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Some cool stuff

Visit Saint Xavier University's Gopher. Check out the weather, get some computing tips, and learn more about the school. Interested in literature and hot topics? Check out The English-Server Gopher.

Well, you've made it to my home page; obviously you're interested in the Web. Here's some Resources for the WWW and other stuff. Want your very own home page? Check out A Primer on writing HTML documents. Or check out the Lynx home page to learn more about the Web browser I use. Want to know about the newest web sites? Try Mosaic What's New on the Web. Or learn About the World Wide Web in general.

Check out The Yanoff List, a list of special Internet connections. I found this list very handy when I was still an Internet newbie. :)

Here's some Web Search Engines

Fun Stuff!

Here's some Talkers, MUDs, and like stuff (Yes, I'm a spoddess). Connect to the Foothills Home Page. Foothills was the first real talker I used, and it's still my favorite. Here's a popular MUD:LambdaMOO

How about some WWW Games? You can try Addventure, a Choose Your Own Adventure type game. Or how about a blast from the past: that grammar school favorite, MAD LIBS!!!

Can't figure out the words to a song? Try this Lyrics Server.

Here's a neat way to surf the Web when you're bored: URouLette

Here's some Jokes!

Like sleuthing? Try your hand at The Internet Hunt.

For all you Douglas Adams/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Fans: The Galatic Guide might be to your liking.

Here's a Star Wars FTP site. Download neat stuff pertaining to the best darn movie of all times!

Time to plug other people's pages! :)

Here's Meng Weng Wong's home page - VERY comprehensive!

Here's a list of Other Nyx Users' Home Pages.

Check outPaxton Walsh's Home Page.

Here's Bob Allison's Home Page, where (via the Scarecrow's WWW Link) you can check out the wonderful world of ASCII-art!

That's the end! I hope you enjoyed this page! :) You can jump back to my home page. Legal stuff follows.


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