Tony's assorted interests and hobbies

I like music. You can often find me at concerts around town, particulary of the popular-standard and classical variety. I even stop and listen to street musicians from time to time. I have a rather diverse music collection. It is weighted mo re heavily in favor of mainstream pop. Mostly, I like anything with a nice melody and good lyrics. You can find me listening to anything from ABBA, Celine Dion, the Beatles, Gloria Estefan to Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett. I might be the only person who has made up a tape with Three Dog Night on one side and Steve & Eydie on the other. I own a Michael Bolton CD which I've only played once (and with good reason). I also make music as an amateur performer, but to hear more about that, yo u'll have to call. One of the luxuries I splurge on is my piped-in music at home.

I'm a veteran of travel. Although I really like Minneapolis, I get out of here whenever I can. Some of my frequent destinations are Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington (either the city or the state... I like 'em both!), and Winnipeg. My business takes me frequently to San Francisco and Montreal. I'm not a big gambler, but I always have a good time in Las Vegas (took in three shows on my last trip). I was in 30 states in a recent year. Altogether I've been to 47 of the states and all the provi nces of Canada. Europe is on my list too. I'd really like to have a regular traveling companion. It's always a lot of fun to share new places with someone special and also to show the special someone my favorite far away places.

I like to go to movies. But I think it's more fun to cuddle up at home and watch them together on the VCR or laser disc player. I like romantic and other comedies, musicals, some action films, and the great old classics. About the only ones I don't like are horror and western. I also have a pretty good collection of Disney cartoons on tape.

I don't stay home much to watch TV, but don't try calling me during "The Simpsons" on Sunday nights. I also watch "Friends" if I'm home, and I used to watch "Melrose Place." I also like to watch those old shows on Nick at Night, but who has t ime?

A great date for me involves dining out. My favorite places to take a special woman are steak houses, Italian restaurants, and the ever-popular British-style pub. For more casual times, nothing beats a good buffet. I have a half-dozen buffets I like to drive to on the weekend (none of them in casinos, thank you). I find I'm less likely to pig out if I have someone with me. I like to cook at home too. (I try to make something other than "heat and eat" at least twice a week.) My personal fa vorite thing to cook for myself is broiled steak with boiled potatoes. (Must be the Scandinavian influence.)

I like taking my special someone dancing. I like ballroom dancing and would like to learn more steps. Mostly we engage in modern dancing, since there are more opportunities and it's easier to fake.

I also like comedy clubs and improv shows. So far I've avoided being the guy in the front row who's the butt of the jokes.

I enjoy keeping fit by doing a lot of walking, biking (particularly on the new trails along the Mississippi River), swimming, and showing up at the health club three times a week. (Well, maybe it takes more than just showing up.)

I like rollerblading, especially in the winter at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. I think I like old-fashioned roller-skating better though.

I have a history of political activism, although I don't do very much now compared to what I used to. I vote the straight Democratic ticket.

I try to go to church on Sundays, and if I don't, I try to listen to it on the radio.

Speaking of the radio, I often listen to Dr. Laura and Joe Soucheray, but don't ask me to listen to Rush Limbaugh unless you're prepared to back the request up with a threat.

I dabble a bit in genealogy and have traced my roots back to 16th century Norway. I am in contact with oodles of relatives and sometimes meet up with them on my travels.

One last interest of mine which I don't spend as much time doing as I'd like: sleep.

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