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Thanks for stopping by my web page. This site has been online since 1995. Some of the material on here is also that old! Since 2001, I've been concentrating on becoming a political science professor, first by getting a masters degree from the University of Minnesota, and since 2004, by working on a Ph.D. at MIT. So, I haven't had much time to add material to this site, although I occasionally delete dead and obsolete links. You can read the e-mail I sent home from my long trip in Canada and Alaska in the fall of 1996. I've added a page of links to my favorite national park. My "fun and interesting links" page has been incorporated into this page. It used to be frequently updated. Have a great and fulfilling time!

These links have been tested and are all working as of June 2006. (But that was 6 years ago!)

  1. I quit Caffeine on June 23, 1993, and I'm never going back!

    Links of interest to political junkies like me

  2. Supreme Court Decisions
  3. Project Vote Smart
  4. Minnesota Ethical Practices Board

    Some of my varied interests

  5. Genealogy Page
  6. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  7. Esperanto Access is fun but I'd rather work on my French or Latin (infra)
  8. ACLU and ACLJ - two very different opinions on the Constitution

    Interesting reading

  9. The Bible in Latin
  10. The Bible, Revised Standard Version
  11. Perseus digital library
  12. Shakespeare
  13. Learn about the Latin language
  14. "The Raven," by Edgar Allen Poe
  15. Find out what your favorite color tells about you
  16. The Elements of Style and other Great Books Online

    Stuff generally of interest to infomaniacs like me

  17. FREE DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE! of the United States or Canada.
  18. Melissa Data - great searches for free
  19. Foreign Currency Exchange Rates (as of today)
  20. Find out how many people have the same name you do
  21. U. S. Bureau of the Census Home Page
  22. Minnesota Statutes
  23. Look up ZIP codes and Canadian postal codes

    Information on places far and near

    Don't miss my page of LIVE VIDEO CAMERAS, most of which are place-related.

  24. My old neighborhood: Prospect Park
  25. Canada

    My favorite cities

  26. Minneapolis: My Hometown and favorite place
  27. Los Angeles
  28. San Francisco
  29. Philadelphia: the Birthplace of Freedom
  30. According to a losing gubernatorial candidate, it's "every Minnesotan's favorite city": Duluth
  31. New York, New York: It's a hell of a town!
  32. Winnipeg: My favorite city as a child (me, not the city)
  33. Montreal is my favorite city on an island.
  34. I came a long way from St. Louis, where I landed my first paying writing assignments
  35. Las Vegas
  36. The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle
  37. Chicago, the town that Billy Sunday couldn't shut down!
  38. Boston
  39. Portland, Oregon is perhaps the country's most charming second-tier city
  40. Madison is America's most beautiful state capital city

    If I visit these cities again, it'll be too soon

    In the interest of being positive, I have deleted this section from my set of links.

    My favorite natural spots

  41. Death Valley is America's most underrated national park
  42. Yosemite is a crowded park, and rightfully so. Here's more, with pictures!
  43. Mount Rainier was my first mountain experience
  44. Lake Tahoe: A fabulous all-seasons vacation spot
  45. Only 26 miles to Santa Catalina, The island of romance
  46. Lynn Canyon: A touch of the B.C. wilderness just outside Vancouver
  47. The Black Hills of South Dakota is the most scenic place I've found in the Midwest
  48. You can only have so much, and then you go home.

    My favorite not-so-natural spots

  49. The fabulous West Edmonton Mall, the world's largest shopping and entertainment complex Spent an entire weekend in there, January 2000!
  50. Library of Congress
  51. National Library of Canada

    My short list of places I'd like to visit

  52. The only state I have not visited: Hawaii
  53. The land of my ancestors
  54. The most unusual place on earth
  55. Because Napoleon sold Louisiana to Jefferson, this is all the French have left of North America. Made it there! August 23, 1997

    Yet other place-related links

  56. Best Places to Live (Money Magazine)

    Links to pages of friends of mine

  57. Read the film credits of my brother, Andy Hill
  58. James A. Cherry - (OFF-head Number One), a NetFriend I have met on four trips to Ottawa [dead link - 06/06]
  59. The good ol' page of Lee and Erin Fitzgerald - OFF-heads both [dead link - 09/01]
  60. Dave Hall, OFF-head extraordinaire!
  61. Meet Joan Holman
  62. Prof. Howard Pospesel
  63. Lara Ray's Home Page inspired the way I set up mine

    Just for fun

  64. Read a Dr. Seuss-inspired spin on O.J. Simpson
  65. The Bible in Pig Latin
  66. Take a look at Dennis Koho's excellent page of humor links.
  67. The Internet Movie Database
  68. I like to visit casinos, but rarely spend more than $50.
  69. Professor Pospesel compiled these philosopher jokes

    Link to many other places on the Internet

  70. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
  71. Virtual Reference Desk

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