple tape thing of his opera.  Don't know the conductor and all that because it wouldn't mean anything to me anyway.

Tom Waits - The Heart of Saturday Night - 1974 - Another album of twisted blues.  Pretty good.  One of his first albums.

Tom Waits - Heartattack and Vine - 1980 - Very strange blues signer with an extremely distinctive gravelly voice.  Great stuff like the title song, Downtown and Jersey Girl.

Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones - 1983 - More strange tales of love and heartache like Frank's Wild Years and 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six.

Wall of Voodoo - Call of the West - 1982 - Stan Ridgeway's first band.  They make music that sounds like horror movie soundtracks.  This features the big song Mexican Radio with the line "I wish I was in Tijuana/Eating BBQ iguana."

The Walt Disney Studio Sounds Effect Department - Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House -  1964 - The classic album that every self respecting haunted house has playing at Halloween.  Classic titles like The Unsafe Bridge, Screams and Groans, and The Very Long Fuse.  The space alien ones are kind ruin the whole atmosphere of the album though.

Warlock Pinchers - Live stuff - I have a bunch of live tapes, mostly from around '87 and '88. This includes Live From the Batcave in Fort Collins, their very first live show.

Warlock Pinchers - This is the Cobbler and He Hates Your Bellbottoms Single - 1987 - The first release from this local Colorado band.  Kind of like a cross between Flipper and the Beastie Boys only singing about Satan and people they hate.  I got a copy of a really disgusting looking dilled shrimp mold recipe in my copy.  I went to high school and college with them.  They have since gone on to real jobs and other bands (Foreskin 500).

Warlock Pinchers - Pinch a Loaf - 1988 - Full album from this rock-rap band.  Their popular live favorites like Curious George and the Anti-Christ, Let's Get Maced, and I Think We're Tiffany.

Warlock Pinchers - Deadly Kung Fu Action - 1989 - Not so much rap here and a lot more rock and speed.  Flaming Mimes and Where the Hell is Chrispin Glover? rock pretty hard.  They also commit to vinyl the song that started the band, AC/DC's Back In Black.

Warlock Pinchers - Circusized Peanuts - 1991 - A little less rocking than the other ones.  Confrontation Yeah! Yeah! is really good and the cover of Forever Your Girl is pretty funny.

Joe Walsh - But Seriously Folks - 1978 - Solo album from the former Eagle.  This has the big hit Life's Been Good.

The Wedding Present - My Favorite Dress EP - 1987 - An ok set of three songs that are kind of like the Smiths.

Mae West - Interview and Songs - 1971 - I believe this is two Armed Forces broadcasts from 1971 and 1972.  Nothing like sexy music to get the troops going.  The problem with this is she really can't sing.  Lots of Christmas songs, covers like Twist and Shout.  Maybe she could have pulled this off in 1920, but here it is just awful (of course it is screamingly funny.)

Paul Westerberg - Eventually - 1996 - This is a pretty good set of songs from the former leader of the Replacements.  These Are The Days and Love Untold are pretty good.

Muddy Waters - Folk Singer - 1964 - I don't know a whole lot about the blues, but this is supposed to be a classic, and it is really cool.

Muddy Waters - Rare and Unissued - 1985 - From the legendary bluesman.  This consists of rare recordings from the late 40s to the late 50s.

We've Got A Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It - XX Sex Single - 1986 - All girl group.  Loud, sloppy, and the songs are really simple but really cool.

The Who - Happy Jack - 1967 - Their second album.  Features the title track, Borris the Spider, and the Tommyish A Quick One While He's Away.

The Who - Tommy - 1969 - Their really big album.  I have never thought that this was as awesome as everybody thought it was (I prefer Quadophenia).  It has some pretty good stuff, but there is too much other junk here.

The Who - Live At Leeds - 1970 - A really good live album from them.  They really show the thunder they were capable of and it has their classic cover of Summer Time Blues. (I have both the vinyl and cd versions. The cd has extra songs that weren't on the original one, but the record has cool inserts like a copy of the Woodstock contract.)

The Who - Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy - 1971 - A best of album of their singles from the first five years.  All of it is great from I Can't Explain to Substitute.

The Who - Gigantes Del Pop - A totally cheezy Spanish pressing.  This is Meaty Beaty under a different name.

The Who - Who's Next - 1971 - Another classic album from them.  This one pioneered the use of synthesizers by a rock band.  Classic tunes like Baba O' Riley and Won't Get Fooled Again.

The Who - Quadrophenia - 1973 - I like this one way more than Tommy.  There are just so many more really great songs like 5:15, The Real Me and Love, Reign O'er Me, and the story line is pretty cool.

The Who - Odds and Sods - 1974 - Interesting compilation of tracks that never made it on other albums. Ranges from I'm The Face, which was the first song they recorded, to songs that for the Light House project that didn't end up on Who's Next.

The Who - The Who By Numbers -1975 - Pretty good album from them. Slip Kid and Squeeze Box are on this.

