In a ongoing quest, I will be cataloging my record (that is vinyl) collection with a little commentary.  I love records.  I love vinyl.  I didn't actually own a cd player until like a year ago when I bought a computer that had a cd-rom on it.  I held off buying a cd player for years, because I couldn't bring my self to pay $15-20 dollars for 45 minutes of music.

<Soapbox>  I am really mad about the whole cd thing.  When cds first came out and they were $15 dollars, it was because they were so expensive to manufacture.  When they start selling, the prices will come down.  Well, it costs less than $1 to make one.  You are lucky if you can find a cd for less than $15 now.  I think we have all gotten screwed by the cd thing.  It is hard to believe that any 45 minutes of music is worth $20.  Sure you can put more on a cd, but how many bands can come up with 45 minutes of good music every few years, let alone 60-75 minutes.  There is nothing like the experience of finding some really cool album for a few bucks in some thrift store and now that a lot of the 80s new wave stuff that I love is finding its way there, the record collection will continue to grow.

Well, anyway, I am starting with the record collection.  I have a few cds that I will add to this whole thing as I get to it.  Maybe I will add some cute icons to differentiate between them or color code it.  Then there is also the cassette collection, and of course, all the singles.  Then maybe I will add links from each album to the cddb which shows the songlist for each one.  And maybe some album covers.  There are just so many possibilities.  Check out, it is pretty cool.  The cd player I use grabs playlists out of the database.  The new beta version of it even queries to get lyrics and display them as the cd plays.  (Of course, has been killed and doesn't ever look like it will return. RIP.) Thank god for the internet.  What ever did we do before it existed.  I expect this will be a long term effort and I will add and revise as I get new stuff and listen to stuff I have forgotten what it sounded like when I first started this.

I haven't proofread this this very carefully yet.  If you see anything really wrong or totally disagree with me about something, let me know.  I am happy to chat about music.  (E-mail address at the bottom of this page.)

Kerry's Record Collection from A to Z with Commentary - Part A

Links Abbreviations:  Rolling Stone - RS, Trouser Press-TP, Punknet PN, Rough Guide-RG

ABBA - Does Your Mother Know/Kisses of Fire Single - 1979 - Classic trashy pop. RS|RG|

ABBA - Greatest Hits Vol 2 - 1979 - Is there anything better than having Dancing Queen on an 8-track. Probably not.

ABBA - The Magic Of ABBA - 1980 - A K-Tel collection I just found at a thrift store. All their big songs from 1974-80.

ABBA - Gold - Greatest Hits - 1992 - This is Lindsey's, but I enjoy it too.  Sure it is total trash, but try not to love Waterloo, Dancing Queen, and all the other bits on here.

ABC - SOS/United Kingdom Single - 1983 - A slice of the new romantic stuff from Britain. RS|RG

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - 1976 - I never really got into metal when I was young, but I kind of got sucked into this one by how outrageous I thought Big Balls was. Lyrics

AC/DC - Back in Black - 1980 - One of my few 70/80s metal albums.  It is fairly rocking. RS|RG

Cannonball Adderly - The Best Of - Some cool old jazz.  Of course it has Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.

Adolescents - Adolescents - 1981 - Pretty decent L.A. punk.  Their debut release.

The Adult Net - Incense and Peppermint/Something For the Now Single - 1989 - This is a pretty cool version of the Strawberry Alarm Clock song from Brix Smith's (from the Fall) side project.

Adult Net - White Night (Stars Say Go)/Naughty or Nice Single - Not sure where this came from.

The Adult Net - The Honey Tangle - 1989 - The full length version of Brix's band.  Pretty interesting.  Kind of mellow.  Little folky, little paisley.  And it's got Incense and Peppermint again.  Got it for $1 in a cutout bin.

Advertising - Stolen Love/Suspender Fun Single - 1977 - A clever little pop song. PN

Aerosmith - Aerosmith - 1973 - Their first album on 8-track. Dream on.

Agent Orange - Living in Darkness - 1981 - I love that 70s L.A. punk (and with a surf sound no less).  This whole album seems like it is 10 minutes long.  Bloodstains totally rocks. Lyrics|PN

Alarm - Alarm EP - 1983 - Comprising their early songs.  This seems to be the only Alarm album that is really worth owning.

Alarm - Declaration - 1984 - Got this for a dollar in Philadelphia on a recent business trip. It is a pretty decent collection of songs, though not as good as the first ep.

Alarm - Absolute Reality/Blaze of Glory/Room at the Top/Reason 36 Double Single - 1985 - Kind of the last little bit of acoustic Alarm before they tried to follow in U2's successful trail and take their sound. Kind of a shame, because I really liked the acoustic sound.

Alarm - Strength 12" - 1985 - I got this when I worked at the Campus radio station.  Ok song, but not as good as the songs on their first ep. RS|RG|

Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass - Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass -  I think I got this for free somewhere.  The record doesn't even have a cover.  I play it sometimes to drive Lindsey crazy.

Alien Sex Fiend - Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain - 1983 - This is kind of funny stuff.  It is a Alice Cooper-type shock gothic band.  It is pretty good set of songs.

Alien Sex Fiend - Acid Bath - 1984 - A little less guitar here and a little more synth.  Still pretty decent. RS|RG|PN

Dot Allison - Colour Me - 1999 - This was a sample cd that a store had for really cheap (it was a promo copy) with tracks from the Afterglow album. She always gets played on CU's radio station (KVCU). I really like the songs on this, but I don't know how to describe them. In a way, they remind me of some of the stuff that came out of Dream Syndicate side projects (Opal and Rainy Day) and some of the paisley underground stuff from the late 80s. The cd cover says she was in a Scottish band, One Dove.

