Kerry's Record Collection from A to Z with Commentary - Part K

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Katrina and the Waves - Katrina and the Waves - 1985 - 50 cents at a thrift store, you can't go wrong.  Kimberly Rew used to be a Soft Boy and that is pretty big for me.  As dippy as some of this stuff is, it is still a really good album.  Walking on Sunshine is on every 80s compilation now.  Going Down To Liverpool was covered by the Bangles and it is my favorite song here.

Keith - 98.6 - 1967 - Some teen idol guy from the 60s.  Silly pop.  "Hey 98.6, it's good to have you back again."  Apparently, he was ill at some point.

Garrison Keillor - Prairie Home Companion Anniversary Album - In case you can't tell, I like Prairie Home Companion.  This has all the old sketches like Powdermilk Buscuits, etc.from 1974-80.

Garrison Keillor - Ten Years on the Prairie - Prairie Home Companion 10th Anniversary - 1984 - Favorites from the first 10 years of the NPR radio show.

Garrison Keillor - Prairie Home Companion - Final Performance - 6/13/87 - This was from when he stopped producing the show originally.  All the old favorites.

Garrison Keillor - Prairie Home Companion - 2nd Annual Farewell - 6/4/88 - Just had say goodbye again.

Garrison Keillor - Gospel Birds and Other Stories of Lake Wobegon - Nine monologues about the mystical place that time forgot.

Garrison Keillor - More News From Lake Wobegon - Faith/Humor/Love/Hope - Four cassettes featuring stories about the mystical place up North.

Garrison Keillor - Ain't That Good News - I think this was music from Prairie Home Companion.

Garrison Keillor and Frederica Von Stade - Songs of the Cat - 1991 - I am a big fan of Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion.  This is a bunch of clever funny songs about cats.  Having three cats myself, I can really relate to these.

Garrison Keillor - Lake Wobegon Days - A three cassette reading of the novel.

Garrison Keillor - Local Man Moves to the City - 1990 - Some songs and stories after he moved the radio show to New York City.

Killdozer - Snakeboy - 1985 - Really funny noisy stuff.  Would have you believe it is Southern rock from Hell, except they are from Wisconsin.  "I am the king of sex, and I come from the state of Texas."  They totally destroy Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl.   I guess a Southern man don't need him around anyhow.

Killdozer - Burl EP - 1986 - More loud songs about death and destruction.  Of course the highpoint is their cover (total destruction here) of Jessi Colter's I'm Not Lisa, you know "I'm not Lisa, my name is Julie, Lisa left you long ago."

Killing Joke - Killing Joke - 1979 - A really cool mixture of heavy metal and synthesizer new wave.  This is my favorite album of theirs.  The Wait (later covered by Metallica) is totally cool.  The rest of the songs are pretty great too.

Killing Joke -what's THIS for...! - 1981 - Gets a little funk here.  Still basically pretty good.

Killing Joke - Revelations - 1982 - The same basic Killing Joke sound, more like the first album, which for me is a good thing.

Killing Joke - Fire Dances - 1983 - Still great.  Standouts are Frenzy, and Rejuvenation.

Kill Ugly Pop - Leatherface Gets Religion - This is some pretty wild swampy grungy stuff from the late 80s.  Some hankering to be Elvis here and some to be Leatherface (from Texas Chainsaw Massacre).  All and all, itis pretty entertaining.

King Missle - King Missle - 1994 - From the group that brought us Detachable Penis, not on this record, is a fairly mediocre release. Some of it is clever and cute, but not very exciting. Only The Dishwasher really jumps out of this one.

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - Red Onion Jazz Babies - This is the big band that Louis Armstrong was in during the 30s.

The Kingsmen - Louie, Louie Single - 1964 - You have heard it.

The Kingsmen - 15 Great Hits - 1966 - After Louie Louie, the whole line up of the band pretty much changed. This is mostly covers of other's songs like Hang On Sloopy, Shout, Fever, etc. It certainly doesn't have the magic of Louie Louie, in fact, it kind of sucks. It sounds like a bad cover band and the sound quality of this is pretty lo-fi.

The Kinks - Kinks - This is a cheezy Spanish version of one of their early album, though I am not really sure which one.  Does feature the really great songs, You Really Got Me and Stop Your Sobbing.  Sounds a whole lot like the Early Stones.

The Kinks - Arthur or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire - 1969 - Pretty cool. Victoria is the best song here.

The Kinks - One For the Road - 1980 - A live album reprising all the big songs.  The songs are quite good, but presented in an arena rock style that loses much of what made them great in the 60s.

The Kinks - State of Confusion - 1983 - The Kinks kind of adapted to new wave.  State of Confusion, Come Dancing, and Don't Forget to Dance are ok, but none of this really has the energy of any of their earlier work or or the bands that were releasing music at the time.

Kiss - Double Platinum - 1978 - I didn't get into Kiss when I was a kid.  It is kind of funny now to hear them.  This has all their big 70s hits like Strutter and Rock and Roll All Nite and of course their drippy ballad Beth. (I also have this on 8-track).

Kissing the Pink - Maybe This Day 12" Single - 1983 - Cutsie new wave pop.

Earl Klugh - Incognito/One Night (Alone With You) 12" Single - Got this free.  It is some kind of crappy elevator jazz.  Makes Spiro Gira sound great.

Korn - Follow The Leader - This is pretty rocking stuff. I think that more bands should yell 'Go' in the middle of songs.

Kronos Quartet - Black Angels - Really wild classical music.

Kronos Quartet - Early Music - This is a classical quartet that play some pretty wild stuff.  They play a lot of traditional stuff, but they also play lots of stuff like John Cage.  My sister took me to see them years ago.  They played the Death Angel's Song and it was really cool.

Kraftwerk - Autobahn - 1974 - An electronic journey on the Autobahn.  "Fun, fun fun on the Autobahn." It surprises me now, but this was actually a big worldwide hit at the time.

Eugene Kurzt - Logo 1 - 1988 - A modern piece of classical music.  Written in 1979.

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