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Setting up your Home Page
Adding a Counter and Statistics
Nyx User Home Pages

Setting up your Home Page

Serving HTML is easy. Everyone else is doing it.

Setting up a homepage on Nyx is a 2 stage process:

We have attempted to make this as simple as possible:

Both of these programs are located in the /nyx/bin directory.
If you are a menu user, you will need to preceed the commands with an exclamation mark '!' (i.e.: !mkwebdir)

Your web address will be of the form: http://www.nyx.net/~pgregg/
You can access your webfiles directly at: /nyx/web/(first-initial)/(second-initial)/username,
e.g. /nyx/web/p/g/pgregg

For help with authoring web pages, you might want to query a search engine (such as AltaVista , Excite , or Yahoo ) or read the HTML Authoring newsgroup.

Adding a Counter and Statistics to your Home Page

The Web server automatically generates webserver statistics at midnight each night. These give details on server accesses from the beginning of the month until the present.
You can access the statistics via the Web at: http://www.nyx.net/stats.html or via News in nyx.stats.

To add a counter to your page you must:

Access logs for the previous day is available in the file /nyx/web/access_log
and for the day previous to that in /nyx/web/access_log.old

Currently the full monthly access logs are not being made available.

Nyx User Home Pages

Click here for our regularly updated list of Nyx users' homepages

Send mail to webmaster@nyx.net with questions or comments about this web site.

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