How to Join

Because Nyx offers free services that could be (and have been) abused, we require validation. Validation is free.


  1. Get the validation form:

  2. Submit the form with proof of identity:

    Because we offer services (such as linux shell access) that can be abused, please either (a) have your filled-in form notarized and include a copy of a signed photo ID, or (b) send a personal check; both are described in more detail below.

    Then mail your form and proof of identity to:

    Nyx Net
    P. O. Box 16143
    Golden, CO 80402

    Include either a self-addressed, stamped envelope or an alternate email address so we can notify you of your login and initial password.

    One of the following needs to be included as proof of identity:

    1. Photocopy a signed, picture ID of yourself (preferred: driver's license, passport, etc.). Then obtain a NOTARIZED SIGNATURE on the application form (i.e., you sign it in the presence of a Notary Public, who checks your ID).

      SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION on this method, how to obtain a notarized signature, what to do in foreign countries, etc.


    2. Send a personal check (with YOUR name PRE-PRINTED on it) with a donation to Nyx Net. (We are not accepting credit cards for validation at this time.)

      Make the check out to " Nyx Net " and mail the check and form to the same address as above.

      If you decide you would like to send a donation as a means to acquire validation, then you should send the donation AND the filled out form (but no notary/photo ID necessary). The check must clear.

  3. Wait!

    You will receive your login and password via e-mail or in that self-addressed stamped envelope. Then you can log in. You will find yourself in a validation program explaining what to do from there. We strive to get validations completed within a few days, but in the worst case it may take 6-8 weeks for your account to be approved, depending on free time of the volunteers, etc. If you haven't heard back after, say, THREE WEEKS from when you started, contact us to ask what's up. DO NOT give out your e-mail address prior to receiving full access (because you won't be able to read it until you're validated).

IMPORTANT additional notes:


In the United States, you can find a Notary in many places: most banks offer this service to customers for free, many post offices, most large businesses have employees who are notaries.

In other countries, the procedure may differ; ask at a bank, courthouse, police station, or other legal institution about some form of "guaranteed signature". A U.S. Embassy or similar office should be able to do it.

In Canada and possibly other countries a "Commissioner of oaths" or a Justice of the Peace (JP) can do this.

In Australia, a JP can do a Statutory Declaration.

In the U.K., word has it that a solicitor can do this type of thing; some charge, some do not, and you are advised to call around.

For users from Japan, a certified seal is acceptable.

Faxes, e-mail -- Can't do it:

Photo ID:

For a photo ID, most any government issued ID will suffice that has your picture, signature and your name on it. Driver's license, passport, etc.

No ID -- minors, etc.

If you have no ID because you're a minor, then: - Sign the form; - Get your *parent's* NOTARIZED signature below yours (or a donation via parent's pre-printed check, but still have them sign the form too so I know they know, etc.). Your parent's signature (without notary or check) is NOT enough.

Multiple accounts:

You may have two accounts (one regular and one semi-anonymous in the form of "anon9999").

One form per PERSON, though, please: If you want to mail a form for you and a spouse, for example, fill out two forms but do not staple them together.

What is "revalidation" and the password thing?

Revalidation is a method for you to use in the future if you lose your account and want access to Nyx without having to use the form. It is a reasonably secure way to prove, in the future, that you are who you say you are. The revalidation password is never entered into the Nyx network. So it can be of any length or made up of any characters. But it does you no good if you can't remember it. We won't give you a hint.

Then, if you had shell access but lost it (because your account lapsed due to lack of use or whatever), pick the "revalidation" option in the validation menu (val/r).

The basic principle is this: You write down on the form a "revalidation password", something *other* than your Nyx login password, something you are absolutely *positive* you will never forget but nobody else is likely to guess. Then when you want revalidation, you will be asked to supply this.

Note further that if there is ever a doubt that your account has been broken into, you may be asked on an individual basis to provide this. Do NOT record this "password" ANYWHERE on-line on ANY system EVER. So pick something you know you won't forget (but unguessable)! This "password" will serve as something only you and the system administrator know, making it important to keep it secure from others. Don't use your Nyx password since that could be cracked by various clever guessing programs -- use something you would never use as a login password.

Send mail to webmaster@nyx.net with questions or comments about this web site.
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