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Connecting to Nyx
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Connecting to Nyx


Since Nyx is a run by volunteers we do not have a bank of support personnel waiting eagerly for you support questions. If you need assistance try these steps:

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Nyx originally let anyone have access to everything. However, there are some people out there who must abuse whatever they can. To protect Nyx itself and other computer systems on the Internet, we now require users to identify themselves prior to getting full shell access. This process is called " validation ."

When you first create your account you will have a " preview " account. The "preview" account will be able to:

  1. Look at the menu structure. Most choices will say "invalid" but you can get the feel of what's where. After your account is validated you can either use the (fully functional) menus or a Unix shell.
  2. Read News using the clunkiest newsreader (since it is impossible to hack out of); but no posting. New users, take heart, there are many easier ways to read newsgroups than this!
  3. Read various documents, such as how to get validated, what Nyx is all about, frequently asked questions, network etiquette, etc.

    NOTHING ELSE! The preview account is *meant* to be limited. If you like what you see, you can then apply for a real "validated" account.

    The validated accounts still cost nothing; they are just a necessary to security of our network. Once you are validated you can have a Unix shell account with access to e-mail, newsgroups, ftp, IRC, lynx, telnet, talk, etc. You can also have your own personal webspace. So get validated!

Send mail to webmaster@nyx.net with questions or comments about this web site.
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