The Struggle Against Microsoft

SUCK 83 Reasons Why Bill Gates's Reign Is Over
SUCK Alternatives to Microsoft
SUCK Anti-Microsoft UK
SUCK The bad faith of Microsoft
SUCK Bill Gates
SUCK Competition keeps Linux lean
"Some people scoff when I say that Bill Gates is afraid of competition. They believe he's simply ultracompetitive. That's not the way I see it. If you were competing against Bill Gates in a track meet, he would sabotage your starting blocks, bribe the officials, loosen the cleats in your shoes, use a trick count for the start, and do anything and everything else he could think of to avoid having the outcome determined by virtue of performance on the field. I don't call that competitive. I call it cowardly."
SUCK How the Web was Almost Won
SUCK Microsoft Humor and Flamage
SUCK Microsoft... It's a Problem...
SUCK I hate Microsoft
SUCK Just say NO to Microsoft
SUCK Let a Billion Computers Crash: Why Microsoft's Success Makes Us Even More Vulnerable to Y2K Craziness
Running a popular OS makes you more vulnerable to viruses.
SUCK Microsoft information for Managers
Support from a business perspective for your decision to not purchase Microsoft products.
SUCK Mixed Double: Linux and NT as Web Server on the Test Bed
SUCK Opening Pandora's Box: An Open Letter about the Politicization of the PC Industry by Dan Fylstra Why government intervention is not the answer. Each individual must freely choose not to use Microsoft.
SUCK Paul Hsieh's Microsoft Watch
SUCK Rescue your documents from the hated proprietary Microsoft Word format
SUCK Converting from Microsoft Word to HTML
SUCK DEMORONISER: Correct Moronic Microsoft HTML
SUCK Download Logictran RTF Converter Downloads
SUCK RTF tools
SUCK Results, Not Resolutions
A guide to judging Microsoft's security progress
SUCK Stallman -- The Microsoft Antitrust Trial and Free Software
What Microsoft's punishment should be if they lose the antitrust case.
SUCK Technical shortcomings of Microsoft
SUCK Unprotected Hex: How We Have Become Our Own Enemies Concerning Computer Viruses
The Worm.ExploreZip virus
SUCK What's So Bad About Microsoft?
SUCK Where is Eleanor Roosevelt When We Need Her?
SUCK "Why I hate Microsoft"
SUCK Why Microsoft really does suck

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