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An Online Transcription of Dead Sea Scroll 1QS (The "Manual of Discipline")

I made this transcription directly from the photographs by John C. Trever, published in Scrolls from Qumran Cave 1 (Jerusalem: The Albright Institute of Archaeological Research and the Shrine of the Book, 1974). To double-check my work I have used the transcription of Charlesworth, but except in a few cases where I adopted his readings (especially in cases of waw versus yod), this is an original transcription. In a couple of places I have disagreed with Charlesworth's readings, and have tried to note these where I felt it was necessary.

I have made little effort to fill in lacunae (gaps in the text where the parchment is broken or torn away); rather, I leave it to those using the transcription to make their own judgments about what may have been in these gaps. The one liberty I have taken: there are a few places in the scroll where two words run together with no separation. I have put word divisions in these places, and indicated them by inserting a tilde (~) in the space I supplied.

This is a work in progress, so check back often. I expect to be adding new columns every few days until the document is complete. Once the transcription is finished, I also hope to make it searchable. That, however, may take some time. For now, I hope that what is here is useful. I place no restrictions on its use or citation, except that I would ask you to footnote it if you use it in a published work.

Last updated 9/20/97

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