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Welcome to my Miscellaneous For Sale page. This page will contain lists of neat things I have for sale. Items may come and go quickly, so if you see anything you're interested in, Email me at

Computer Software

3-D Ultra Pinball - The Lost Continent (1997)    NEW             BOX       $5
   - one in the well-received series of themed pinball
     games from Sierra.
   - visit and escape from The Lost Continent through 15
     pinball tables of action.
   - original retail box and CD in jewel case

3-D Body Adventure (1994)                                     SLV       $1
   - educational exploration of the human body by the
     well-known Knowledge Adventure team.
   - CD only in cellophane sleeve

Bodyworks 3.0 (1994)                                          JBOX      $2
   - Windows CD-ROM containing the famous Bodyworks human
     anatomy database and graphics.
   - detailed animations, glossary of body parts, and lots, lots more
   - CD only in jewel case, no paper documentation

Dungeon Keeper (1995)                                         JBOX      $5
   - atypical Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game where you finally
     get to play the bad guy and trounce those pesty do-gooders
     who keep invading your domain.
   - build your dungeon, recruit minions and defeat all comers
   - also has a 1st person view so you can personally take over
     any given creature and see things through their eyes.  Great
     for personally delivering the final blow to the annoying

Red Alert - The Arsenal                                       JBOX      $5
   - classic RTS from Westwood.  Fight an alt-hist World War II
     as either the Allies or the Soviets.  Originally released
     in 1996, this 3 CD compilation adds The Aftermath expansion
     to the original game.
   - great play value!

Starcraft Shareware                                           JBOX      $5
   - cheap intro to the excellent Starcraft series of RTS games.
   - contains the 5 mission Terran campaign "Preludes"
   - if you liked Warcraft II, you'll like Starcraft
   - CD only in jewel case, no paper documentation

Warwind  (SSI, 1996)                                          ZIP       $6
   - highly under-rated fantasy RTS game from SSI.  Four
     different playable races fight for control of the planet
     Yavaun.  Starcraft-like long before Starcraft hit the scene
     in 1998.
   - seven scenarios in each race's campaign for a total of 28 scenarios.
     System includes Map and Scenario Editors.
   - detailed 93 page User Guide and heavy Unit Dependencies chart
   - retail version with all components but no box
   - even has 1996 SSI catalog included

World Atlas + US Atlas                                        SLIP      $2
   - two CD set of multimedia atlases by The Software Toolworks

Books and Magazines

The Many Worlds of Magnus Ridolph (Daw, 1980)             GD    $2.50
   - classic Jack Vance paperback featuring the gentleman
     detective of the future.  Wry humour, recommended.

Encyclopedia Brown paperbacks                             GD    $1.00 each
   - Bantam Skylark series - #7, 8, 13, 17 available

HP EtherTwist PC Link Installation Guide                  SW    $2.50
   - user installation guide to this product.
   - HP # 5960-4801
   - still shrink-wrapped.  Never been used.

Ravenloft - Heart of Midnight (1992)                      VG    $1.99
   - TSR novel about Harkon Lukas, the wolfwere and his
     young protege, Casimir.
   - read only once.  Great shape!

Turbo C Bible (Howard Sams)                               VG    $4
   - 921 page guide to the 445 functions in the Borland
     Turbo C library along with sample code, a detailed
     description and common uses.  Includes a cardstock
     reference card.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Dustcover for Apple ImageWriter II           MT              $5

4 x 256K 30 pin SIMM memory                  working         $1 for set

Multifit Dustcover for Printers & System Units (19x28x11)   $10

Rules & Regulations

1) Buyer pays postage and will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.
2) I reserve the right to withdraw or otherwise refuse to sell any
    particular item.  Not likely, never been necessary!
3) Abbreviations:
     JBOX = Jewel CD case     SLIP = Cellophane slip cover
     MT = Mint  EX= Excellent  VG= Very Good  GD= Good  FR= Fair

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