Kerry's Record Collection from A to Z with Commentary - Part N

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Nada Surf - high/low - 1996 - Got it for a dollar, but I am pretty happy with it.  It is pretty good rock.  Popular is a pretty cool song (it sounds like the lyrics were lifted from some cheezy 50s movie about how to be popular).

Naked Eyes - Naked Eyes - 1983 - I just spent 50 cents for this one and I am feeling a little ripped off.  Sure it has their big hits Always Something There To Remind Me and Promises Promises, but the rest of this is really bad synth pop.

Naked Prey - Naked Prey EP - 1984 - A pretty cool little band that plays country punk.  Flesh on The Wall is really good.

Naked Raygun - Throb Throb - 1984 - A really cool punk album.  Loud, fast, and intense.  You will want to hear Rat Patrol, Surf Combat and Libido.

Naked Raygun - All Rise - 1986 - Nothing really matches Throb Throb for me, but this is still pretty good.

Naram Sin - Obviously A Major Malfunction - 1986 - Two tape side long pieces.  This was a local Boulder band.  It is pretty interesting industrial noise stuff.  However, they make the mistake that lots of bands like them make which is they make lots of cool noises, but they forget the singing to make it a little more accessible.

Ricky Nelson - Lonesome Town/I Got a Feeling Single - 1958 - The classic song from Ozzy and Harriet's kid and, of course the father of the Nelsons.

Ricky Nelson - How Long/Down Along the Bayou Country Single - Two more songs from Ricky.  These, the single says, are from Rick Sings Nelson.

Nerves Like Eels - The Graceland West Sessions - 1988 - This was a local Boulder band that I went to college with.  Sure they used to sound like R.E.M., but they have left that behind and rock a lot more.  It is really interesting to listen to it, because they had a lot of romantic complications in the band and this whole tape is the tale of events that I was sometimes stuck in the middle of.

Neurotic Outsiders - Neurotic Outsiders - 1996 - A punk super group of sorts, Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, Duff from Guns 'n' Roses and the rhythm section from Duran Duran.  Pretty nice punk style stuff.  Cover of the Clash's Janie Jones.  The standouts are Jerk, Nasty Ho and Angelina.

Michael Nesmith & The First National Band - Nevada Fighter - 1971 - After the breakup of the Monkees, Michael Nesmith went on to country music.  Although I don't like country normally, this is pretty good.  The songs are very quiet.

Michael Nesmith - Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma - 1979 - Ah, then he went new wave.  Most of this is not my favorite, but Cruisin' is pretty funny.  "Lucy, Ramona, and their brother Sunset Sam."

The New Christs - Like a Curse/Sun God Single - 1987 - With the singer from Radio Birdmen and a guitar player from Screaming Tribesmen, this is going to sound like the Stooges.  Pretty cool songs. (I believe one of them went on to join Helmet.)

The New Left - It's Not Political/Drivin' Single - I don't remember much about this one.  I think it is kind of standard punky stuff.  I will update this when I listen to it again.

Colin Newman - provisionally entitled the singing fish - 1981 - Former member of Wire.  Here he creates 12 tracks of experimental sort of instrumentals.  All are entitled fish (fish 1 through fish 12).

New Model Army - The Ghost of Cain - 1986 - Real driving acoustic punk (kind of like the Clash).  Really cool stuff like 51st State (all about American imperialism on England) and Lights Go Out.

New Model Army - New Model Army EP - 1987 - Some pretty powerful acoustic punk.  White Coats and 51st State are quite good.

New Order - Ceremony/In A Lonely Place 12" Single - 1981 - First they pioneer the whole gothic gloom sound in Joy Division.  After the suicide of Ian Curtis, they go on to be New Order and pioneer the whole synth/drum machine dance sound.  On their first single, a couple of songs left over from Joy Division, they slowly move away from their old sound.  Ceremony is probably my favorite New Order song.  (It did see some life as a partially completed song in some late Joy Division shows.)

New Order - Movement - 1981 - Movement is a pretty quiet album.  This is probably my favorite album of theirs.  The vocals are very subdued, almost whispered (Ian Curtis had big shoes to be filled).  The songs are all very atmospheric with lots of rhythm.  It is the kind of album you can just keep flipping over and listen to again.

New Order - De Facto (Live 5.19.81 - Stockholm) - 1981 - This is a pretty good live show with the cream of their early material.  This one is pretty cool because I get to confirm that the drum machine is a Dr. Rhythm (a cheezy machine that a friend in college had that I borrowed for a while) because one song has a false start and they have to turn the speed of the drum machine down.

New Order - 1981 - 1982 - 1982 - A compilation of a few singles.  Temptation is a great dance song and it is kind of a cheerier direction for them to take.