The Who - Who Are You - 1978 - Kind of the end of the road for me and the Who.  It is an ok album but a little lifeless.  Keith Moon died right after this one was released.  Sister Disco and Who Are You are alright.

The Who - Quadrophenia - 1979 - This is the soundtrack from the film. It has a lot of stuff that was on the original Quadrophenia album plus some early stuff from their career. It also has some songs from other bands.

The Who - Live - This was a live radio broadcast.  It is from the Who Are You tour.

The Who - The Kids Are Alright - 1979 - This is a pretty interesting retrospective of their career.  Cool versions of their songs like I Can See For Miles and My Generation from the Smother's Brothers' Show where they smash up Tommy Smother's Guitar.  It has some live stuff from Woodstock and other live shows.  It also has a pretty cool booklet that comes with it.

The Who - Face Dances - 1981 - An ok album from them but not real great.  It has You Better You Bet and Another Tricky Day.

The Who - It's Hard - 1982 - I just found this for a dollar. It is not their best album, but it is pretty good. Athena, the title track, and Eminence Front were pretty decent.

The Who - My Generation - The Very Best of the Who - 1996 - It is really nice having all the great songs in one place.

Roger Williams - Academy Award Winners - Roger Williams plays a bunch of movie themes like Moon River, Que Sera Sera, and Buttons and Bows. This is from movies from the 50s, 60s, etc.

Wipers - Alien Boy Single - 1980 - A monster of a song.  Almost hardcore in style.  The rest of this isn't bad either.

Wipers - Land of the Lost - 1986 - A little less hardcore and little more conventional rock, with some pretty wild guitar stuff thrown in, than their early work.  Pretty good

Wire - Pink Flag - 1977 - This is a seriously great album.  It is real minimalist punk.  There are about 20 songs here and some are only 30 seconds or so.  12XU is the famous one.  Great stuff like Mr. Suit and a really pretty Fragile.

Wire - We're Not About to Die - 1979 - This is a bunch of demo versions that would later end up on Chairs Missing and 154.  Rougher versions of really cool songs.

Wire - 154 - 1979 - The sound has expanded a great deal to include synthesizers.  The results are still great and unique.  Many of the songs are kind of dirgy and droning.  Some great stuff like I Should Have Known Better and 2 People In A Room.

Wire - Crazy About Love/Second Length(Our Swimmer)/Catapult 30 12" Single - 1979 - A wild droning kind of song.  Pretty cool stuff.

Wire - On Returning (1977-1979) - 1989 - If you haven't heard Wire before, this is a great place to start.  It features 31 great songs from their first two years.  There are a few things missing (like Heartbeat), but you won't be disappointed by the rest of this.

Wire - Document and Eyewitness - 1981 - Two live performances.  The sound quality isn't that great and the band doesn't seem to into the material.  Interesting but not great.

Wire - Snake Drill EP - 1986 - They broke up and then they got back together here.  Interesting but not awesome.

Wire - The Ideal Copy - 1987 - Some pretty good stuff.  Kind of like the stuff they were doing mid-career.  Feed Me is very powerful and Ahead is very danceable.

Wire - Ahead Ep - 1987 - The single Ahead which is pretty good.  There is a live version of Feed Me, which is pretty cool.  There is an a cappella song which is really weird.

Wire - A Bell is a Cup Until it is Struck - 1988 - Pretty cool set of stuff, it is more atmospheric and dreamy than the others.  Kidney Bingos and Silk Skin Paws are really good.

Wire Train - a chamber - 1984 - A pretty nice album of kind of folk-pop.  The two best songs are the singles below.

Wire Train - I'll Do You Single - 1984 - A pleasant enough pop kind of song.  They were supposed to be the next R.E.M., but I guess they didn't quite make it.

Wire Train - Chamber of Hellos Single - 1984 - The other pretty good song off their debut album.

The Witch Trials - The Witch Trials EP - 1981 - Jello Biafra had a spoken word career after the end of the Dead Kennedys.  This is horror sort of spoken word thing with atmospheric droning music.  The Taser is a all about the LA Police department's new toy.

The Wombats - Zontar Must Die! - 1984 - This is a totally cool 60s garage punk band.  All of this album really rocks.  The sound on this sounds kind of crappy, but it actually helps the album (in a Louie Louie kind of way).  Split In Two is great and they totally tear through the oldie Tallahassee Lassie.

The Wombats - Mudpuddles - 1986 - After the first one, this is really disappointing.  The songs are nowhere near as good and the sound has become more conventional.

Stevie Wonder - Original Musiquarium I, Vol II - Stevie is pretty cool. This has the songs Higher Ground and Isn't She Lovely.  Pretty groovy stuff.

Workdogs - Funny $/Last Friend's Gone Single - 1986 - Two really great songs recorded by a duo of bass and drums with addition musicians added as needed.  Very strange blues songs.  The drummer takes pride in his style that could never be duplicated by a machine.

Steve Wynn - Kerosene Man - 1990 - Steve Wynn was the leader of The Dream Syndicate.  Here he puts together a nice album of Bob Dylan/Lou Reed kind of songs.

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