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Unix Shell

Getting to the Unix Shell
Quick Reference
Suggested Reading List

Getting to the Unix Shell

You can use the standard Unix environment (the "shell") by doing "!csh"
To return to the menu system, type "exit" at the unix prompt.


Following is a reference of common unix commands, their menu equivalents, and brief descriptions:

Unix     Menu    Description         |  Unix      Menu     Description
cat      u,p2    type file to screen |  man       i,m      manual for command
cd       u,c     change directory    |  more      u,p      type file to screen
cd ~/    u,h     change to home dir  |  passwd    s,p      change passwd
chfn     c,u,i   change your user    |  ps        s,ps     show process id's
         c,u,m   info & full name    |  spell     w,s      spell check file
chmod    u,a,ch  change file protect |  talk      c,t,t    talk to other users
compress u,c,o   compress file (.Z)  |            c,t,j    to answer talk req
du       s,du    show disk usage     |
elm      c,m,nr  mail                |  trn       c,n,trn  best(IMO)newsreader
file     u,ft    check file type     |  tset      s,t      select term type
finger   c,i,f   check info on user  |  vi,ed,etc u,e      edit file
grep     u,a,s   search file f/string|  w         c,u,u    who's on/what doing
kill     s,kill  kill process        |  who       c,w      who's on nyx
ls       u,l     list files in dir   |  whois     c,i,w    NIC whois program
ls -l    u,dir   like ls, more info  |  ?         u,ce     select def editor
-Note that the menu commands can be run from any level by prefacing with "top,"
Additions, suggestions, comments to: (Kerry Schwab)


Suggested reading list for Unix/Shell Programming

- Life with Unix; Libes; Prentice Hall. (A must for truly understanding why Unix is what it is.)

- Unix System V, Release 4 -- an Introduction; Rosen, et al.; McGraw Hill. (Comprehensive guide to using and programming with Unix. Mostly applies to Berkeley based systems.)

- Exploring the Unix System; Kochan & Wood; Hayden Book Co. (Geared toward System V Unix, not Berkeley Unix, but most of it works the same. Intro to medium level.)

- An Introduction to Berkeley Unix; Wang; West. (Geared toward Berkeley Unix specifically. Intro to advanced.)

- Unix Shell Programming; Kochan & Wood; Hayden. (Only shell -- little on awk, no perl; mostly Bourne shell. Advanced.)

- The Unix C-shell Field Guide; Anderson & Anderson; Prentice Hall. (C-shell oriented only. Intro to advanced.)

- The AWK Programming Language; Aho, Kernighan & Weinberger; Prentice Hall. (Only about awk. Advanced.)

- Programming Perl; Wall & Schwartz; O'Reilly. Also see the Perl manual page (e.g., print out the on-line copy). (Only about perl; limited examples, but comprehensive. Advanced.)

- Unix System Security; Kochen & Wood; Hayden. (Unix and C; Advanced.)

- Unix System Administration Handbook; Nemeth, Snyder & Seebass; Prentice Hall. (By Evi Nemeth at CU-Boulder. Advanced.)

- The system's documentation set; a complete copy of this should be available to all. (Very intro to very advanced.)

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