Carl Gibbons

Older stuff:
_ I have arranged the text of H. W. Longfellow's Christmas hymn ``I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day'' to the tune of J. S. Bach's ``Sheep May Safely Graze.'' The music is available here in Postscript and PDF formats, as well as the LilyPond source text. This was my first attempt at typesetting a piece using GNU LilyPond.
_ Wendy Ulrich adapted a French hymn ``Souviens-toi'' to English lyrics; my mother-in-law asked me to sing the translation. I enjoyed ``Do you know, little one?'' so much that I decided to spend time engraving it with Lilypond. Here it is in Postscript PDF, and LilyPond source text.
_ My church choir has enjoyed singing some of Sally DeFord's arrangements and compositions.
_ Orson Hyde's 1841 dedicatory prayer for the return of the Jews to Palestine.
_ My Church's Web Site.
_ I very much enjoyed singing with the Colorado Mormon Chorale for a few years.
_ Learn more about Nyx Net.
A curiosity from a web site I enjoy:
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