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three-old Seattle SnapShots

PassPort Photo

Hi. Again, I apologize for how limited this should be under construction (as they say). It seems many people have "hot links" to interesting places; I hope to also but in the mean time you can check out my Lynx bookmarks near the top of this HP. (currently over 300+) The photos on this page are reduced snapshots and should be color edited (I am sorry) Actually I am probably infringing on a couple of copywrites, but hope to remedy this sometime. The Seattle photos are my own. BTW...this was created by a text editor (wadya expect?). Can you sign my guest book? Also check out the Google search link at the bottom.

Emily a.k.a.

LYNX bookmarks? click here.

Eugene's Freenet, my totally unconstructed HP here!

Seattle's Community Net and my mini HP more Lynx bookmarks

Hi...a coffee FAQ really its for caffeine...

Prodigy..prodigies? Sarah Chang et al

you might want to go back to:NYX's WWW frontpage

the Nyx machines! visit?

Swedish Science? HuH?

However, if you want to mail me! mail me!

Well the Needle!

Husky Stadium!

Looking Down the "Ave"

Uwajimaya's store!

Kinokiniya part of Uwa's

My Apartment Hotel and Auto on the Left

Celica by itself "by owner"

it's history: brief...

FLASH self portrait

A View from the ROOF

the Inner CourtYard

Swedish immigration? possible?

'93 Nobel Chemistry Prize split 2 ways!

I even visited Hawaii 4 years ago at Wakiki Beach!

Sysams make this POssIBle!(ie the ?sysops?)

LYNX booksmarks? again, yes click here!

April 25, '53 "Nature"click access!!!

since around August 97, the count: [an error occurred while processing this directive] accesses

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