On August 14, 2002, Malibu joined his big brother, Honey Beau, on the other
side of the Rainbow Bridge. It was on that day that he lost his short, but valiant
fight against multiple myeloma. Malibu made many friends and touched many
lives in his nine years. No one will ever be able to fill the void left by Malibu.
He was the original “Puddin”, and was and always will be his “Mom’s Boy”.

The remainder of the page remains as it was...

Hi!! My name is Malibu. I am the net cat!!
I'm nine years old (as of July 15, 2002).

I was adopted Labor Day weekend of 1993. I soon realized that I was going to be a "college cat."

I even lived in a dorm for awhile! College life was fun and I made alot of friends, but I soon grew from a cuddly little baby into a rambunchous teenager!

Now, my mom and I live out in "the real world". (Of course, we have spent alot of time at my "grandparent's" house from time to time.)

It's a lot more fun to be grown up and living with mom -- I have a lot more freedom!

For example,

I can sit on

or inside of a dryer,

in a closet,

on the dining room table,

or on the cabinets. ("Grandma" doesn't allow me to do these things!)

I'm a fun-loving guy all the time, but

I particularly enjoy holidays, as you can see. (Don't I look cool in my bandana?!)

My mommy loves animals (she's a zookeeper), and we kinda have our own little zoo.
I have two little brothers --

a Norway rat named Vegas

and a hermit crab named Rocky.

A little while ago, we adopted a little stray kitten that was found at my Mommy's zoo. She's a little calico and we call her Maya. I guess she's pretty cool for a GIRL. I didn't care much for her at first (as I let everyone know with several hisses), but she won me over when she washed behind my ears for me! Now I even let her in my "Catnapper" with me. The really neat thing about her is that she IDOLIZES me. She follows me around everywhere and tries to do everything I do. So, I've decided to teach her everything I know. It will be hard, but I'm the big brother, so that's my job!

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You can contact me through Nicole .

You may also want to take a look at my older brother's home page.
His name is Honey Beau. He's a toy poodle who lives in Heaven now.

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