Nyx Usage & Validation Agreement              

IMPORTANT!  Read "How to get validated" before completing this form. Please 
print clearly! Mail completed form to: Nyx Net, P.O. Box 16143, Golden, 
CO 80402. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your 
temporary password mailed to you rather than having it e-mailed.

1. Type of account (Anon, Regular,Both) or existing Nyx Login:___________

2. Name: ____________________________________________ 3. Date: __________              

4. Home address: ________________________________________________________              

   City:________________ State/Country:________ Zip/Postal code:_________              

5. Home/cell phone: ____________________   Work phone: __________________

6. Employer/School ______________________________________________________              

7. Job title (or class/grade level if school): __________________________              

8. Your non-Nyx email address (to receive password): ____________________          

9. Revalidation "password" (See "How to Validate"):_____________________              

I understand and agree that:
  -  I am personally liable for all use of my Nyx account;
  -  I will comply with the Terms of Service as posted on Nyx;
  -  I will not engage in any illegal or legally questionable 
     activities via Nyx, including hacking/cracking, transmitting/storing
     pirated / unlicensed copyrighted material (e.g., software, images,
     audio, books, etc.), harassing other users (local or remote), etc.
  -  I will not engage in any activity that places undue load on Nyx,
     and understand that limits of any kind may be imposed without notice;
  -  I will limit my use of the Internet from Nyx to the services that
     Nyx offers and not add my own without approval from the system
  -  I will observe Netiquette when sending any messages from Nyx;
  -  I will cease any given use of Nyx upon request by a Nyx admininstrator;
  -  Nyx is not a guaranteed service; it may disappear at any time; I
     will NOT hold Nyx Net liable for any damages I incur through the
     use or lack of use of Nyx.              

10.  Your Signature:  ___________________________ 

11. Age: [ ]18+  [ ]Under 18: Signature of Parent or Guardian:  _______________

Select Validation method (MUST do EXACTLY per instructions):
[ ] Donation: Amount $_________ Check (payable to "Nyx Net") from US bank

[ ] Notarized below AND photocopy of valid photo ID attached
    Subscribed and sworn to before me by _____________________ on ___________
    County/State: _____________
					Notary Public
    Commission expires: _________      				(seal)