Microsoft Information for Managers

Support from a business perspective for your decision to not purchase Microsoft products.

SUCK CNN: Opinion: Why is Microsoft worrying about Linux? This might be a good place to start your manager. It's from a "mainstream" source and presents a good overview of the problems facing Microsoft without getting bogged down in too much technical detail (or Jihad against Microsoft flamage).
SUCK Microsoft, Designed for Insecurity
Non-Open Source Software is inherently less secure.
SUCK Do We Worry Too Much About Protecting IP?
Risks of committing your companies internal communications to a proprietary format.
SUCK Gates under fire over upgrade pricing, licence policies
SUCK The Hidden Cost Of NT
SUCK Microsoft Licensing 6.0: Good for Microsoft, Bad for Customers
SUCK The Magic Cauldron
A business case for open source.
SUCK The IT industry is shifting away from Microsoft
SUCK Microsoft licence policy crumbles under fire
SUCK One big happy Windows family?
Compatibility issues exist within the Microsoft product universe, and the problem is likely to get worse.
SUCK Windows NT could triple enterprise upgrade costs
SUCK Windows NT: A Reality Check

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