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NOTE: March 10, 1997

For a long time, this page was outdated. I was getting letters from people saying that the links didn't work. Why do people feel the need to tell you the obvious? I knew the page was outdated, I just didn't have the time or motivation to fix it, due to schoolwork and a lost of interest in the show.

But then I heard that seaQuest was going to be aired on the Sci-Fi channel! Joy of joys! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I thought it'd be nice to update this page. So ATM on March 10, 1997, all the links work. Please don't send me any nasty letters if they don't work after this date; there's only so much I can do, you know.

What's on this page:


The Sci-Fi Channel will be airing seaQuest episodes starting on March 31, 1997, when they show the two hour pilot. After that, seaQuest will be aired Mondays-Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. You can verify this information by visiting the Sci-Fi channel's web page at http://www.scifi.com.

seaQuest Mailing Lists

There used to be a really cool mailing list, but for various reasons it had to move. I'm not sure if this is the same list, but it definitely is a seaQuest list. I subscribed to it just to verify the address but so far it appears to be low traffic.

To join the regular distribution list:
To join another seaQuest list (? - fanfic, perhaps? I'm not sure):

I don't know if there is a digest list, sorry.

seaQuest FAQs

seaQuest FAQs used to be availible via email. In my web searches I haven't come accross any. If you know where to get seaQuest FAQs, please email me at karen@vaxc.sxu.edu.

seaQuest Newsgroup & IRC Channel

There is a seaQuest newsgroup. It's alt.tv.seaquest.

Also be sure to check out the seaQuest channel on IRC, #seaQuest:
  • seaQuest chat, Tuesdays at 9:30 PM EST.
  • RPG, Wednesdays at 10:00 PM EST. seaQuest Role Playing. Be your favorite character!

NOTE, March 10, 1997: I don't know if the above times are correct since I did not get into IRC until well after seaQuest was off the air. My suggestion is to just drop by the channel and see if anyone's there.

seaQuest FTP sites

Out of all the FTP sites I had listed previously on this page, the only one that still works is ftp.hyperion.com.

Other people's seaQuest Pages

Webcrawler Results for search on "seaQuest"

I have verified that these all work. I didn't really browse them, though, so I can't recommend any particular site over another.

This page is maintained by Karen Litzau. Please email karen@vaxc.sxu.edu with any comments or corrections.

This page was created on June 2, 1995 and last modified on March 10, 1997.