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Why palindromic? Because I've always been intrigued by life's reflections and subtle symmetries. I find palindromes, anagrams, and word play to be useful tools in broadening one's scope and creative perspective. They're also very silly and a heck of a lot of fun. I'm often amazed at how these highly structured language devices can be utilized to manipulate our often cryptic language into phrases and word constructions which often contain a surprising wealth of paradoxical meaning, humor, and symbolic interplay.

Origami is another highly structured art form. Starting with a square piece of paper with no cuts, the successful paper-folding artisan employs complex folds, geometric symmetry, and a combination of angles and ratios to create mathematical and aesthetic beauty. As the creator J. C. Nolan wrote, "It is an intriguing juxtaposition of science and art, of right-brain and left, for much of the artistic process is hidden inside the model, within the techniques and solutions which were utilized by the designer to produce the actual folding sequence."

Road cycling is my physical activity of choice. Fellow avid cyclists will attest that cycling is a passion that fuses physical discipline with technology and natural reverence. The modern light-weight cycling machine is a model of efficiency and refinement. I'm cycling every weekday afternoon and every morning on weekends.

So don't be a closet palindromic! Please e-mail your favorite palindromes, anagrams, origami art, cycling experiences, or any of your own passions.

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