Mose Allison Trio - Creek Bank - 1959 - I love thrift stores.  I got this one for 50 cents and it is really good.  Really cool old blues.  The Seventh Son has been covered by others.  (Not on this album, but his Young Man Blues was the centerpiece of the Who's Live at Leeds album).

Marc Almond - 12 Years of Tears - Live At the Royal Albert Hall - 1993 - I think this was the guy from Soft Cell. I just got this for 50 cents. It is kind of hard to describe, but it is a recording of his stage show with a orchestra, a band, dancers, but mostly just him singing. Interesting, but not really my speed.

Alter Boys - Piles/Buk's Song/Gimme What I Want Single - 1986 - Fairly punky guitar rock, a little like Television.

The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun/I'm Crying Single - 1964 - A classic Animals' song.  This is another of Lindsey's most hated songs. Nothing like an ode to a whore house. Lyrics

The Animals - We Gotta Get Out of This Place/It's My Life Single - 1965 - Two pretty good songs from the Animals.  Fear tore this song apart a few decades later. RG

Animotion - Obsession 12" - 1984 - Got this free at the radio station.  I love that 80s stuff.  This is totally silly but it really rocks. Lyrics|RS

Tori Amos - Boys for Pele - 1996 - This is Lindsey's.  This is kind of interesting stuff. Lyrics

Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes - 1991 - Another of Lindsey's.  This one has Crucify. Lyrics|RS|RG

Adam Ant - Friend or Foe - 1982 - It is just too bad the Revolutionary War attire never really caught on.  This has that cool guitar player from Bow Wow Wow.  One of those albums that you like even though you know it is kind of silly.  Lindsey has a story about Adam Ant asking her out before one of his many come backs. RS|RG|PN

Adam Ant - Strip - 1983 - I only paid a dollar for this so I'm not terribly disappointed in this, because it isn't all that great.

Appliances SFB - Green Door/Them - I bought this because Steve Albini said he really liked them. I can't really remember what it is like, but it is kind of noisy.

Aquabats! - My Skateboard single - I saw them live last summer and they were pretty cool.  Kind of like Fishbone with cheezy Flash Gordon costumes.  This a single that was $.50.  Not as good as the other stuff I heard them play, but ok.

The Archies - Sugar, Sugar/Melody Hill Single - 1969 - The Archies were the original Milli Vanilli with even sillier material.  Classic pop trash. Lyrics

Jann Arden - Happy?
                    Living Under June - Both Lindsey's.  Will have to listen to them to see if I like them soon.

Joan Armatrading - The Key - 1983 - Not really what I normally listen to, but some of it is ok.

Joan Armatrading - Classics Vol 21 - 1987 - This is Lindsey's.  Best of stuff.  Some pretty ok stuff. RS|RG

Armored Saint - Over the Edge 12" - Another free one from the radio station.  I probably would have gotten rid of this long ago, but who would take it.  I never really liked that 80s hair metal. RS

Louis Armstrong - I am not sure what this one was off, but it has some really great stuff.  Any version of St. James Infirmary is a good one and this is a really good version of it.  RS

Louis Armstrong and His All Stars - At Newport - 1976 - Short, but ok live set of songs.  Includes Mack The Knife.

The Art of Noise! - Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise - 1984 - I like this one.  80s instrumental dance kind of stuff from the man behind Frankie Goes to Hollywood. RS|RG

The Association - and then .. along comes The Association - Kind of wimpy stuff from the 60s.  Has their hits Cherish, Along Comes Mary, and more.  One book called them "sunny harmonizers."

The Association - Windy/Sometime Single - 1967 - Some more classic pop trash.  Everybody knows it's windy. Lyrics|More Lyrics

Margaret Atwood - The Poetry and Voice of Margaret Atwood - You should be able to figure this out from the title.

W.H. Auden - Reading - 1954 - A collection of readings by the poet.

Au Pairs - Playing With a Different Sex - 1981 - Kind of funky stuff (ala Gang of Four) all about the battle of the sexes.  Pretty good stuff. TP|RG|PN

Autograph - Blondes in Black Cars 12" - Another free one and another 80s hair band.  At least this one is kind of funny.

Avengers - Avengers - 1983 - 70s LA punk.  This one totally rocks. PN

Aztec Camera - Queen's Tattoos/Oblivious Single - 1982?- An early single from them with the best song from their first album (Oblivious) and starting his love/hate relationship with the Queen of England.

Aztec Camera - High Land, Hard Rain - 1983 - This one is their best album.  Lots of acoustic guitars (just like the Alarm used to do).  I saw them open for Elvis Costello right about when this album came out. Lyrics|More Lyrics

Aztec Camera - All I Need is Everything/Jump Single - 1984 - A single from the Knife album.

Aztec Camera - Backwards and Forwards 10" - 1984 - It has some live stuff.  It isn't as good as the other one.  It does have a pretty funny version of Van Halen's Jump.

Aztec Camera - Knife - 1984 - By this time, Roddy Frame has gotten too big of a head.  It is ok, but not as good as the first one.  It does have Malcolm Ross from Josef K (a really obscure Scottish band from the Postcard label who I really love.) Lyrics|RS|RG|MoreLyrics

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