Karen Litzau's Home Page

Hi! Welcome to my home page! Thanks to Meng Weng Wong and Nyx, the Spirit of the Night, for making this page possible.


A copy of this page now resides at http://csweb.sxu.edu/klitzau/. It is quite possible that the copy will become the permanent location of my page. Come visit!

What I'd REALLY like to do, however, is make the copy at SXU Netscape specific, and keep this one at Nyx just text. Wouldn't that be fun! :)

Here are some options:

My original home page was created sometime in the summer of '94. This home page was created on January 6, 1995 and last modified on June 2, 1995.

This page is maintained by Karen Litzau. Please send any ideas, comments, criticism, love letters, flames, etc, to klitzau@nyx.cs.du.edu

Disclaimer: This document in no way represents Nyx, the University of Denver, or Saint Xavier University. All opinions and errors are mine alone.