Kerry's Record Collection from A to Z with Commentary - Part D

Links Abbreviations:  Rolling Stone - RS, Trouser Press-TP, Punknet PN, Rough Guide-RG

Daft Punk - Homework - 1997 - Pretty good electronic stuff. Not a whole lot of lyrics on here, mostly just music and scratching and funk and all that stuff.

The Damned - Damned, Damned, Damned - 1977 - This was the first English punk album released and it is pretty great.  Great stuff like New Rose, Neat Neat Neat, and even a cover of the Stooges with I Feel Alright.

The Damned - The Best of the Damned - 1981 - Singles from their first four years.  Great stuff like New Rose, Love Song, Smash It Up, and even a cover of White Rabbit.

The Damned - Phantasmagoria - 1985 - The Damned was the first English punk band to release an album.  This ain't it.  Lots of synthesizers and not real aggressive songs. RS

The Charlie Daniels Band - Million Mile Reflections - 1979 - Man, I just listened to this a few weeks ago.  Besides The Devil Went Down to Georgia, this album really sucks.

Danny & Dusty - The Lost Weekend - 1985 - A super group project of L.A. cow punk.  Members of Green On Red, Dream Syndicate, and the Long Ryders.  Pretty pleasant going.

Das Damen - Jupiter Eye - It has been a while since I have listened to this.  I seem to remember that is was pretty good.  Kind of noisy stuff like Sonic Youth.

John Davidson - Everything Is Beautiful - This looks like it is from the late 60s or early 70s. Good thing he got those talk shows, because this really sucks. His version of Let It Be will send shooting pains through your chest. But, with any bad celebrity thing, I have to have it.

The dB's - Neverland/pH Factor Single - 1982 - Single from Repercussion

The dB's - Like This - 1984 - A bunch of pretty good pop and catchy songs.  You might have heard Love is For Lovers.  My favorite is Amplifier.

Dead Boys - We Have Come For Your Children - 1978 - Great punk stuff.  Even includes the sensitive ballad Ain't It Fun (later covered by Guns n' Roses.)

Dead Boys - The Night of the Living Dead Boys - 1981 - Lots of good live rolling in broken glass punk.  All their great songs.

Dead Can Dance - Spleen and Ideal - 1985 - More atmospheric music from 4AD.  Lots of really lofty titles like Enigma of the Absolute.  Pretty good. RS

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables - 1980 - This was the album that introduced punk rock to me.  All of these are classics, Kill the Poor, California Uber Allies, Holiday in Cambodia, and more.

Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust, Inc. EP - 1981 - Lots of really fast songs.  I don't quite like them as much as the first album.

Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters - 1982 - The songs are a little more complicated here, but I don't like them quite as much.  I Am the Owl is pretty good.

Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist - 1985 - This was the one that got them in all that trouble.  The album had a H.R.Geiger poster that was deemed offensive and they had lots of legal troubles because of it.  The music itself is ok but not as good as their earlier work.  MTV Get off the Air is fairly amusing.  The rest is pretty standard issue. RS

Dead Kennedys - Live at the Blue Note, Boulder CO, 1985 - A live radio broadcast of one of the nights they were in Boulder (I saw the other night).  Pretty decent show with good mix from all the previous albums.  The sound quality of the broadcast kind of sucks, though.

Death of Samantha - Laughing In the Face of a Dead Man EP - 1986 - Kind of loud, kind of arty and fairly good band.  Their cover of Werewolves of London is pretty cool and funny.  There is some interesting tape loop stuff here also.

The Decembrists - In the Big Garage He's Walking - 1986 - Some people I went to high school with.  They were saddled with the whole R.E.M. clone thing, but the stuff here is pretty good.  Some gets really acoustic.  I got copy 41 out of 100.

Del Fuegos - Boston, Mass. - 1985 - Pretty decent album of new wave rock (with some rockabilly thrown in.)  Don't Run Wild stands out here.

The Del Rubio Triplets - Three Gals, Three Guitars - 1988 - I just found this and I am so excited about it. I first heard about them on Pee Wee's Playhouse. They are three triplets and acoustic guitars that do strange versions of all sorts of stuff. On this, they do Light My Fire, Walk Like an Egyptian, Neutron Dance, and more. This copy was autographed by Milly and Eadie (but for some reason, not Elena).

The Dentists - Strawberries Are Growing in my Garden (and It's Wintertime) Single - 1984 - Couple of songs from a band who I can't really figure out who they remind me of, maybe The Beatles and that whole 60s revival that happened in the 80s.

Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell - 1981 - Their first album.  Lots of synthesizer.  Has Just Can't Get Enough. I also have this on CD from Todd's collection that he left to Lindsey.

Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward - 1984 - A little more accomplished.  Features their big hit People Are People.

Depeche Mode - The Singles 1981-85 - 1985 - Really good collection. Puts together their singles from their early years. All of the classic stuff like People Are People, Just Can't Get Enough, and Blasphemous Rumours.

Depeche Mode - Violator - 1990 - The stage where they started using guitars.  It was a pretty good move.  Personal Jesus is pretty good here. RS

The Descendents - Bonus Fat - 1985 - Pretty cool L.A. punk from SST.  Loud and fast.  My favorite is the 16 second Weinerscnitzel.

Devo - The Men Who Make The Music - This is from the home video.  Pretty cool stuff from their early days.

Devo - Q:  Are We Not Men A:  We Are Devo - 1978 - Yes!, the first album.  Lots of great damaged new wave.  Their infamous version of Satisfaction.  This is the yellow radiation suit stage.

Devo - Freedom of Choice - 1980 - Got more great Devo songs here:  Girl U Want, Whip It and of course Freedom of Choice.  This is the red flower pot stage.

Devo - Working in the Coal Mine Single - 1981 - Devo's version of the classic old song.

Devo - New Traditionalists - 1981 - Not as good collection of songs.  Beautiful World is pretty good.  This is the fake plastic hair stage.

Devo - Oh, No!  It's Devo - 1982 - This is the toilet seats necklace things stage.  Not my favorite Devo album.

The Dictators - Go Girl Crazy - 1975 - Early metal stuff in the vein of The Stooges and MC5.  Lots of great songs about cars and girls.

Bo Diddley - Bo Didley Single - 1955 - Single of his classic song.

The Died Pretty - Died Pretty EP - 1984 - Really ep of psychedelic kind of rock from Australia.  Really good.

The Died Pretty - Free Dirt - 1986 - A continuation of the sound.  Mix of folk and psychedelic.  Doesn't hit me as hard as the EP.

Die Kreuzen - Die Kreuzen - 1984 - Really fast hardcore.  This is almost the fastest stuff I have ever heard.  I usually keep turning up the volume when I am listening to this until I can hardly hear anymore.

Die Kreuzen - October File - 1986 - This one seems to get a little closer to conventional metal and doesn't thrill me as much as their first album.

Dils - I Hate the Rich/You're Not Blank Single - 1977 - Part of the very small recorded legacy that they left before they broke up.  Two classic LA punk songs.

Dils - Live! - 1987 - Live recordings from 1977 and 1980 from the legendary LA punk band.  Really great songs with ok sound quality.  Even then, there is hints of the country path they would later take with Rank and File.

Dinosaur - Repulsion/Bulbs of Passion Single - 1985 - My favorite Dinosaur song.

Dinosaur - Dinosaur - 1985 - Before a lawsuit made them change the name to Dinosaur Jr.  Really great debut album with huge debts owed to Neil Young.  Repulsion is the perfect mix of a pretty song with loud distorted guitar.

Dinosaur Jr. - Where You Been? - 1993 - They actually had some chart success with this one, songs like I Ain't Saying. Really good stuff.

Divine Horsemen - Mother's Worry/Divine Horsemen Single - 1985 - '85 demo from the Divine Horsemen and a '82 live version of the song by the Flesh Eaters that gave the new band its name.

DMZ - DMZ - 1978 - An album owing a lot to the sound of 60s garage punk.  Mighty Ida is a pretty rocking song.

DNA - Party Tested - 1983 - Damn, I thought I was getting the New York no-wave noise art band here.  I guess the album cover should have tipped me off.  This is really stupid stuff from Rick Derringer and others.  You got Doctors of the Universe here and a really bad cover of Rock & Roll, Part II.

D.O.A - Burn It Down/Fuck You Single - 1984 - Pretty decent single from the leaders of Canadian hardcore in the 80s.

D.O.A - Bloodied But Unbowed - The Damage to Date:  1978-83 - 1984 - A best of album from the Vancouver hardcore band.  All their classics

The Dogs - Good News Single - 1986 - This is probably the funniest single I own.  It is some local Westminister Colorado band who recorded their own single.  The songs are really bad and the singing is even worse.  Everything is hideously out of tune.  Features the bass talents of Dave "Frenchie" Polt who, in college, we always tried to find his phone number so that we could call him and tell him "Frenchie, the Dogs totally rock."

Thomas Dolby - Europa and the Pirate Twins Single - 1981 - From the man who blinded us with science.  It has that really cool clap track thing.

