The Bad Faith of Microsoft

Deception, broken promises, dishonesty, cheating, vaporware. To a ruthless extreme, Microsoft puts its own interests ahead of those of its partners and customers. Microsoft only devotes resources to fix problems as needed to crush the competition... otherwise problems do not get fixed. Microsoft holds back technical secrets to give its own application programmers a competitive edge. Microsoft introduces code into its operating systems to create a false impression that the products of competitors are failing due to bugs. Choosing one Microsoft product locks you in to other Microsoft products until Microsoft owns you. Microsoft is not worthy of your trust.

SUCK Apple: MS 'Sabotaged' QuickTime
"Microsoft created misleading error messages when people tried to use QuickTime and introduced technical changes or bugs so that QuickTime software sometimes didn't work properly."
SUCK Appraising Microsoft Conference "Unsafe at any speed"
SUCK Chasing Bugs in the Electronic Village by James Gleick
Microsoft refuses to fix bugs in Word for Windows despite years of nagging by customers.
SUCK Did Microsoft 'steal' Media Player 9 technology?
SUCK Differences Between NT Server and Workstation are Minimal
Registry Settings Used to Force Use of Microsoft Web Server
SUCK Microsoft Financial Fraud
SUCK Microsoft's flawed Linux vs. NT shootout
SUCK Fortress Microsoft
"It is not a good sign when executives at America's largest and most important software company begin to act like monotone-voiced cultists. Fanaticism and business can make a potent combination, and few countries cultivate career obsession more than the United States. Yet there is a point beyond which commitment becomes catastrophe -- and relentless adhesion to a corporate culture leaves no room for the glimmering light of reality to seep in."
SUCK From Microsoft Word to Microsoft World: How Microsoft is Building a Global Monopoly
SUCK Gates "on the warpath"
"Microsoft's chairman Bill Gates in a seething email threatened to destroy @Home, a cable venture offering high-speed Internet access, because of its "anti- Microsoft" stance, according to documents released in the Microsoft antitrust trial."
SUCK The Halloween Document
Microsoft's plan to thwart the open source movement.
SUCK Will Java Break Windows? By George Gilder
"They are frankly baffled by the widespread demand for cross-platform solutions and ascribe them to predatory schemes by their rivals. Why not make the Internet into a LAN? Aren't the holdouts with unpopular operating systems merely bad losers?"
SUCK Making Microsoft Safe for Capitalism by James Gleick
SUCK Microsoft Dominance Hurts Consumers
SUCK Microsoft ploy to block Sun exposed
SUCK MicroSpeak by James Gleick
The tortured rhetoric used by Microsoft when circumstances force them to acknowledge bugs.
SUCK .Net vote rigging illustrates importance of Web services
SUCK Sun Microsystems' Reality Checks
SUCK Big Brother? Look Who's Talking.
SUCK Microsoft redefines business as usual
SUCK NT Not Ready for Prime Time, Says IT Managers and Analysts
SUCK Shades of Lady Macbeth from Microsoft
SUCK The Standish Group Responds to Microsoft Attack
"We are astonished that rather than use the results of our independent analysis to better their product offering, Microsoft would choose to attack The Standish Group."
"All the thirty users interviewed complained of NT availability concerns, stating the system often crashed for no apparent reason and required a reboot. When Standish asked Microsoft why NT had these availability problems, they responded stating they recently completed a new feature: the system will now reboot 50% faster."
"Our report stated what is widely known in the industry today - NT is just not ready for mission-critical applications. "
SUCK Zero Degrees Fahrenheit
SUCK Sun: MS Aims to hijack Java
"According to internal Microsoft documents, the company views Java as a threat to its dominance in operating systems because a computer user running Java could run numerous applications without using Microsoft products. Critics say Microsoft responded to the threat by sabotaging Java's "write once, run anywhere" promise."
SUCK Take away my browser and I'll crash your system!
"Microsoft, in other words, behaved like a surly kid who, resenting some parental order, throws a tantrum by obeying too well: "Throw out my comic books? I'll show you!" -- and Dad finds the encyclopedia in the trash can, too."
SUCK Taking the fifth:
Why Microsoft has more than executive image at stake with Windows NT 5.0
SUCK They know what's best for you
SUCK Trust me, I'm From Microsoft
What's Really Behind Microsoft's New Commitment to Data Security
SUCK What's wrong with Microsoft?
SUCK Why is this man laughing?
SUCK Windows 2000, Users Zilch The Y2K Disaster Parading as Microsoft's Windows NT Marketing Plan "...the last stable version of NT isn't Y2K-ready, the version that is supposed to be Y2K ready isn't reliable, and Microsoft's answer is to shift your entire system to a new OS that probably won't be reliable, either."

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