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Nyx, Free Public-Access Internet

Nyx, the world's oldest free public-access Internet Service Provider (ISP), provides Unix shell accounts, a full, uncensored newsfeed, email, web space, and even Unix programming and development tools for noncommercial use. There is no setup fee or monthly cost, though tax-deductable contributions (Nyx Net is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit) are always appreciated.

Connecting to Nyx

Access to Nyx is available via telnet:

( new users must first log into nyx.nyx.net at ip# - validated users can also telnet to nyx10.nyx.net at ip# )
(Denver, Colorado, USA, local dialing area)
and using a WWW/Java interface (for those without telnet):
Nyx10 (validated users only)

New Account Info

Just added (2000.08.16):

New pics of Nyx with a brief description of Nyx's new hardware and its configuration.

Nyx News Updated 2000.09.06

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