Mark E. Jensen

2301 3rd Avenue, #329

Seattle, Washington 98121

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Research scientific or Informatics Position in Biomedicine, Biotechnology, or Molecular Biology

Summary of Qualifications:

Recent Employment:

University Temporary Services: Employed part-time: Inventory relocation, Pathology Dept.; Conference assistance, Primate Center/ Microbiology. August 2000 to present.

Research Technologist: U of WA Immunology Dept.: Prof. Mark Bix, P.I.; HR provided job after HTSC closing. Filemaker Pro 5 design and redesign of Laboratory’s Database, Poster creation, Administrative duties. From May 2000 to July 2000. (grant ended)

Research Technologist: U of WA Molecular Biotechnology Dept.: The Hood Laboratory’s High Throughput Sequencing Center based in Queen Anne, Seattle, from November 1998 to May 2000 (grant ended); Mac OS computer and network related employment from August 1998 to November 1998 at this site.

Duties have included performing and organizing sequencing runs on up to 24 ABI 377’s or nine capillary Megabase 1000 DNA sequencing instruments per shift. Polyacrylamide gel preparation (to 30 gels per run). DNA extraction and purification using Autogen 740 (to 18 robots). E. coli Bacteria Artificial Chromosome (BAC) inoculation, incubation and growth in 96, 5 ml well format. EcoR 1 and HinD III restriction digest of BAC DNA for mapping procedures. Mapping with agarose gel electrophoresis and fluorescent imaging of gels (18 gels). Ethanol and isopropanol precipitation of sequencing product using robots and Jouan centrifuges. Big Dye Terminator (BDT) sequencing reaction of BAC or plasmid templates using MJ thermocyclers. Packard Instruments liquid handling robots used in many procedures. Robotics and bioinformatics software usage. Literature, product, vendor, and web site searches and critique of current methods in an attempt to implement a cost and space effective non-Autogen based BAC DNA purification system. Lesser involvement with aspects of plasmid based genomic sequencing and library construction. Lane tracking of slab gels, QC of "trackers" production; network usage for transferring images; record maintenance, protocol contributions.


UW MEDED 512 Leadership in Academic Medicine; MEDED 510 Topics in Medical Education Research; MEDED 530 Medical Informatics; MEDED 590 Selected Topics in Health Informatics; Spring and Summer 2000, UW GNM student

UW MBT 520, Technologies for Protein Analysis; MBT 510, Technologies for Genome Analysis: Graduate Non-Matriculated student, University of Washington, Fall and Winter 1998

Biotechnology Training Program, Seattle Community Colleges, Washington, 1996-1999; 20 quarter credits in "hands-on" Biotechnology Laboratory with 28 credits in adjunct scientific, health, and computer related course-work; Internship completed; Phlebotomy Certificate 3.8 GPA

Graduate Coursework in Organic Chemistry, University of California, Davis (UCD) 1994-95

Master of Science in Biochemistry, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland (UMB) 1993

Graduate Research, University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 1990-93

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) 1990;

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UMBC, Awarded 1989 (both ACS certified; BS equivalent)

Research Experience (non-UW):

Graduate Research: coursework, laboratory work, literature research, and seminar.

Dr. N. Bashirelahi, Biochemistry Department, Dental School UMAB, 1991-1993

Steroid receptors and related cancers, tritiated steroids and analogs, glucocorticoids

Dr. R. L. Karpel, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department UMBC, 1990-1991

Nucleic acid and protein interactions (in HIV p7), spectrofluorimetry, HPLC, PAGE, DNA cellulose matrix for protein binding, oligonucleotide synthesis, zinc finger binding

Research Technical Duties

Anatomical Pathology Department, University Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

In situ DNA hybridization of HPV in paraffin embedded slides, and assisting technical staff, 1990

Professional Affiliation

American Chemical Society. Member since 1992


Fine Arts scholarship (VPA: Photography) and exhibition, UMBC, 1985-87

Highest Honors Graduate, Baltimore City Community College, 1986

Special Training

Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification, 1999; CPR, 2000

Blood Born Pathogens, Chemical Spills, and Fire Safety Training, U of WA, 1999

Phlebotomy Certificate, 1998; Radiation Safety seminar, UMB 1991

American Youth Hostel’s Management Training graduate, San Diego, 1993.

Other Experience:

University Temporary Services: a variety of positions, full and part time beginning early 1998 including office and reception work in Pediatrics at UW Hospital; literature searches in the HSL and professional certification Internet authentication for the RWJ Clinical Scholars program; and a variety of duties in UW Motor-Pool before computer related employment in August 1998 in the Molecular Biotechnology Departments’ Queen Anne, High Throughput Sequencing Center; also University Bookstore cashier for Spring Rush period, 1998

Time-Warner Libraries: marketing training and sales representative from 1997 to mid 1998. Participated in seminars, sales campaigns, and training agendas while assisting in day to day computer maintenance and network performance.

Attended graduate school in Chemistry at UC Davis in 1994-95, without advancing in the program significantly, however, received some Teaching Assistant training. Before and after, other graduate level programs were investigated nationally while travelling on both US Coasts; overseas education and employment investigated via consulates and agencies.

Part time and full time jobs in restaurant and hotel establishments, as well as manufacturing and publishing, at a variety of levels including graphic design, hotel shift manager, bookkeeper, and night auditor before, between, during, and after segments of college and university attendance.