Remembering ...

There are hundreds of things that I remember about Honey Beau. At first I tried to come up with one or two really special ones to post here. When that proved impossible, I decided to share several of my special memories in a couple of sentences each. I have ordered these chronologically, more or less.

Cricket games -- During sunny autumn days, crickets took cover under the landscaping timbers along our driveway. Honey Beau sniffed along the ground next to the timbers until he found one to "play" with, but I don't think the cricket thought it was much of a game.

Chew bone presents -- Beyond a doubt his most favorite wrapped present was a rawhide chew bone. He tore the paper just enough to expose the chew bone, then pull it out, run off to another room, and chew it completely up.

Nose snow plow -- Honey Beau really enjoyed playing in the snow. He plowed his nose through the snow until he had a pile of it on top of his nose. All the while he was gathering little balls of snow on his legs and belly. All snowy, he was ready to come back into the house.

Camp food -- While camping with the family, he found his dog food was even tastier after he had rolled it around on the ground a little bit and shared some of it with the bees.

Up, Honey Beau! Up! -- The two of us used to take walks in the lane in front of the house, but Honey Beau did not like using a leash. When the occasional car came along, I'd shout: Up, Honey Beau! Up! He would immediately start running towards me and not slow down until he hopped up and put his front paws on my leg. He held that pose until the danger passed. Then he would drop back down and continue his walk.

Tight figure eight's -- Whether in the house or in the yard, he sometimes just got so wound up that he would start running around in figure eight's. He took turns so tight, that he often rolled over. His momentum carried him upright again and he kept on going.

Frosty Paws -- Just as rawhide chew bones were his favorite present, Frosty Paws was undoubtedly his favorite treat. To say he ate Frosty Paws with gusto is an understatement! I don't remember when he first started eating it, but I do know he had a tablespoon full of Frosty Paws almost every day from when he did start, including his very last day. I guess even a dog enjoys life's little pleasures.

Licks and nips -- Often while I was holding Honey Beau, he licked my cheek. Sometimes he got carried away and the cheek licking slowly turned into little ear nips. Occasionally those little ear nips became more than little ear nips!

Snuggles -- Another of life's simple pleasures comes when the day is all done and it is time to rest. Being a dog means having plenty of opportunities to rest. Honey Beau really enjoyed snuggling down on a sheepskin pad or a baby blanket for his quiet time.

Love -- For over eighteen years, Honey Beau was part of my life. And for over eighteen years he gave me his love. Rest in peace, Beau. I love you. I miss you.