New Order - The Peel Sessions - 1982 - A couple live studio tracks that feature early versions of songs that will show up on Power Corruption and Lies.  And there is a reggae type song here too.

New Order - Blue Monday 12" Single - 1983 - The huge dance hit that changed dance music.

New Order - Power, Corruption, and Lies - 1983 - My 2nd favorite New Order album.  Finally, they seem confident enough to sing and play.  Comes packaged in a album sleeve that looks like a 5 1/4" floppy disk (remember them) (as does Blue Monday).

New Order - Confusion 12" Single - 1983 - Ok, now the dance stuff has gone too far.  Here we have an ok song, but we also have three other mixes of it.

New Order - Thieves Like Us/Murder 12" Single - 1984 - Murder is a pretty interesting experimental noisy kind of song.  Thieves Like Us is a refinement of the dance style.

New Order - The Perfect Kiss 12" Single - 1985 - An ok song plus the inevitable remixes.

New Order - Low Life - 1985 - One of the times I saw New Order live was on this tour.  They were going along and it was pretty good, then their sequencer broke.  They had to really play at this point.  They did Love Will Tear Us Apart, a couple other songs and then went off on a long noisy version of Sister Ray.  It was so great.  When they actually use guitars, it is really a treat.  Sunrise is really good here because of that.

New Order - Live at the Rainbow Music Hall 8/16/85 - I saw them at this show.  This was the 2nd best time that I saw them live.  Usually, they play 45 minutes and then they are gone and the whole thing is sequenced.  This one was really good.  They actually did some encores of their best songs like Ceremony and Temptation.

New Order - Brotherhood - 1986 - More standard New Order.  Bizarre Love Triangle is pretty good (even better is the acoustic cover of it done by Frente.)

New Order - (the best of) New Order - 1995 - Pretty good sampler of their later period. I really like Regret, where they actually put guitar in a song again. I wish they would do more of that. I really liked they way he played guitar in Joy Division and the earlier New Order. I'm not too wild about some of the remixes. They don't seem to have added much to the mix.

New York Dolls - New York Dolls - 1973 - Really cool glam rock.  Lots of classic rock tunes.  Everything Guns 'n' Roses has ever dreamed they could be.

New York Dolls - Too Much Too Soon - 1974 - Still pretty cool stuff, though not as good as the first one.

Nichelle Nichols - Dark Side of the Moon Single - 1974 - You might know her as Lt. Uhura, but as you might have found out in Star Trek V, she also can't sing.  She really strains to hit all the notes in these four really bad lounge songs.  Falling down funny.  The background singers really try to sing really loud to drown her out, but she breaks through.

Nico - Do or Die! - 1982 - Mainly known for her singing on the first Velvet Underground album.  Some live stuff.  Lots of gloomy versions of songs like the songs she sang with the Velvet Underground, the Doors' The End and Bowie's Heros. (I have named my new laptop Nico. See the entry under Coil for more detail the computer naming thing.)

Nig-Heist - Nig-Heist - This was a band that was formed by Black Flag's roadies and friends.  The songs are mainly about sex in various forms.  The songs are pretty decent, if not totally offensive.  Apparently, all sorts of friends of Black Flag guested on this.  I did recognize Tex of Tex and the Horseheads in one of these songs.  They did a pretty nice and sensitive version of The Velvet Underground's If She Ever Comes.

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral - 1994 - All the great songs you have heard.  You have heard Closer and HurtMarch of the Pigs is my favorite.

Nirvana - Nevermind - 1991 - You have to be deaf to have not heard this.  One of the classics of the 90s.  Great songs and great videos.

Nirvana - In Utero - 1993 - The follow-up to the huge selling Nevermind is no disappointment.  This rocks as hard as anything they have done.  Rape Me and Heart-Shaped Box are really great.  Pennyroyal Tea and All Apologies are kind of pretty.

Nirvana - MTV Unplugged in New York - 1994 - Really cool acoustic versions of their songs.  This record seems to have really started the whole unplugged thing.

Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper - Get Out of My Way - 1986 - Mojo is a pretty funny guy (apparently, he lived in Denver for a while too).  He plays a guitar, his sidekick plays the rhythm washboard, and he sings about the dangers of the shopping mall culture (Burn Down the Malls), his love of MTV vj Martha Quinn (Stuffin' Martha's Muffin) and his love of traffic (Get Out of the Way).  Pretty fun stuff.

No Direction - Becoming Obsession - Punk from South Dakota, wow.  This is an ok album of energetic punk songs.

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom - 1996 - Kind of ska, kind of rock, kind of pleasant.

The Nomads - Outburst - 1984 - A really cool Swedish band in the tradition of the Standells updated to punk.  All of this really rocks.

Not For Sale - Hate Single - Don't remember this one either.  Will update after listening to it.

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