Here's where you'll find all sorts of data about me

Age 32
Height 5'10"
Weight 175 -- 33 times my weight at birth
Can bench press More
Hair Blond
Eyes Hazel
My best feature My deep voice -- people tell me all the time that I should be on the radio.
Favorite color Kelly green
Ancestry Norwegian & Swedish
Family Oldest of three
Religion Lutheran
Education University of Minnesota graduate
Favorite college professor Hy Berman
Greatest academic accomplishment Helping a professor write a textbook for a class I once didn't pass
Favorite grade in elementary school 2nd
Least favorite subject in elementary school Art (Sorry, I like art now, but I was no good at making stuff out of paste and construction paper!)
Favorite childhood memory The summer when I was 8 -- I got away with so much!
Childhood awards Raised most money in reading contest, named best bicyclist by chief of police
Pet peeve People who give me awards and make me pay for the engraving
People who knew me in high school thought I was A good leader. They elected me student body president.
People who knew me in high school wouldn't believe I still Have my pep band jersey (I don't wear it though).
First date I was working on a political campaign and asked a co-worker to lunch. I still talk to her occasionally. (She's married, so don't worry!)
Best date I ever had Lasted three days
Worst date I ever had Getting ditched at the Ordway
Favorite way to impress a date I had an apartment in a church for a few years, and although I had my own entrance, on a first date, I always took her down the aisle and past the altar.
Favorite way to pamper someone special Sending her flowers at work
Most embarassing moment Asking a friend when her baby was due. She wasn't pregnant.
Favorite restaurant The Olive Garden
Favorite lunch spot Peter's Grill
Favorite fast food Jack in the Box ... none in Minnesota, darn it!
Favorite romantic dining spot The Rosewood Room
Favorite movies Being There, Top Hat, The Best Years of Our Lives
Favorite movie performers Jack Lemmon, Sandra Bullock, Harrison Ford
Favorite movie for a first date I try to avoid movies on first dates.
Best movies seen lately Air Force One, Ghost, My Best Friend's Wedding
Radio stations I listen to a lot WLTE-FM 103, KS-95, KSTP News Talk 1500, KLBB 1400 in the morning
Favorite music Popular standards from the 1910s to the 1990s
Favorite songs "Till the End of Time," "With a Song in My Heart," "I Just Called to Say I Love You"
Favorite singers Andy Williams, Tony Bennett, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Frank Sinatra. (OK, I listen to a lot of old stuff.)
Favorite rock group Gary Puckett and the Union Gap (Am I getting in deeper here?)
Favorite classical composer Mendelssohn
Favorite popular composer Irving Berlin
Favorite musical Annie Get Your Gun
Favorite play You Can't Take It with You
Favorite TV show The Simpsons
All-time favorite TV shows Lou Grant, Get Smart, The Simpsons, The Bob Newhart Show, The Twilight Zone
But you won't catch me watching Married with Children, Roseanne
Most embarrasing TV habit I watched the soap opera Santa Barbara for almost six years.
Even my closest friends don't know I Shoo spiders instead of killing them
Favorite authors Gene Lees, Martin Mayer
Best book read lately O.J.: The Last Word by Gerry Spence
O.J. Did it
Favorite comedian Jack Benny
Favorite current comedian Paula Poundstone
Favorite local celebrity Don Fraser
Favorite walking lake Lake of the Isles
Favorite boating lake Minnetonka
Other lakes I like Superior, Tahoe, Mead
Favorite water sport Jet-skiing
Best place to get wet World Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall
Favorite participatory sport Roller skating
Favorite spectator sport Baseball (but don't ask me the last time I've been to a game)
Least favorite spectator sport I hate football ... I never waste time watching it on TV.
Favorite secluded local spot Skygarden at the Northstar Hotel
A great date for me is Dinner at a nice restaurant after a concert
A great low-budget date for me is Ordering pizza in while watching movies on the VCR
A great weekend getaway is Flying to some other city and soaking up the atmosphere or just relaxing
Great cities for weekend getaways Chicago, Montreal, New York, L.A.
Least favorite city New Orleans
Great weekend drive Along the Mississippi River between Hastings and Wabasha
My approach to freeway driving I can make it to Chicago without stopping
Great places to experience the outdoors Death Valley, Banff, the North Shore of Lake Superior
My longest vacation lasted Two months
Favorite foreign country Canada
Countries I want to visit soon Norway, Belgium, Switzerland
Favorite shopping places Downtown Minneapolis, Eaton's in Winnipeg, and any Target
Favorite local shop The Minnesota store at the History Center
I go out of my way to shop at Record/CD stores. There are a couple of stores in L.A. and Chicago I really like, and I've been known to plan my trips there around their sales!
Best purchase My video camera -- adds a new dimension to my travels
Worst impulse buy A gallon of pickles from Sam's Club -- Why are all the jars so big?
Favorite pickle Gedney Crunchy Dills -- no garlic, please
Favorite dinners Corned beef and cabbage, pot roast, steak and potatoes
People wouldn't believe I cook My own fresh French fries
Favorite fruit Grapefruit
Favorite vegetables Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers
Favorite pies Pumpkin, banana cream
Favorite drink Caffeine Free Dr Pepper
Favorite alcoholic drink I don't drink alcohol, except sacramental wine
Nuttiest habit Driving to St. Cloud to buy Caffeine Free Dr Pepper
Art on the walls of my apartment Picasso's Flowers, a print of Minnehaha Falls, and some paintings by my grandma
Photographs on the walls of my apartment Friends and family, and various photos of me posing with celebrities
Sculpture in my apartment Busts of Beethoven and Mozart and a statue of Bart Simpson (No lie! I bought it in Tijuana on my 29th birthday.)
Favorite practical joke Putting salt on people's papers when they're not looking
One way I save the earth Recycling pop cans -- I feel terrible whenever I throw one away.
On Internet since 1993
Number of people in other places I've met after corresponding over the Internet At least five
Most interesting encounter with someone met over the Internet Spent two days sightseeing in South Florida with a professor I correspond with and his wife
Best time of day I'm a night person. Talking to me before 10 AM is often not informative.
Words to describe me Sensitive, intelligent, romantic, honest, caring, thoughtful, sensible, cheerful
Personal style I'm an introvert but can be extroverted when the situation calls for it
The woman I'm looking for would be described as Sensitive, intelligent, romantic, honest, caring, thoughtful, sensible, cheerful -- the same words I used to describe myself -- and also feminine
Something in a woman that really interests me A soft, sweet voice
I avoid women who are described as Wild, loud, dumb, crazy, domineering, obnoxious
If a woman is in tune with me she will Engage me in long conversations
If a woman is in tune with me she will never Use the word party as a verb
When I'm in a relationship with a woman we Make every moment we're together special
My communication style in a relationship I'm a great communicator. I'm very sensitive to what my person is feeling.
My 2nd favorite intimate encounter To cuddle and kiss in front of a fireplace
My favorite intimate encounter To cuddle and kiss without the fireplace

