I didn't do particularly well on this lesson, I think. I know that data for student completion of these projects is available on the web, and I'm curious to see how I compared. At first, I was extremely disappointed with my performance on the lesson.

On second reading, though, I think I've learned something important, in a pretty permissive environment: I really don't do reviews very well yet. This is not exactly earthshaking news, mind you, but it brought the lesson home pretty well. Items which took a great deal of time to find and fix could have been caught cheaply by just checking my work. In fact, it may be a better idea to review each routine after coding it rather than coding all the new routines and then inspecting them all.

Something like this -- the idea of inspecting while coding -- does remind me of the "pair programming" involved in Kent Beck's "Extreme Programming"-- I could certainly have used a second pair of eyes beside mine, watching me make obvious mistakes and giving me immediate feedback to fixing them.

In any case, lesson learned, if not fixed yet. And the last of the PSP lesson programs has been completed-- and I have mountains of data to show for it. Let's see how we did!