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Welcome to my D&D For Sale page. This page will contain lists of neat things I have for sale for TSR's Dungeons & Dragons game. Items may come and go quickly, so if you see anything you're interested in,

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SPECIAL DEAL! By popular demand, the FREE stuff offer is back indefinitely. Every order over $50 (before shipping) can choose an item from my free stuff page. Nothing terribly valuable but it's always nice to get free stuff and it might just be something you can use!

Printings information and item pictures are courtesy of The Acaeum, an EXCELLENT archive and fount of knowledge about all things pertaining to early xD&D. I can't recommend this superior site strongly enough!

I have the following eBay auctions on the go:
GAZ9 The Minrothad Guilds - ending June 28

Rulebooks & Boxed Sets

D&D  Basic Rulebook (1980)         NEW                FR, BOOK  $1
    - the starter book for D&D play covering basic dungeon play for
      players of levels 1-3.
    - key-hole punched Basic Rulebook (64 pages, everything from
      character generation through spells, monsters, treasure and
      a DM's section).  Erol Otus cover art.  TSR #2014
    - a cheap way to get into D&D play.
    - factory three-hole punched.  Well-worn, writing inside.  Only good for content, not collectibility!
    - see the book cover

D&D   Basic Rulebook set (1983)                    GD, BOOK  $4
    - the starter set for D&D play covering basic dungeon play for
      players of levels 1-3.
    - includes a 64 page Players Manual and a 48 page DM's Manual
      (everything from character generation through spells, monsters,
      treasure and more) with excellent Elmore art on cover and throughout.
    - see the book cover
    - no box, cover wear on both rulebooks; a cheap way to get into D&D play.

Reference Material & Gazetteers


D&D  B3 Palace of the Silver Princess (1981)       VG        $10
    - a relatively uncommon introductory adventure, it doesn't
      come with any boxed set (like B2 Keep on the Borderlands).
    - the PCs must investigate the disappearance of the Princess
      Argenta (you should be able to come up with a better name!),
      ruler of the valley of Haven.  With her disappearance, the valley
      fell upon hard times and humanoids have overrun the kingdom.
    - green Erol Otus cover.
    - see the module cover

D&D  B4  The Lost City (1982)                      FR        $7.50
    - 32 page basic D&D dungeon exploration module.  TSR #9049.
    - you're lost in the desert after being separated from your
      caravan in a severe sandstorm.  You stumble across a ruined
      city uncovered by the storm.  Do you enter?
    - an ancient step-pyramid is the largest structure in the ruins.
      The first five tiers are detailed in the module and hints for
      creating your own deeper levels (tiers 6-10) are provided as well
      as the basic outline of an underground city to explore.  Lots of
      room for DM customization.
    - for six to ten characters of levels 1-3.
    - see the module cover
    - 1st printing.  Has highlighting and pencil marks throughout.

D&D DA1  Adventures in Blackmoor (1986)            GD        $30
    - Dave Arneson's (DA) Blackmoor setting.  TSR# 9172.
    - 10 pages of DM's background for Blackmoor campaigns then the adventurers
      learn of a plot to kill the king of Blackmoor and must travel across
      worlds in a rescue attempt.
    - for five to eight characters of levels 10-14.
    - includes a full-colour map of the Northlands of Blackmoor at 24 miles per hex.
    - see the module cover

D&D  O2  Blade of Vengeance  (1983)               GD       $10
    - 32 page, 1 on 1 adventure for an Elf character.  TSR# 9108.
    - a UK product by noted author Jim Bambra (credits: UK6, UK7, AC9).
    - You are Erystelle of Dorneryll, a level 7 elf.  After many years
      of adventuring in Alfheim and to the south, you return home to find
      your home tree in flames and all of your kin dead.  Evidence shows
      a large red dragon and her minions to be the evildoers. You must find
      a hermit who can recall a hero from history to defeat the menace.
      Fate takes a hand and Erystelle will learn how he or she can save
      the day.
    - see the module cover

D&D  X1   The Isle of Dread  (1980)               GD        $3
    - the party acquires a 30 year old treasure map and sets off
      in search of fortune.
    - D&D island/jungle adventure featuring the D&D Expert rules.
    - large-scale continental map places the Isle of Dread in the
      Thanegioth Archipelago, seven days sail south of Specularum,
      the capital of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos (GAZ1).
    - 15 new monsters
    - for six to ten characters of levels 3-7.
    - your choice of 1st, 2nd or 3rd printing
    - see the 1st printing module cover
    - see the 2nd printing module cover
    - see the 3rd printing module cover

D&D  X3  Curse of Xanathon (1982)                  GD        $10
    - the Duke of Rhoona has issued several very odd edicts in
      recent weeks and the city fears for his sanity.
    - the party must investigate the goings-on and remove the curse
      of the evil god Cretia and his priest Xanathon.
    - more detective work than hack 'n' slash
    - set in Rhoona, located in the Kingdom of Vestland
      (area further described in GAZ7 The Northern Reaches).
    - 3 further adventure ideas for PCs based in Rhoona and a new
      monster, the hypnosnake
    - see the module cover

D&D  X4   Master of the Desert Nomads (1983)       GD        $10
    - First in the Desert Nomad series.  Travel into the Sind desert
      to do battle with the Master of the Desert Nomads and his undead
    - for six to eight characters of levels 6-9
    - includes 5 new monsters and 7 pregenerated unnamed characters with
      magical item lists.
    - see the module cover

D&D XL-1 Quest for the Heartstone (1984)           GD        $12
    - 32 page wilderness travel and dungeon adventure using the official
      D&D action figures characters; Strongheart (LVL10 Paladin),
      Elkhorn (LVL7 Dwarf), Warduke (LVL8 Fighter) and many others,
      19 characters in all.  TSR# 9114.
    - the party is contracted to venture northward into the Mountains of
      Ice to retrieve the stolen Heartstone.  With it, your patron, the
      Queen of Ghyr will be able to select the next king.
    - once the mountains are reached, the characters must penetrate a
      difficult series of caves to retrieve the Heartstone from the 
      stronghold of Dahnakriss the Master Thief.
    - for six to eight characters of levels 5-10 (Expert level).
    - featured monsters: dragonne, roper, hook horror, dragonflies (literally
      a cross between a dragon and a dragonfly).
    - the N direction on the compass rose of Maps 3-6 actually points E!
    - bit of an unsatisfactory ending as the module ends with the
      capture of the heartstone.  The DM will need to devise an aftermath
      to conclude the tale of the Queen of Ghyr.
    - see the module cover

Rules & Regulations

1) All prices are in $US.
2) Buyer pays postage and will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.
3) I reserve the right to withdraw or otherwise refuse to sell any
    particular item (highly unlikely - never been done!)
4) Abbreviations:
     SW= Shrink-wrap MT= Mint  EX= Excellent  VG= Very Good  GD= Good
     FR= Fair

5) Module cover scans are for ILLUSTRATION purposes only, these are not scans of the actual items for sale. Please read the item condition description for details or just ask. Cover scans used with permission of The Acaeum, an EXCELLENT archive and fount of knowledge about all things pertaining to early xD&D. I highly recommend this site as a valuable resource!


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