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Welcome to my mostly text-based, hand-edited html home page. I intend this page to be of interest only to people I know - i.e., just a sort of bulletin board of mine, on the World Wide Web. (yeah, I know a lot of this page is pretty old. I haven't been maintaining it the last couple of years). (I haven't been maintaining this much in the last couple of years, so a lot of it is pretty old.)

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Hello, Glen!

some family pics (taken 2/2000)

Suzi's all-girl band CatatonicLydia's site (


There is not much here. But I have included some links to other pages you might find of interest. The Lynx Bookmark file are links I have found interesting enough to have saved at one time or another (accumulated since mid-1994 -- that's why it's so big!), from my favorite browser, "Lynx". Lynx is an older type "text-only" browser, which I first used to start exploring the www.

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