Here are some essay questions

These were drawn from Romantic Questions by Gregory L.P. Godek.

If you could accomplish one crazy stunt that would land you in the Guinness Book of World Records, what would it be? I'd like to be the first person to visit all the states in the order they joined the union.
What's your dream home? There's a design for a large French provincial house with a dark brick exterior that I've admired for a long time. I'd like a house with a lot of functional rooms. A large number of closets is nice too.
Do you believe in "love at first sight"? Yes, because the most successful relationships I've had were with those I was attracted to right away, although it would be an overstatement to call it "love" at first sight.
Do you have neat handwriting? That's a matter of taste. Academics and creative people tend to like my rather distinctive handwriting. People who like handwriting to resemble a penmanship book do not.
If men had babies instead of women, how would the world be different? That's a rather simplistic question, since women are defined as the gender which gives birth.
What do you do when you feel down? I call friends on the telephone.
The editors at Bartlett's Familiar Quotations want to include the quote you're most famous for. "Have you ever noticed that people who know a lot about cars usually don't know very much about anything else?"
Do you take good enough care of yourself? I think it's important to live a healthy lifestyle. I'd like to avoid disease and keep my body in good working condition for a very long time.
Are your "hunches" usually right? I find it hard to act one way when my intuition suggests another. I'm good at "soft-solving" problems and following through with good decisions.
You've just been given a million dollars tax free. What is the first thing you'll do? I would invest every penny of the principal and reinvest a lot of the interest in order to provide myself with the optimum lifestyle for the longest time.
What's the strangest dream you've ever had? Probably the one where I dreamed I got up and went to work. The dream made me late, since I didn't get up because in my mind I already had. :)
Is it OK to lie under certain circumstances? I don't like to lie. That which people call "little white lies" are supposedly to protect other peoples' feelings, yet those people will be doubly hurt when they learn you lied. If I told more lies, I would probably be more socially adept, but I would be less comfortable about myself.
Would you rather be really, really smart or really, really good looking? Who says I'm not both already? ;) Hmmm... since a lot of people tell me I'm really smart, I think I'd like to try being called really, really good looking.
What is your favorite season? Spring
What is the best thing about being single? It's easier to manage time when you don't have to work around a significant other's schedule.
What is the worst thing about being single? Having to initiate new relationships.
Are you happy with your name? Yes, although some people expect me to be Italian. :)

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