Welcome to the home page of Victor B. Putz, Jr. While not the most informative or amazing home page, it serves to coordinate rather than entertain--below, you will find links to my projects and resume as well as any other interesting undertakings I'm currently involved with.

About Myself

I am a 31-year-old software developer with a decent education (BS in Traditional Physics and MS in Software Development and Management), ten years of experience as a UH-1 Pilot for the US Air Force, and an absolute passion for software development. These things--aviation and software development--turned out not to mix so well, and so after ten years as a military officer, I am seeking my fortune in the currently-rocky software industry.

My Projects

I participate in a number of open-source projects, some idiosyncratic and some more practical, but all somewhat interesting. Current projects of interest are:

My Resume

I invite any passers-by to look at my resume, located conventiently here

Winged Yak Productions

For those of you hoping to find here a link to the Winged Yak Productions page, keep in mind that this is my personal web page-- Nyx is a public access system, so I can't (of course) do any business here. Winged Yak Productions was my sole proprietorship that developed and released the MS-DOS version of Flynn Sprint back in 1996, which was a rollicking adventure at the time. It is currently on hiatus.

My current location

I currently live in the urban paradise of Albuquerque, NM with my three insane dogs, Roslyn (a Klee Kai-- a miniature husky), Lucas (a hyperkinetic full-size Siberian Husky), and Ellis (his polar opposite, the Sweetest Husky in the World)--and of course my lovely wife, Jo.

Questions? Write me at vputz@nyx.net