Alternatives to Microsoft

SUCK 98Lite "...breaks the tight integration between Windows98 and Internet Explorer"
SUCK Beware the penguin, Bill
SUCK The Best Windows File Server: Linux!
SUCK The Elements Of Style: UNIX As Literature
"NT just didn't offer room to move. The one-size-fits-all, point-and-click, we've-already-anticipated-all-your-needs world of NT had me yearning for those obscure command-line flags and man -k. I wanted to craft my own solutions from my own toolbox, not have my ideas slammed into the visually homogenous, prepackaged, Soviet world of Microsoft Foundation Classes."
SUCK A Fight to the Finnish
Why Linux Quite Appropriately Scares the Bejesus Out of Microsoft
SUCK Freedows
SUCK The Great Linux-vs-NT Debate
SUCK The Microsoft-Free Office
SUCK Is NT paranoid or is Unix out to get it?
Why NT's tightly coupled GUI is a bad idea
SUCK Will Java Break Windows? By George Gilder
"They are frankly baffled by the widespread demand for cross-platform solutions and ascribe them to predatory schemes by their rivals. Why not make the Internet into a LAN? Aren't the holdouts with unpopular operating systems merely bad losers?"
SUCK J. P. Software
Home of COMMAND.COM replacements 4DOS, 4OS2, 4NT, and other fine products.
SUCK Linux as a Replacement for Windows 2000
SUCK Linux Grows Up: Red Hat's commercial Linux beats NT at its own game
SUCK Linux Up Close: Time To Switch
SUCK Linux versus NT: Are you getting the most from your OS?
SUCK Linux Is The Web Server's Choice
SUCK Microsoft Exchange versus Sendmail: Views of Other MIS Professionals
SUCK Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX
An open source implementation of the .NET Development Framework
SUCK The new Unix alters NT's orbit
SUCK The next battleground: Linux vs. Windows?
SUCK NT vs. Unix: An uphill battle
SUCK The Novell Advantage over Windows 2000
SUCK The Open Source page
SUCK Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter
SUCK Providing Reliable NT Desktop Services by Avoiding NT Server
SUCK Replacing Windows NT Server with Linux
SUCK Samba 2.0: A License To Kill NT?
SUCK Sharity, an SMB/CIFS client for Unix
SUCK Software Wars
SUCK SUN Also Rises: Solaris Vs. NT
SUCK Tired of NT? Put on your Red Hat
SUCK Unix gaining in NT rivalry
SUCK The Unix vs. NT Organization
SUCK What Alternatives Are There to Microsoft?
SUCK World's Fastest Windows Server Software

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