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Steve Manley, BSc. EE

Embedded Systems, Robotics, Amateur Motorsport, Graphics.. Use everything here at your own risk

Picture Gallery
Pictures of Cape Breton Island.. projects, racing, home.

Xtal Design Labs, Inc.
I run a embedded systems development company, Xtal Design Labs Inc. Many of my larger embedded projects make their home here.

PalmDAQ - Palm Data Acquisition
An introduction to data acquisition and storage using a Atmel microcontroller connected to a PalmOS device via the STK500 evaluation board. This pages supports an article written for Circuit Cellar issue 159 (October 2003). Also provides a good introduction to serial processing on the Palm and Atmel platforms with open source tools.

OpenGL Example Programs - Mazemaker2D, MazeGen3D
OpenGL programs developed as part of CS4735, Computer Graphics. They demonstrate some important concepts without being to complicated, such as object picking and selection, opengl lighting and shading, projections, primitives, object oriented approaches to 3D, etc. I've also got numerous OpenGL utility classes for perspective and orthographic cameras, lighting, etc.

OpenGL Fluid & Soft Object Simulation
This is part of a term project in Compuer Graphics that attempts to simulate fluids, soft solids, (e.g. gels) and other flexible structures in opengl. At it's core is a mass-spring-damping model that allows for tremendous flexibility in the scope of simulation while still being a relatively simple and scaleable model.

Java DCT Image Compression Libraries
This is a set of libraries that I wrote some time ago to do DCT based image compression using Java 1.0. It probably is of some use to someone and is well documented. I won a top 25% placement from JARS, for what that's worth. At any rate, enjoy. DCT is the algorithm used by JPEG and many other applications (in fact, this is nearly compatible with JPEG and JFIF).

Athlon Watercooling Adventures
This is a review of the water cooling kit that I purchased to get my athlon a lot more reliable at sane temperatures. Also covers the installation and customization of the kit into my mid-tower case, an adventure in itself.

Honda Accord DRL Module Repair
How to repair a Honda DRL module from a 5th generation Accord. Similar models are on other makes from the same years. There is a common failure caused by cold solder joints that eventually unseat themselves, requiring a $250 replacement or a easy repair.

80188XL High-Speed DMA Engine Tachometer
This project was completed as part of my microprocessor design course that I took as part of the EE undergrad requirements at UNB. I built a high speed tachometer using a quick ADC chip in C++ using an old 8088 derivative CPU. I look here whenever I think wire-wrap is still a good idea :).

Solutions to the Year 2000 Problem
This paper was part of a term project that I wrote in a Numerical Methods & Computing class at the University of New Brunswick. I had no idea of the demand and interest that this paper would generate. I had taken it offline, but after many continued requests to post the paper, I've decided to put it back online. Perhaps it will be more relvant as 2038 approaches?

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