Looking for love -- $1000 reward

Hello! My name is Tony and I'm looking for a serious relationship. I don't have time to meet every eligible woman in Minneapolis -- much less pursue them -- so I'm offering a reward in exchange for your help.

The deal is simple!

Whoever introduces me to my future wife gets $1000

You can even introduce yourself and claim the reward as a wedding present!

Here are the pertinent facts about me:

And these are the threshhold requirements for her:

Here's the fine print

In order to be eligible for the reward, you must arrange for me to meet the woman in question. Specifically, it is not enough to send me a list of names and phone numbers, or worse yet, e-mail addresses.

This is the correct procedure

  1. Send me an e-mail briefly expressing your interest and describing your friend
  2. I will answer all e-mails
  3. If there is agreement among the three of us, we will plan a meeting

Why I'm doing this through an anonymous server

There are a lot of crazies out there, people. I reveal a lot of information about myself on these pages. I don't need trouble.

Why I'm doing this at all

Like I say at the top, I'm very busy and would like to broaden my social circle. The Internet seems like an ideal way to do this. I've said a lot more here than would fit into a personal ad. I think a financial incentive is a good way to get people to help me meet women.

One final thing

You have learned a lot about me on these pages. Ask yourself this question: Would you want your (friend, sister, daughter, niece, co-worker) to date me? Would you be willing to introduce us at no charge if you already knew me? Well, doesn't the reward offer give you that much more reason to do so?

Please help all three of us. Send me that e-mail!