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Welcome to my Magic cards For Sale page. Multiples of some cards are available. Just ask if you need more than one! Items may come and go quickly, so if you see anything you're interested in, Email me at There's nothing terribly valuable here (you won't find the Power Nine!) but you may be able to fill in some holes or find an interesting card for a good price. Most importantly, you'll get FREE shipping of any Magic cards with an RPG item order. I can take Want Lists for Magic cards too.

Card name links are to the EXCELLENT Find Magic Cards database where you can find a card scan, casting cost, description, artist, recent rulings, value and lots more. I strongly recommend it!.

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Dark Banishing Mirage Common  $0.15
Evil Presence x 2 4th Edition Uncommon $0.50
Ghost Hounds  Homelands Uncommon  $0.25SOLD
Howl from Beyond x 2  Revised Edition Common  $0.30
Nightmare  7th Edition Rare   $3.00NEW
Reprocess  7th Edition Rare   $1.00SOLD
Sorceress Queen  5th Edition Rare   $2.00NEW


Arcane Denial Alliances $0.85NEW
Blue Elemental Blast 4th Edition Common  $0.15
Contempt x 2 Stronghold Common  $0.20NEW
Creature Bond x 4 Revised Edition Common  $0.60NEW
Creature Bond x 4 4th Edition Common  $0.40
Daring Apprentice  7th Edition Rare   $0.50NEW
Dream Fighter x 2 Mirage Common  $0.20
Dream Prowler Stronghold Common  $0.10NEW
High Tide x 2 Fallen Empires Common   $0.50NEW
Jump x 4 Revised Edition Common   $0.60NEW
Jump x 4 4th Edition Common   $0.40
Mana Short 4th Edition Rare   $2.00NEW
Power Sink Revised Edition Common   $0.15
Ray of Command 5th Edition Common   $0.20NEW
Ray of Erasure Ice Age Common   $0.10
Sigil of Sleep x 2  Urza's Destiny Common   $0.50
Silver Erne Ice Age Uncommon (shows edge wear)  $0.10
Teferi's Curse Mirage Common  $0.15SOLD
Teferi's Veil Weatherlight Uncommon  $0.25


Red Elemental Blast x 2  4th Edition Common   $0.50


Cockatrice  Revised Edition Rare   $0.75
Craw Wurm x 2  4th Edition Common   $0.20
Elvish Archers  4th Edition Rare   $1.00
Giant Spider x 4  4th Edition Common   $0.40
Hungry Mist  Homelands Common  $0.25
Land Leeches x 4  4th Edition Common   $0.40
Naf's Asp  4th Edition Common   $0.15SOLD
Scavenger Folk  Chronicles  $0.15
Scryb Sprites x 4  5th Edition Common   $0.40
Tsunami  5th Edition Uncommon  $0.35SOLD
War Mammoth x 4  4th Edition Common   $0.40
Weatherseed Elf  Urza's Legend Common   $0.15


Benalish Hero x 4  Revised Edition Common   $0.60NEW
Benalish Hero x 4  4th Edition Common   $0.40
Burst of Energy  Urza's Legend Common   $0.10
Cloudchaser Eagle  Tempest Common   $0.15
Conversion  4th Edition Uncommon   $0.25
Divine Offering  Chronicles   $0.15NEW
Farmstead  Revised Edition Rare   $0.50NEW
Glorious Anthem  7th Edition Rare   $3.50NEW
Holy Strength (foil)  7th Edition Rare   $1.50SOLD
Icatian Phalanx  Fallen Empires Uncommon   $0.25
Iron Will  Urza's Legend Common   $0.10NEW
Master Healer  7th Edition Rare   $0.50NEW
Pearled Unicorn x 4  Revised Edition Common   $0.60NEW
Pearled Unicorn x 4  4th Edition Common   $0.40
Pikemen  4th Edition Common   $0.10
Righteousness  Revised Edition Rare   $1.00NEW
Righteousness  4th Edition Rare   $1.00NEW
Shield Bearer x 2  Ice Age Common   $0.20NEW
Swords to Plowshares  4th Edition Uncommon   $2.00NEW


Kei Takahashi  Chronicles Common   $0.25SOLD
Kjeldoran Frostbeast  Ice Age Uncommon  $0.30SOLD


Draconian Cylix Fallen Empires Rare  $0.95SOLD

Rules & Regulations

1) All prices are in $US.
2) Buyer pays postage and will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.
   *FREE* shipping with any RPG order!
3) I reserve the right to withdraw or otherwise refuse to sell any
    particular item (highly unlikely - never been done!)
4) Unless otherwise stated, all cards are in Fine or better condition.
   Most have never been played.  Inquire about any individual card if
   it is important to you.

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