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Luftwaffe is an Avalon Hill game of the strategic air war over Europe between 1943 and 1945. A Lou Zocchi design, it was first published in 1971. It is still around primarily because of the niche it fills, there just aren't very many games about the European air war at the strategic level.

I prepared a short overview of the game for the CONSIM-L (subscribe at mailing list which will serve as a brief introduction to the game. Looking later at this article, I realize I reversed the turn order, the German player should move first, the American player second.

Details of this PBEM Game

Germans: Eric Pass
Allies: David Richtmyer

We are playing the single raid Basic Game of 20 turns length. The target industry is aircraft factories. As optional rules, the German fighters may take off and land individually instead of by type and American stacks can not be inspected before combat.

To further clarify these options, the variable take off and landing schedules for the German player results in more paperwork but is more realistic. With a PBEM game and its longer duration between turns, this is acceptable. For the American "concealed" stacks, only the number of units is reported when behind the R-Line and while moving until the stack is engaged in combat.

We are using the Danish Dieroller ( to generate the die rolls for the game.

Since the board does not have hex numbers, David came up with a numbering scheme:

Hex Numbering Convention
1.  Orient the map towards yourself with the words right-side up, so the 
R lines are at the bottom of the table.

2.  Reading from left to right the hexes are lettered a-z then aa-qq.

3.  Reading from bottom to top the hexes are numbered 1-34; include all 
half hexes but not 1/4 hexes.

4.  This will give you a location of r10 for Schweinfurt; b14 for Leck 
airfield; and gg18 for Vienna.

Events so far

Turn 1
The German moves first but because of the flexibility in assigning Luftwaffe units for takeoff, I'll wait to see if David places any stacks behind the R-Line during his Turn 1. He does! 1 stack of 3 counters at b1 and 1 stack of 10 counters at oo1. Looks like a big formation out of Italy!

Turn 2
I scramble approximately half of my fighters on both fronts and head towards the R-Lines. Amsterdam is always a dead duck as it lies with 3 hexes of the R-Line (American planes can not be attacked behind the R-Line so Amsterdam can be reached in the first American turn after the stack appears). In the American half, the b1 stack moves to b3 and the oo1 stack moves to oo4. David reveals 1xB-17(95th) which predictably takes no damage from the City AA and bombs Amsterdam. The other 2 units are a Close Escort P-38 and a lone P-47 unit.

Turn 3
I jump the P-47 with my 4 available Me-109s. They drop tanks and do 1 factor damage flipping the P-47. On the Italian front, my Me-109s and Fw-190s cruise towards the large stack. In the American Turn 4, the B-17 unit scuttles back off the map while the single P-47 factor combines with the P-38 to make 3 factors of P-38s which unsuccessfully attack the Me-109s. The 10 high stack moves to nn7. No new American units are declared.

Turn 4

Summary& Analysis

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