Various pics of Susie & Aubrey (& some misc.)

Pics taken Feb 2000:

  1. Susie & friends at her 15th birthday party (from L. to R.: Zoe, Brad, Susie, Zeke, Michelle, Chris)
  2. Susie blowing out her birthday cake candles (birthday in early Feb)
  3. Susie playing her bass in her room
  4. Susie & Aubrey jamming (Susie on inflatable guitar, Aubrey on inflatable sax... and looking jazzy with my hat.)
  5. Aubrey posing photogenically (at about one year old: birhday in late Jan)
  6. Aubrey: "I think it's too sunny out for this... I think I'll put on some sunscreen instead"
  7. Aubrey with her favorite resident of the Bromfield house...

Other, older pics:

  1. Guen & Bryan & 1-day-old Aubrey, Jan 1999
  2. Susie playing bass about 1998 (age 14)
  3. Amy graduating from college, mid-1998 (from L. to R.: Dad, Mom, Lisa, Amy, Mike, Rae Ann, David.)
  4. Shades of Y2K: actual error message I got Dec 6, 1999 ...right after looking at the year 2000 on my Windows NT calendar (...expired when?!?...)