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Nyx, the world's oldest Internet Service Provider, is a free public-access ISP that free e-mail, (including webmail), web space, web/domain hosting, a full, uncensored Usenet newsfeed, Linux shell accounts and the usual Unix/linux programming and development tools.

There is no setup fee or monthly cost required to have a Nyx account, though tax-deductable contributions are always appreciated. Nyx Net is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization entirely run by volunteers and supported by donations.

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... Not much happening recently of note (knock on wood!) ... here's the history...

2015.09.20 -

local nyx.* newsgroups are back online

2014.12.24 -

New mail server is online

Old mail spool is not available yet.

2014.12.18 -

Mail server is offline

Mail server seem to use excessive amount of power, so we have to leave it off for now.

2014.10.06 -

Temporary login machine is up

2014.10.03 -

Login machine offline

The login machine has to be turned in to Dell for warranty repair. We are about to clone its disk and bring it up in temporary box, that may be up Sunday, October 5.

2014.09.27 -

Login machine offline

The login machine has serious hardware problems, and it might take several days to get it replaced.

2014.08.04 -

Sites that Share with Nyx

If you buy anything through Amazon, or if you like ebooks, please see our list of sites who share with Nyx. Purchases made this way share a percent with Nyx's fund drive!

2013.10.21 -

Free Web Hosting

Nyx can now host free web sites for small businesses who need a hand, literary projects, and non-profit organizations. Read how to sign up.

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SSH: Available for validated users.

Telnet: nyx.nyx.net (for new accounts and existing users)

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