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Welcome to my Nyx home page. This page is always under construction!

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Current Projects

Cool stuff for sale

Grab bag of stuff for sale, could be anything listed here! Check it out.

Role-Playing Stuff for saleUPDATED
Consim Stuff for saleUPDATED
Miscellaneous items for sale
Commodore 64 items for sale
Magic: the Gathering cards for sale

GOT A WANT LIST? Email it to me at and I'll see if there's anything I can help with.

Games I am currently playing by Email

With two kids 11 and under and my wife working full-time, I don't have the time I used to for extensive FTF playing sessions. Most of my game playing right now is done by Email. PBEM play gives you a different, more academic perspective on a game as there is considerably more time to ponder strategy, plans, etc.

Currently, I am playing these games by Email. If there is a hyperlink available, I have typed up a short description of the game, have typed in a short replay or have some comments about the game. These will be updated as play continues so feel free to check back often to see if I'm kicking butt or getting thrashed!

If you'd like to chat about any of these titles, mechanics of PBEM play or overall strategy, you can Email me at

AH Squad Leader, Normandy 1944 scenario
AH Squad Leader, Scenario 1F
AH Squad Leader, Scenario 3C

Past games I have successfully PBEMed are:
AH Thunder at Cassino
G2G/Columbia Quebec 1759
OSG/AH Battle for Italy
S&T#120 Nicaragua
VG's Sixth Fleet
S&T #163 The Seven Years War
AH War at Sea
AH Victory in the Pacific
OSG/AH Battles of the Hundred Days
AH War and Peace
AH Luftwaffe
AH Storm Over Arnhem
Many Squad Leader scenarios


None at the moment. I am scheduled to be on the playtest team for a new Chester Hendrix design called The Upper Hand, a Kursk game using a modification of the impulse system concept first seen in AH's Storm Over Arnhem. Also, an interesting design element caused by the separation of the battle, both players play German and Russian units. Sound intriguing? Email designer Chester Hendrix for more info.

The PBEM Gamers Directory

Current list of games UPDATED
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Lars Clausen's page
Pete Belford's page
Neal Ulen's page
Bill Thomson's page
Jim Kiraly's page
Scott Power's SL AAR page
Jay Yanek's pageUPDATED
Jon Grantham's page
Chris Edwards' page

Counter Exchange & Swap Shop

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General Information


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