Ancestors of Beatrice Parkin


1. Beatrice Parkin

Address at time of death: 380 North 800 West, West Bountiful, Utah 84087

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1. Rendell Howard Schulthies

Railroader and farmer

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Rendell Frederick Schulthies

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Norman Howard Schulthies

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Hal Parkin Schulthies

3 adopted children of 2nd marriage & sealed

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Byron Shelton Schulthies

Life History

Sunday 8/26/2012 6-8:00pm, Preston, ID

Monday 8/27/2012 11:00am, Preston, ID

Monday 8/27/2012 ~4:00pm, Bountiful Cemetery, Bountiful, UT

Tuesday 8/21/2012, worked all day moving sprinkler pipes, shoulder hurt Tuesday night, thought he had had a heart attack, Dean (son-in-law) wanted to go to hospital in Logan. Wednesday morning didn't want to go, felt better, but went to hospital. Tests, no heart attack. Angioplasty, yes did have heart attack, have had many small clots through the heart, heart took multiple damages. 7 bypasses 15 years ago. 6 were totally occluded. opened one artery, second angioplasty. obstructed 77%. Heart filled but blood couldn't egress. Still awake and coherent. Worst pain of life, lost consciousness, few seconds, died.

Celia Schulthies remembers that Byron failed his draft physcial due to a heart murmur.

Karl Barnhardt Schulthies

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Celia Schulthies

Legal secretary, administrative assistant

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