Donovan - To Susan On the West Coast Waiting/Atlantis Single - 1969 - Donovan is a pretty cool old guy with pretty nice acoustic songs.

Donovan - Greatest Hits - 1969- Got all the hits.  The album is worth it alone for the guitar solo in Hurdy Gurdy Man.  Listen to it really loud sometime.  It will change your life. It didn't hit me until I heard it over the loudspeakers before a Sonic Youth show.

Doors - 13 - 1970 - A bunch of The Doors big hits.  I never really got into The Doors, but this collection is pretty decent. I don't get the whole Jim Morrison poet thing. It just seems like he took a lot of drugs and wrote songs about getting laid.

Doors - Morrison Hotel/L.A. Woman - 1982 - Really cheezy Spanish pressing of these two albums.  The front cover proudly announces "Dos L.P. Originales en un cassette pro el precio de un cassette".  It has a lot of their big songs like L.A. Woman, and Love Her Madly.

DOS - DOS - 1986 - An odd sort of album consisting of two basses (thus the name) from punk alumni Mike Watt (of Minutemen and fIREHOSE) and Kira (of Black Flag).  Most of the songs seem kind of fragmentary, but when they get a good one, the result is really good.  Also interesting since a few of these songs ended up on later fIREHOSE albums with a full band.

Dramarama - Hi-Fi Sci-Fi - 1993 - Apparently, they released this album just as the group was breaking up. It is a pretty good album. Work For Food was a minor hit and is the best thing on the album.

Dread Zeppelin - 5,000,000 - 1991 - This is a total high concept group, a band that plays reggae versions of Led Zeppelin songs fronted by an Elvis impersonator. The music isn't all that bad and it is kind of funny and for the 50 cents I paid for it, it was a pretty good deal.

Dream Academy - Dream Academy - 1985 - Kind of easy listening dull pop. I think I got this as a gift.  They had a hit with Life in a Northern Town.

The Dream Syndicate - The Dream Syndicate EP - 1982 - The Dream Syndicate is my favorite band of the LA psychedelic revival in the 80s.  They owe obvious debts to The Velvet Underground.  This is a four song demo album.

The Dream Syndicate - Tell Me When It is Over EP - 1983 - A track from The Days of Wine and Roses and three live songs.  Even a version of Mr. Soul.

The Dream Syndicate - The Days of Wine and Roses - 1982 - It has it all, feedback guitars and a great batch of songs.  This totally rocks.

The Dream Syndicate - Ultimate Feedback - 1984 - A live concert from Sweden.  Really good material and pretty good performances and sound quality.

The Dream Syndicate - Medicine Show - 1984 - This was pretty disappointing to me.  There isn't anything that really catches me on this one.

The Dream Syndicate - This Is Not The New Dream Syndicate Album...Live! EP - 1985 - Take some not very exciting songs and a poor performance to make a pretty bad record.

Dumptruck - D is For Dumptruck - 1983 - A jangly pop band from Boston.  Pretty good songs. I really like How Come?

Dumptruck - Positively Dumptruck - 1986 - Not as good as the other one. Nothing really jumps out of this one.

Antonín Dvorák - Symphony No 9 "From the New World" - Berlin Philharmonic - Rafael Kubelik -

Bob Dylan - The Times They Are a-Changin' - 1964 - Pretty cool acoustic stuff from his early days.  Good songs like The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll and Only A Pawn in Their Game.

Bob Dylan - Another Side of Bob Dylan - 1964 - Even better stuff like Chimes of Freedom, My Back Pages and All I Really Want To Do.

Bob Dylan - Bringing it All Back Home - 1965 - This is a really great Dylan album.  It has great songs, Subterranean Homesick Blues, Mr. Tambourine Man, and It's All Over Now Baby Blue.

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited - 1965 - A monster album.  So much great stuff like Like A Rolling Stone, Tombstone Blues, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, etc.  The first 'electric' album from him.

Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde - 1966 - This is probably Dylan's greatest album.  There are so many great songs on this album.

Bob Dylan - John Wesley Harding - 1968 - Another classic collection of Dylan.  Lots of quite pretty songs.

Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits Vol. II - 1971 - A great collection of his great songs.  Two dollars in a thrift store.  Can't beat that.

Bob Dylan - Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid - 1973 - The soundtrack from the Sam Peckinpah film.  Really good with Knockin' on Heaven's Door and all the Billy variations of it.

Bob Dylan - Empire Burlesque - 1985 - This is pretty bad Dylan.  Not much to recommend here.

Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits Vol. III - 1994 -Not really my favorite period of Dylan, but some good songs like Tangled Up In Blue before he gets to the later period that I don't really like.

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