The History of my Home Page

My first experience with the Web was using some public web servers that I found on the yanoff list. I had NO CLUE what I was doing, so I lost interest very quickly.

Then Saint Xavier University (where I go to school) got lynx. I thought "Oh boy, a new toy!". I was determined to learn how lynx worked, mostly because I'm a lab assistant and I like to make sure I'm up to date with the newest stuff on our system. At first lynx seemed kinda dumb. But then I learned what a URL is and how to enter them. Eventually I was trying all the URLs I found.

Somehow, I learned that Nyx was a Web Server (probably read in the nyx newsgroups). I decided to check out Nyx's home page. The first thing that caught my eye was "How do I set up my home page?" I thought "Neat! Can I REALLY have my VERY OWN HOME PAGE with my own personal garbage on it?" I followed the link and learned how to get a machine generated page. Of course, as soon as I read how to do it, I did it. The page stayed like the original machine generated page for maybe a week at most. I picked up HTML quite quickly, since I like programming (in fact, I think it was my interest in HTML that led to my desire for my own home page). I started changing the links around, adding some, deleting some, but mostly sticking to a list. After a while the list was four screenfuls long! I learned how to make new pages and add links to them.

All this time, I was still exploring the Web. I saw many other Home Pages and after a while decided I wanted to change my page so it was in paragraph form, not list form. I started doing that, but then FINALS (argh, I said the F word!) hit. So my page remained half paragraphs, half lists, for about two months.

Around this time, Saint Xavier got its own lynx startup page (instead of starting at the U of Kansas, it starts at SXU. It's not a true home page because SXU isn't a web server.) I liked its simplicity, and decided to change my home page once again, to what it currently is.

Why do I have two options, list form and paragraph form? Well, I was getting a little annoyed when I used my page. I liked the flow of it, but most of the stuff I wanted to use was at the end, or I had trouble finding it in the paragraphs. So I decided to have both ways. This way there's the efficiency of the lists, plus the familiarity of the paragraphs. A nice balance, if I do say so myself. (Note, June 2, 1995: I was running short on disk space, so I had to get rid of one of my links pages. I opted to keep the paragraph-format.)

Recently I was asked why there's no pictures on my page. That's simple. I figure, since my school only has lynx, with no way of viewing the graphics, why should I have pictures if I can't view them myself? Also, I have limited disk space, and pictures are just too HUGE (not to mention they take longer to download). Maybe some day, if SXU gets a way to view pictures, I'll put them on. But for now it's going to stay this way, pictureless.

My web pages will always be under constant evolution. I'm always finding new things that I want to include on them, or a new idea on how to organize them. I hope that you will be a frequent visitor, and that if you have any ideas for my page, that you will share them. I'm always open to suggestions.

New Stuff

October 29, 1995

Boy, has school kept me busy this semester! Haven't really had time to maintain my pages. :(

Today I added more links to my Jokes Page! Much needes, too, I think...jokes help keep you sane. :)

July 28, 1995

Updated my Geek Code. Also fixed the link to The Code of the Geeks and added some other Geeky Links.

June 28, 1995

Added info on how to obtain seaQuest FAQs to my seaQuest page.

Also added a new Lightbulb Joke of the Month (so I'm a few days what?).

June 26, 1995

Changes made to my seaQuest page:

June 5, 1995

I *finally* got around to including a new "Lightbulb Joke of the Month" on my Lightbulb Jokes page.

June 2, 1995

Created a BRAND-NEW seaQuest page. You can find a link to it on my All About Me page. Hmm, is it just me, or is my All About Me page becomming my favorite place to put my favorite links?

April 12th and 13th, 1995

Okay, so I got a little behind in my Lightbulb Jokes of the Month. Classes, you know. :) Anyway, I've created a new page called All About Me which is precisely what it's about. In the next few days I plan to take the blurb about me off of my other pages. Oh, and I'm running out of room to keep both of my links pages, so I have to choose between the paragraph and outline forms. I'm thinking of getting rid of the outline, any arguements?

Stay tuned: I have more changes in mind.

February 2, 1995

January 27, 1995

January 9, 1995

January 7, 1995

January 6, 1995

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