Kerry's Record Collection from A to Z with Commentary - Part I

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Iconoclasts - In These Times Single - I think it is a single.  It was on a tape.  Update later.

The Imposter - Pills and Soap Single - 1983 - Elvis Costello thought that he needed two more versions of this song.

Interview - Interview - 1980 - A band in the new romantics kind of tradition.  Nothing here that I can remember standing out all that much.

INXS - Shabooh Shoobah - 1982- First album they released in the US and it is pretty good.  The One Thing and Don't Change really stand out.

INXS - The Swing - 1984 - Pretty good follow up with some pretty strong material.

Donnie Iris - Injured in the Game of Love 12" Single - 1985 - Got this free from the radio station.  He had a hit once, Ah Leah, but this isn't it.  I can't even remember what it sounds like.

Chris Isaak - Silvertone - 1985 - Kind of twangy guitar rockabilliy stuff.  Nothing quite as good as his later hit, Wicked Games, but pretty pleasant.

The Isley Brothers - Twist and Shout Single - 1962 - Covered numerous times by everybody in the world.

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