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June 27th 1978 A Cute Face Pix October 13th 1996

Eighteen years, three months, sixteen days.
Except for the visitor counts, this page is as it was on October 13, 1996.

I am a white toy poodle that usually weighs about five or six pounds,
and I just might be the world's oldest toy poodle with a Web page.

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Another Cute Face Pix I am an AKC registered Toy Poodle (PB-241827) and was born in Mt. Clements, Michigan on June 27, 1978. My AKC name is Nicole's Honey Beau, but every one calls me Honey Beau or sometimes just Beau. My daddy was Daghuyt's Mister Red Razzle (PB-025695) and my mom was Lane's Tamilane (PB-079998). I was adopted by my "people" family on August 15, 1978 and moved to Troy, Michigan where I lived until I moved with them to Manassas, Virginia in the summer of 1980. I remember that I rode in the back of a 1977 Ford LTD station wagon that was pulling a *BIG* U-Haul trailer. And I turned two years old during the move and celebrated my birthday that year in West Virginia.

Nicole & Me Pix This is a studio photo of Nicole and me. I believe that it was taken sometime in the autumn of 1978, just a few months after she and her family adopted me. The big photo has two poses and is 146,252 bytes. My photo album is still being put together, but there are three pages in it now. Check it out, if you have the time. You can also see my entry in the Spring 1996 Virtual Dog Show.

Pix Here's an action shot in my backyard in Troy, MI. And no, I am *NOT* looking into a mirror, I happen to be talking to my old neighbor and fellow poodle, Prince. (He's the one on the right.) I haven't seen Prince since the summer of 1980! The last I heard, he'd moved to Florida. Gee! I hope he didn't end up as a 'gator munchie. The big photo is 164,276 bytes.

Sweet Sixteen Pix Me, enjoying some cake and Frosty Paws at my "Sweet Sixteen" birthday party. I have a big spoonful of Frosty Paws every day. It's probably my favorite health food. The big photo is 94,576 bytes.

17th Birthday Pix Relaxing after unwrapping all those presents that I received for my 17th birthday. Same ol', same ol' - cards, clothes, toys, and necessities - isn't that what everybody gets for his birthday? The big photo is 89,019 bytes.

1995 Christmas Tree 
Pix Taking one last look at my 1995 Christmas tree before it is taken down. It was in the front foyer, that way everyone could see it the first thing. And I could brag and brag that it was MINE! Check out that cool Santa hat! The big photo is 112,185 bytes.

18th Birthday Pix I really enjoyed my eighteenth birthday party!! Just *H*A*V*I*N*G* an 18th birthday party was neat enough, but getting a bunch of presents *AND* Frosty Paws on my very own party plate was too much. Be sure to check out some other snapshots of my big day. The big photo is 134,787 bytes.

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Being just a dog, I don't have an e-mail account. But since all of my "people" family do, you can contact me through one of them:

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